In the 2010 season return, Hugo holds Charlie captive on his boat. But just as he is about to toss her overboard, she grabs his gun. With Suzy appearing in the distance, who will survive the tense standoff?

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Hugo and Charlie work together to take Suzy down. Will Hugo seize his chance to escape? Angelo continues his pursuit despite being wounded – will he finally catch his man?

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Summer Bay struggles to cope with the events of the past few days. After a few drunken nights on the beach, Miles is woken by a little girl. After learning she’s staying at the Caravan Park, could the two become friends?

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Aden is on a high following his kiss with Nicole, but she is unsure about where they stand. Liam begs Nicole to forgive him for cheating on her.

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Romeo and Xavier’s plan for a good deed backfires leaving them with a lot of explaining. Temptation becomes too much for Liam. Aden confides in Geoff about his feelings for Nicole. Ruby furiously attacks Palmer over his treatment of the refugees.

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