Episode 453

Australian Air Date: 15th January 1990
UK Air Date: 13th November 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Sergi

Marilyn makes her presence felt at the hotdog caravan. Viv and Emma plan a party.

Extended Summary

Carly is making breakfast as Pippa tells her about Tom’s paranoia, thinking she called the family meeting to turn the kids against him. Pippa is hoping it will all blow over so she won’t have to say anything to Sally, but Sally overhears. They try to tell her there’s nothing to worry about.

At the mobile home, Marilyn wants to come to Café de Waves with Martin and Lance but Martin tells her she’ll only get in the way. Marilyn says she’s supposed to be a partner. Martin goes to get dressed and Marilyn tells Lance she doesn’t think Martin likes her as he keeps trying to leave her out of everything.

At the Stewart house, bored Emma and Viv come up with the idea of a back to school party but don’t know where they would hold it. Alf agrees to having it at the house so long as he can supervise and it’s wrapped up by 11. He then starts listing friends of his he could invite and Emma goes off the idea. She and Viv leave the house and Alf laughs to himself.

Steven and Carly are at the Diner talking to Bobby who can’t believe Tom would throw away 16 years of marriage. Steven blames Carly for starting the rumour. Bobby tells them that arguing won’t help.

Steven finds Tom on the beach and tries to tell him Zac was hassling Pippa but Tom tells him not to stick his nose in and Steven walks off. He goes home where Sally asks him why Tom and Pippa don’t like each other any more. She thinks they are going to get divorced. Steven tries to tell her it’s just a misunderstanding.

Matt and Adam are at the Diner discussing what Adam’s going to do with his reward money. Viv and Emma come in and Emma congratulates Adam on catching the shark. She asks Matt if there’s any chance of secretly having a party at the surf club but Matt tells her to forget it.

At the hot dog stand, Martin tells Lance he likes Marilyn and doesn’t mind having her at home but 50% of couples who go into business together get divorced so he should keep her out of the business. Just then, Marilyn arrives in a pink baseball cap and frilly apron to do her share of the work. Lance tells Marilyn about Martin’s stats but Marilyn says they’ll just be part of the other 50%!

At the Diner, Bobby is annoyed with Steven for trying to talk to Tom and tells him to run any more bright ideas past her and Carly. Steven suggests trying to get Zac to tell the truth.

Celia has a go at Emma and Viv for reading magazines and annoying her at the store. She asks Emma to pass on a message to Alf; the sale of Morag’s house has fallen through. The girls go to Morag’s empty house and climb in through the window. It’s perfect for a party.

Sally has pulled out a shoebox full of old photos of Tom and Pippa. Pippa looks at them with a heavy heart. Tom comes home but doesn’t want to look at them.

Marilyn accidentally squirts ketchup all over Martin and the customers laugh. Zac orders a hot dog. Steven and Bobby accost him and ask him to tell Tom the truth but he arrogantly refuses.

Viv returns to Morag’s house with a boombox and they discuss who to invite to the party.

Martin moans to Alf at the store about Marilyn. Alf tells him to put his foot down like he does with Celia, just before Celia demands Alf look after the store so she can go and collect the vacuum cleaner from Morag’s! Martin laments that Celia wasn’t as bad a partner as the new one!

In the Diner kitchen, Carly tells Bobby and Steven she wouldn’t have done anything as stupid as trying to talk to Zac. She thinks they need to let Tom and Pippa work things out for themselves and prepare for the fact that they might split up. Bobby says she won’t let them.

Marilyn hands Martin his pay at the mobile home but he isn’t happy she’s taken out what they owe for bills first.

Emma sees Celia coming so Viv runs upstairs while Emma quickly cleans up the boombox and tapes and hides in the cupboard. Celia is surprised to find the vacuum cleaner in the living room but shrugs it off and leaves. Viv says they can’t have a party here now but Emma says she’ll come up with a plan to keep Celia away.

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