Episode 4999

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2010
UK Air Date: 4th February 2010
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: David Gould

Aden is on a high following his kiss with Nicole, but she is unsure about where they stand. Liam begs Nicole to forgive him for cheating on her.

Extended Summary

Aden is on a high, happy with life after his kiss with Nicole, but Nicole is the exact opposite, down after the kiss. She wants to know what’s going on between them, but he doesn’t know – and doesn’t seem inclined to talk about it. We learn through flashback that after their kiss, Aden pulled away and was cold toward Nicole. After their release from the cell, Nicole presses the issue as to why he pulled away. He explains that he feels better than has in a long time. He thought he’d feel guilty about kissing her, but he didn’t, in fact he didn’t feel anything at all – and after months of feeling lots of huge emotions, perhaps feeling nothing is what he needs right now. However back in the present day, these thoughts clearly upset Nicole.

Liam, however, is torn over whether to call Nicole, desperate to make amends after cheating on her and causing their break-up. Things are awkward between them when they see each other – he wants to be friends, but she’s not interested,. She knows what he’s like now, and he’s not one of the good guys – she confesses to Liam that she kissed Aden, and that he is definitely one of the good guys. He is hurt by this news, and asks Aden for help to repair his friendship with Nicole, but Aden isn’t inclined to help him. Liam is down.

Ruby is outraged by an article about the Indonesian refugess, that claims they are freeloading medical care – and John Palmer has been quoted. Ruby has a run in with Palmer at the surf club, where she accuses him of being racist – warns her that that is defamation of character, and Geoff manages to get her to back off. Ruby is still angry with Palmer and decides to raise funds for the refugees, as a means of proving that not all of the community is in agreement with Palmer.

Hazem and Leah continue to flirt, and he asks her out on a date. The question catches Leah off guard, but she eventually accepts, thanks to Irene’s encouragement. On their date, the couple enjoy a drink before John Palmer passes, making a dig at Hazem about his work on the Gym. It upsets Hazem and causes them to leave. Leah tries to tell him not to worry and tries to lift his spirits by asking him to dinner at her place. He accepts, she encourages him to stand up to John, which he does – he has arranged a building inspector to check over the work he’s done to the Gym, to settle whether or not his work is compotent once and for all. He thanks her with flowers the next day, and their romance continues to blossom as they agree to a second date.

Guest Cast