Episode 1250

Australian Air Date: 4th June 1993
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Jon Ossher

Tug is shocked when Shane reveals his true colours. Nick isn’t convinced that Greg will be able to resist temptation the second time around.

Extended Summary

Alf’s hopping mad and he really goes to town on the moral ethics of what they did, with a young child asleep in another room, who could have walk in on them at anytime. He orders Angel to put her blouse back on but when the boys go to put their shirts on, he confiscates them, telling them they can explain themselves when they get home. Sarah tries to explain but he tells her he’s very disappointed with her and as the others leave, she goes to her room. She returns a little later and talks to them about why she didn’t stop them but Alf’s not in a forgiving mood, so she goes to bed. He’s all for chucking her out, so Ailsa tries to calm him down and reasons with him that kids do these sort of silly things. When she gets him to think of all the things he must have done at their age, all he can say is, when caught out, he had to face the consequences and that’s all part of growing up. Now the roles are reversed, so it’s up to him to lay down the law. Fisher and Nick are looking through the ads for a cleaner, when Shane and Angel come in and have to explain themselves. Nick and Fisher have to compose themselves when they ask why Alf should want their shirts because they wouldn’t fit him. Fisher them gives them a lecture and Nick carries on the banter with Shane, reminding him, he’s got to face Alf in the morning, so he can get his shirt back. Shane’s drops his head, just at the thought of that but Nick finds it amusing. Meanwhile, at the beach house, Tug’s going through a similar dressing down with Greg and Bobby but when they send him to his room, they find it very hard to control the laughter. Next morning, down on the beach, Tug bumps into Shane and they discuss the strife the had to endure. As Tug continues his run, Angel comes along and in a matter of seconds, she has a go at him, leaving him stunned. Back home, over breakfast, the conversation is non-existence until Nick reminds Shane, he’s got to see Alf but he says he’s too busy with rehearsals. Angel intimates he’s scared of Alf and says she’ll go with him and hold his hand, which receives a sarcastic reply. Fisher answers the phone to a woman, after the cleaner’s job and when she arrives, it’s none other than Fiona Harris. Fisher and Nick are impressed and she’s given the job and agrees to start straight away. Nick leaves and as Fisher goes to get the ironing, she finds a photo of Bobby and Greg. Back at the beach house, Tug is also trying to get out of facing Alf but when Greg offers him a lift, he has no choice.

At the Stewarts, Roxy and Ailsa are sorting out the costumes for the musical and Roxy’s worried Adam is under rehearsed and will have to take a lot of stick when he dons his dress. As they laugh about the previous night’s antics, Sarah is in the next room talking to Alf about it. She tells him she’s decided to move out because she feels she’s let them down badly but Alf persuades her to stay. She goes to help with the costumes and a short while later, Shane and Tug arrive to face the wroth of Alf and he doesn’t mince words and after giving them their shirts back, sends them off with their tails between their legs. There’s panic stations when Roxy answers the phone, to find Adam on the other end, saying he’s stuck in the city and won’t be back in time for the musical. Ailsa and Sarah go over to the Surf Club with the costumes while Roxy tries to talk Nick into taking Adam’s part but he refuses point blank. She persists until he gives in and ends up chasing him along the beach road, when he admits he always intended to do it – he just wanted her to beg first. Over in the Diner, bets are laid that Roxy won’t get Nick to play the part, so when she comes rushing in and says he’ll do it, Fisher has to pay Bobby because he didn’t think he would.

Greg goes over to finish putting up the shelves in Fisher’s kitchen and is shocked to see Fiona there and they pretend they don’t know each other when Fisher makes the introductions. He leaves them to it and she’s very apologetic, offering to give the job up but he realises she needs the money and assures her it won’t be a problem. Nick returns home and as he tells Greg about taking on Adam’s role, Fiona comes in, not realising Nick’s there and thanks him for the fish he gave her the other day. She makes herself scarce, as Greg tries to reassure him that everything’s cool between them but he has his doubts.

Back at the Surf Club, Sarah’s pleased that Shane and Tug appear to be getting on better. Even Angel admits to her that she doesn’t think Shane’s too bad. When Roxy asks Tug to go and help Shane put up the notices outside, he’s happy to do it. He offers his hand in friendship to Shane but is shocked when Shane shows his true colours.

It ends with Shane bragging that he’s going to show Sarah how it really feels to be kissed by a man and there’s nothing he can do about it…

Avril M Harrison

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