Episode 5000

Australian Air Date: 29th January 2010
UK Air Date: 5th February 2010
Writer: Chelsea Cassio
Director: David Gould

Romeo and Xavier’s plan for a good deed backfires leaving them with a lot of explaining. Temptation becomes too much for Liam. Aden confides in Geoff about his feelings for Nicole. Ruby furiously attacks Palmer over his treatment of the refugees.

Extended Summary

Having told Romeo about money that Hugo has left him, neither he nor Xavier know what to do with it. Following Hugo’s instructions, they try and do something good by giving $5000 away. They try to give the money away to the refugees appeal, but when Xavier tries to get it into the collection tin at the Diner, he drops it and it falls into Leah’s picnic basket, which she quickly whisks away for her date with Hazem. They try to steal it back, but instead are busted by the Police. They are handed a written warning, and on arriving back at SBH, they find Leah – and her picnic basket – have arrived back. They ask Leah if she wants them to take the basket back to the Diner, but Alf swiftly offers to do it. At the bait shop, Xavier climbs into the back of Alf’s ute to try and retrieve the money, but is caught by Alf. Xavier tells Romeo that the basket was not in the ute, and must already be back at the Diner. Romeo fakes an injury to distract colleen whilst Xavier makes a grab for the money, and when that doesn’t work, he fakes a fall to knock the contents of the basket all over the floor. Xavier picks up the money and puts it in the collection tin. When the boys have left, Colleen finds the donation and puts it in the kitchen for safe keeping. When Ruby collects the money, she is handed the envelope by Colleen, but unwittingly drops romeo and Xavier’s donation – into Gina’s bag. When Gina returns home, the boys unpack her bag for her and find the money. Xavier resol;ves that they can’t even give the money away – it must be cursed. Romeo has other ideas though – perhaps it’s karma, and the money wasn’t intended to be spent that way. They have another chance to get it right. when Romeo returns to Summer Bay House he is treated to a surprise guest – the arrival of his sister, Mink.

Gina brings Brendan to the Bay to tell him about Hugo. She tries to tell him what’s happened, but he doesn’t understand that Hugo is gone, which upsets her. Later, as she and Xavier discuss what has happened, Brendan overhears them, and the situation finally sinks in for him – Hugo is gone.

Aden confesses to Irene that he kissed Nicole, but is worried that he’s hurt her. They are interupted by Leah, and after hearing her talk about her relationship with Hazem, he leaves the Diner with a renewed vigour. Nicole confides in Miles about the situation and tells her he can understand Aden’s attitude of wanting to feel nothing. Nicole admits that she may have pushed Aden too quickly. Whilst on a picnic with Leah, Hazem expresses concerns about cultural differences being a problem in their relationship – she assures him she will be able to handle it. Later, Leah visits Miles to talk about their kiss, and they agree to put it behind them when Miles admits he misread the situation.

Liam begs Aden to talk to Nicole for him – he wants his friendship back, but Aden won’t – he and Nicole have problems of their own. Aden and Nicole apologize to each other, they kiss and make up, which Liam sees. Angry, he goes home, retrieving the drugs that Poppie brought round from the bin and takes them. Then he realizes what he’s done and calls an ambulance to have his stomach pumped.

After confronting John the previous day, Ruby is still angry with him about the treatment of the refugees. Her and Geoff are trying to raise money for them by collecting donations. They run into John while collecting, and Ruby makes a big show in front of John, designed to embarrass him. John threatens to call a lawyer if Ruby continues the harassment, something that Irene warned her about – she doesn’t want to make an enemy of John Palmer.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Liam receives the cold shoulder from Nicole – she thinks he’s wallowing in his own misery too much, but when she hears he might be falling off the wagon, she feels bad.

Liam finds drugs left by Poppie, and in his sour frame of mind, considers taking them, before throwing them in the bin.

Aden confesses to Geoff that he has real feelings for Nicole – the kiss with her felt right.

Guest Cast



Despite no celebration as such for the 5000th episode, there is an oft-mentioned sum of money that Xavier Austin and Romeo Smith are trying to donate to charity, amounting to $5000.

Romeo Smith’s sister, Mink Carpenter arrives in Summer Bay.