Episode 4996

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2010
UK Air Date: 1st February 2010
Writer: James Walker
Director: David Gould

In the 2010 season return, Hugo holds Charlie captive on his boat. But just as he is about to toss her overboard, she grabs his gun. With Suzy appearing in the distance, who will survive the tense standoff?

Extended Summary

Hugo has kidnapped Charlie, tying her up and taking her out into the night on his boat. She wakes up, realising that Angelo was right about Hugo all along, and tries to appeal to Hugo’s better nature.

Through flashback, we discover how Hugo is involved in the people smuggling and what he has been up to in the Bay since his arrival. It is revealed that Wayan paid Hugo for him and his family to be smuggled into Australia, however he is still waiting for his wife and daughter to arrive. When Hugo was brought to try and speak to Wayan in the hospital, he had a conversation in Indonesian with him whilst Angelo was out of the room. Hugo stressed that his wife and daughter were on their way, and gave Wayan money to support himself and Bambang and escape from Summer Bay – stating that if he talked to the police, he would never see his family again. When he later met Hugo at the wharf, on the night where Angelo and Charlie were on the stakeout with Robert Robertson, Wayan told Hugo that since his family were not arriving, he wanted Hugo to take him and Bambang back to Indonesia. Just as he called Hugo a liar, they were disturbed by Charlie and Angelo, making a quick escape.

Meanwhile in the present, Alf has driven Xavier and Romeo to Port Heron on Xavier’s instruction. They don’t know what they’re looking for but Xavier’s instinct tells him that something has, or will happen here. At that moment Wayan stumbles out of the container left open when Hugo and Charlie left. When they go to help him they find the refugees in the shipping container. They are in a bad way and Wayan needs immediate medical attention. They take him to Hospital, where Rachel does an operation to save his life.Xavier can’t understand how Hugo could have anything to do with this.

Charlie asks Hugo if he’s really going to kill her – she says that she knows Hugo and that he isn’t capable of something like that. He replies that he is. We flashback seven months to the night that Lou De Bono disappeared. Whilst Irene sleeps in the cabin with the headphones on, Lou pulls up alongside a boat he’s spotted drifting. He shines a torch towards the boat but is then shot. Hugo climbs onto Lou’s boat and asks Derrick why he shot the man dead – he replies that he could have identified the boat. and they couldn’t take the risk. Hugo looks at the man and is shocked to realise it’s Lou. He climbs down into the cabin and sees Irene asleep – as he’s about to climb back onto his own boat, Lou suddenly gets up and stabs Hugo. In the ensuing struggle, Hugo pushes Lou overboard where he’s left to die. A bleeding Hugo struggles home and digs out an old shark tooth before heading to the hospital – stating he was attacked by a shark.

In the present, it is now morning and Hugo tells Charlie that his phone (which he promptly throws into the water), and Charlie herself are the only things that could link him to the people smuggling. He then tells her to jump in the water – he isn’t going to kill her, he isn’t that person anymore, but force her to swim to a neaby island in order to give him time to escape. When he is safely away, he will alert the authorities to her whereabouts. Charlie fakes a blackout and soon the tables turn and she snatches Hugo’s gun. She tells him that either he turn the boat around and take them back, or she will lock him in the hold and drive the boat herself. However at that moment Hugo spots a boat approaching in the distance – its Suzy, with intentions to take Hugo out.

Meanwhile, Martha is still tied up in the boot of Derrick’s car. He drives her to Chinatown where he phones Hugo, leaving him a message to say that he has Martha, and that he should meet him in half an hour with the money he owes Suzy. Martha overhears the conversation and doesn’t understand how Hugo could be involved in any of this.

We flashback to when Derrick was on the island, telling Nicole and Geoff about all the people he has killed. Once Derrick made it back to Summer Bay, Hugo asked him where the hell his cargo was, only for Derrick to tell him that it was all lost in the storm which left him stranded on the island. Hugo later tells Derrick that he wants out, but Derrick says that Hugo should get Martha out of his system and finish the job he started. It was this that were were later arguing about when Xavier saw them at Hugo’s boatshed.

Back in the present, Angelo has been hiding in the back of the car and at the right time overpowers Derrick. Angelo is forced to tell Martha all about Hugo. Martha can’t believe that Hugo is involved in the people smuggling, but just as she’s processing this, Derrick stirs, and shoots at her. Angelo dives in front, taking a bullet for her, but will he survive?

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