Episode 1265

Australian Air Date: 25th June 1993
Writer: Tracey Doig / Trinder
Director: Grant Brown

Bill takes a desperate step when things become too much for him. Tug takes Sarah’s love life into his own hands.

Extended Summary

Luke goes looking for Bill at the Ross house but Michael tells him he’s gone for a walk with Fin. He tells Michael they were right to keep them apart. Fin and Bill are at the Surf Club playing pool and she talks to him about how stealing is wrong and he promises never to do it again.

At the beach house, Bobby gets a call from Greg, saying he’ll be late and when she tells Tug about it, he’s not listening. He’s still down in the dumps over Sarah and she tells him to move on. As far as he’s concerned, he’s going to get her back and storms off to his room as Adam arrives, moaning about the Diner job but she already knows about it.

At Fisher’s, Angel’s still laying into Shane and heads off to the Diner, to quit, much to Ailsa’s surprise. Angel explains what happened, although she doesn’t mention Shane’s involvement and says it wasn’t fair on Adam to lose out. Ailsa agrees to give Adam a trial run and if he’s better than her, then he’ll get the job. On her way home, Ailsa stops by the beach house to break the good news to Adam.

Angel and Sarah go over to the Surf Club where a guy seems to be keen on Sarah. Luke comes in and orders Bill to come home with him immediately and Luke glares at Fin. Back at the van, Luke has a go at him for stealing and thinks it would be better, if he leaves Summer Bay for good. Bill’s more upset that he won’t be able to see Fin anymore. Luke spells it out to Bill that the feelings he has for Fin, are not reciprocated. Bill goes off on his own and when Fin finds him sitting by the beach, he doesn’t want to talk to her. She gets him to talk and he tells her the stealing has got him into big trouble with Luke and he’s being sent away. He thinks she and Luke don’t like him but she says he’s wrong. Back at the van, Luke’s packing Bill’s things up and Roxy accuses him of copping out. Fin comes in and has a go at him for telling Bill how she feels about him; she says he should have left it up to her to tell him. Bill goes over to the house later to return Fin’s books but he’s reluctant to talk to her. She persuades him to stay and tells him Luke’s got it all wrong. She tries to explain the different kinds of love and that the love she has for him, is of friendship. This upsets him and he runs out, making her feel bad but Michael tells her she did the right thing. He feels bad because she’s rejected him but that’s all part of growing up. Bill’s in turmoil and instead of going back home, he runs away.

Adam starts his trial run at the Diner and his first customer is Tug but he doesn’t stay long, when Ailsa tells him, Sarah’s down on the beach. He’s off to play mind games with her but he’s in for a shock. The boy who fancies her, is chatting her up and with a little help from Angel, agrees to a lunch date. The girls leave and Tug confronts Steven Potter as he dries himself and warns him off.

Sarah’s excited as she and Angel wait in the Diner for Steven to turn up but as time goes by, she gets that sinking feeling. Angel goes over to the Surf Club and when Tug’s rude to her she boasts that Sarah is on a date, but she’s surprised by his reaction. Back at the Diner, Sarah’s still waiting and when she decides to go home, Ailsa shouts her a milk shake, to cheer her up.

Back at the van, Roxy convinces Luke to give Bill another chance but they are unaware that Bill’s run away.

It ends with Bill running into the bush…

Avril M Harrison

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