Episode 4997

Australian Air Date: 26th January 2010
UK Air Date: 2nd February 2010
Writer: Cameron Welsh
Director: David Gould

Hugo and Charlie work together to take Suzy down. Will Hugo seize his chance to escape? Angelo continues his pursuit despite being wounded – will he finally catch his man?

Extended Summary

With Suzy bearing down on them, Hugo tells Charlie they need to work together in order to survive. She doesn’t want to, she doesn’t trust Hugo, but she realises she doesn’t have much of a choice. By the time Suzy pulls up to Hugo’s boat, Charlie is nowhere to be seen. and Suzy demands to know where she is. Whilst Hugo delays matters, Charlie has swam around to the back of Suzy’s boat with aid of a snorkel, taking her by surprise and forcing Suzy to drop her gun into the water. A struggle ensues which ends with Suzy out cold, face down in the water. Charlie dives in, and Hugo uses the situation to escape. Charlie begs him to turn himself in, stating that if he leaves she’ll do everything in her power to bring him to justice, but instead he drives off leaving Charlie in the water trying to keep Suzy from drowning.

Even though he’s been shot, a graze to the head, Angelo is determined to catch Derrick. Martha insists that he should wait for the ambulance but Angelo is defiant, if Derrick gets away, they lose their whole case. Martha helps him up and points him in the right direction., a doorway leading through to a car park. As he creeps through the car park, Angelo encounters a cleaner, telling him to stay where he is. As he rounds the next corner Derrick shoots at Angelo, who dives out of the way just in time. Angelo manages to creep behind Derrick knocking his gun to the floor, but as Angelo goes to retireve it Derrick makes a run for it. Angelo gives chase only to find Derrick knocked out on the floor – Martha standing above him with a fire extinguisher in her hand, and the cleaner with his broom.

Arriving at the Hospital later, Martha collapses into Tony’s arms, telling him that it was Hugo who was responsible.Tony phones home to let Xavier know where they are, but Rachel runs to stop him. Once Angelo has been cleaned up, Martha thanks him for saving her life. She admits that she was wrong to hate Angelo for Jack’s death, and offers him her forgiveness.

Wayan wakes up following his lifesaving operation, and tells Rachel that Hugo was responsible for everything, something that shocks everyone. People in the Bay can’t believe it was Hugo who was responsible, it’s simply too difficult a concept to process. Later, when Wayan is recovered, Martha tearfully reunites him with Bambang

Hugo is about to leave the Bay, but hearing Tony’s message on the answerphon he decides against it, wanting to see Martha one last time. He goes to the Hospital and apologises to her – he loved her, he wanted to make a new life with her, but his old life wouldn’t leave him alone. Martha is having none of it, and tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore. Hugo is opens the door to leave, only to find himself standing at the end of Angelo’s gun – he isn’t going to let Hugo get away this time.

During the interrogation Charlie fills Hugo in on every detail of the people smuggling, hoping to force Hugo into a full admission. Derrick would bring the illegal immigrants into Australian waters, meeting Hugo at Jackson island. to offload them, before continuing his journey with his Best Fruit Imports. Hugo would then pick them up under the cover of night (using night dives as an excuse), before storing them in the shipping containers at Port Heron until they were ready to move them on. Charlie has also worked out their involvement with the death of Lou De Bono. Hugo stares at Charlie coldly, saying its a nice story but she’d need good luck to prove it in court. At that point Angelo takes over the interrogation, showing Hugo the dossier of evidence against him.

Martha arrives at the police station asking about Hugo, who Angelo then leads out to a waiting vehicle outside. Hugo asks Angelo for one final word with Martha, and he allows it.

Hugo apologises to Martha, but at that moment an Indonesian man approaches and shoots Hugo dead.

Scene cut from episode:
Wayan emerges from surgery, but his recovery is deemed touch and go – they’re not sure if he’ll make it.

Guest Cast



References to Jack Holden.

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