Episode 1251

Australian Air Date: 7th June 1993
Writer: Annette Moore
Director: Michael Ailwood

An argument erupts when Nick decides to warn Fiona to stay away from Greg. Shane gets his revenge on Tug.

Extended Summary

It starts off back at the Fisher resident and he’s putting poor Nick through the ringer as he tries to recite his lines for the play, as Fiona and Greg come to an understanding about their relationship. Greg leaves as Luke arrive with Nick’s costume and Nick’s beginning to regret taking on the part, much to Fisher’s amusement. It’s all hands on deck at the Surf Club, as everyone strives to get everything ready in time and even Pippa’s hobbled in on crutches, to help, although she won’t be in the audience because she’ll be at home looking after Christopher. She offers to have Duncan and agrees to let Bill stay with her, as he’s not keen to see the play. Tug’s having a hard time trying to convince Sarah and Angel what Shane said to him outside. When Shane comes in, they tackle him about it and as cool as you like, he denies it all, making Tug out to be the villain. Back at Fisher’s, Nick is still hard at it, as Fiona prepares to leave and he offers to give her a lift home, as he’s in need of a break, from learning his lines. They chat along the way and when he arrives at her house, he speaks his mind about Greg and Bobby’s relationship and being best man at their wedding. He upsets her when he intimates he hopes she doesn’t come between the couple and she gets out of the car and storms off. Meanwhile, Greg’s at home having quality time with Sam and when Bobby can’t find someone to cover for her at the Diner, so she can see the play, he offers to do it. When she then asks what’s Fisher’s cleaning lady’s like, he looks guilty but she doesn’t notice and leaves him to prepare the meal, which he volunteered to do. Back at the Surf Club, Tug and Shane have a heated argument over involving Sarah but Shane’s relentless in his pursuit of revenge and Angel comes to the conclusion, Tug was telling the truth. Sarah’s had enough and tells her that if either one of them causes any trouble, they will regret it, big time. Tug goes home absolutely furious and tells Bobby what’s going to happen and she advises caution, because if he reacts to Shane’s actions, it won’t be Shane who will look bad, it will be him. Back home Sarah talks to Ailsa about the trouble that could be looming, as Alf leaves to take Duncan to Pippa’s and Roxy tries to calm her nerves. Ailsa deduces, that Shane wouldn’t be so stupid to pull such a stunt and Sarah hopes she’s right. Damian goes over to plead with Shane, to call off his vendetta, to protect Sarah’s feelings but he won’t change his mind. At the Diner, Greg and Sam take over from Bobby but before she leaves, Fiona brings in Toby to celebrate getting a job. Greg looks worried when he introduces them to her but again she fails to notice anything is wrong. She leaves and Greg takes Fiona and Toby into the kitchen where she wastes no time telling him about her little chat with Nick and he’s hopping mad about it. Over at the Surf Club, the seats are filling up nicely and Tug wishes Sarah good luck before taking his seat in the audience with Bobby. A last minute hitch has Nick racing off to the Diner for an apron, where he encounters an angry Greg who accuses him of interfering in his life. With Sam in ear-shot of what they’re talking about, Nick tells him he wants nothing more to do with his web of deceit and leaves. Fiona’s unmoved by the argument but a confused Sam looks to his father for some explanation.
The play is well underway and the audience are enjoying it and during the interval, Bobby talks to Tug about how well it’s going but he knows what’s coming and Damian tries once again to get Shane to end his vendetta but of course, he won’t. Bobby goes to the Diner to get some milk for the Kiosk and finds out from Sam that Greg and Nick had an argument. When she asks Greg what it was about, he’s put on the spot but he deftly covers up by saying he was teasing Nick about the dress and she swallows it. She returns to the Surf Club, as Greg sighs with relief that he didn’t give the game away.

Sarah’s big moment arrives as she takes centre stage to sing her solo, with Ailsa and Alf looking proud but Tug it not enjoying it, one little bit. In the wings, Shane boasts to Damian his time has come and he goes on stage to join her. They kiss, as they are supposed to but Shane looks straight at Tug and then he goes in for the kill. Sarah tries to fight him off, as Luke, Roxy and Nick watch from the wings.

It ends with Tug jumping from his seat to get to Shane, making Alf spill his coffee over himself, in the process. On stage, Tug pulls Shane off Sarah and hits him. As they fight, it’s left to Luke and Nick to separate them…

Avril M Harrison

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