Episode 5001

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2010
UK Air Date: 8th February 2010
Writer: James Walker
Director: Lee Rogers

Romeo’s sister makes waves in Summer Bay. Liam comes down hard after taking drugs. Racial tensions explode on a hot Australia Day.

Extended Summary

Miles is surprised to meet Romeo’s sister, Mink, who seems a tough character, complete with a tattoo with the word “Killer” written on her. It’s clear that brother and sister haven’t spent that much time together and there is tension between them concerning their family history, but Miles invites her to stay in Summer Bay House. Mink takes Romeo out to dinner where they catch up, Romeo telling Mink about his former job as a surfing instructor and his history with John Palmer. The next morning Miles and Rabbit are sorting through the laundry when Mink and Romeo return from a surf – Mink sees the newspaper with John Palmer’s quote about the refugees and comments on what a jerk he is. They later go to the Surf Club where John insults Romeo. This is the last straw for Mink and she ends up punching him in the face. Palmer says he’s willing to forget it and Romeo asks his sister if she’s crazy – does she want to be locked up again? Miles begins to wonder if Mink will be trouble….

Liam comes into the hospital demanding that his stomach be pumped. Rachel isn’t impressed, and tells Liam that the hospital isn’t there to provide a shame service – he’s taken drugs before, he could have easily ridden it out at home without asking for public disapproval. Martha visits Rachel and sees Liam tripping out on drugs; he praises Martha for her beauty. Liam eventually comes down from the effects of the drug and is fined by the police, who he called himself. The next day Liam comes around to confess to Gina about what happened, given that Gina had offered him some teaching work at the school. Martha is there and there is a moment between her and Liam as her apologises to her.

Ruby is determined to help the refugees, and Irene suggests that she can do so by taking care packages to hospital. Geoff and Ruby do that and see the hospital is crowded. Palmer is quoted in the newspaper as saying refugees shouldn’t receive free medical treatment. Ruby sees this and decides to hold a rally in their support outside the diner.

At the Surf Club a bunch of drunks are taunting Hazem, calling him a terrorist. Leah suggests they cancel the rally in the wake of this hostility but Hazem insists it go ahead. That night Leah and Hazem walk to the Diner when they are attacked by the angry drunks. Hazem is kicked to the ground and receives a serious beating. Leah and Hazem are helped into the Diner by Alf, Ruby and Geoff and a siege begins – Leah, Hazem, Irene, Geoff, Ruby, Colleen and Alf are trapped inside, just as a molotov cocktail flies through the smashed window.

Guest Cast



“Romeo” is revealed to be Romeo Smith’s middle name.

Mink Carpenter has a tattoo on her left shoulder that says ‘killer’.

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