Episode 452

Australian Air Date: 11th January 1990
UK Air Date: 12th November 1990
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Michael Sergi

Adam avenges a friend’s death. Pippa fights to save her marriage.

Extended Summary

Tom sits on the beach, thinking about what has happened with his marriage lately. We hear excerpts of conversations that have been going through his head with Pippa and Alf amongst others. Then, Carly comes running along the beach saying that Adam thinks that he’s caught the shark, but he can’t bring it by himself and that he needs to go and help. Adam is still tangled in the line and is getting dragged out to sea. Tom and Carly run towards him and he shouts that they need to be quick. Tom runs out to help Adam and tells Carly to get the knife. Adam says no, as the shark will get away. Finally Tom is able to free Adam and the boys return to the shore and start using the rod to bring the shark in.

Oblivious to the excitement on the beach, Ailsa and Pippa are at the caravan park house. Ailsa has come around to talk to Pippa about what was going on with Pippa’s marriage.

Back down at the beach, a crowd has gathered as Adam and Tom continue to bring in the shark.

At the house, Ailsa and Pippa sit down at the table, where Pippa continues to talk to Ailsa about the continuing problems with her marriage.

Down at the beach, Tom and Adam manage to wind the shark in, leaving Zac, who is out in the bay peeved off that he is missed out on his payday. Later on reporters have gathered on the beach to catch the story whilst Bobby and Alf have come down to congratulate Adam and Tom. Zac has come in and tells Adam not to get too cocky. It may be the wrong shark still. Adam tells Zac though, he didn’t do it for the limelight.

Pippa and Ailsa are continuing their talk at the house when Steven, Bobby et al return from the beach proclaiming Tom and Adam’s extraordinary feat. Ailsa is very pleased, but when Pippa tries to kiss Tom to congratulate him, he’s unforthcoming to her affections. Ailsa leaves to see Alf whilst Tom says Adam deserves the prize, whilst Adam says that Tom deserves half as he would have been a gonner had it not been for Tom and they have a laugh at Zac’s failure.

Ailsa and Alf talk about Pippa and Tom’s failing marriage. Alf offers to speak to Tom, but Ailsa says it’s probably best if they don’t interfere. Zac comes into the shop for some milk and the Stewart’s start questioning about when he’s going to leave. Zac tells them they don’t know if the right shark has been caught yet and anyway, Summer Bay seems like a nice place. He may stick around for a bit. He begins to rile Alf who tells him to get out. Ailsa takes the milk off Zac and tells him to buy it somewhere else.

Lance and Marilyn are hanging a painting and ask an unethusiastic Martin what he thinks. Marilyn asks Lance what’s wrong with Martin and Lance tells him he’s just in one of his moods and that he’ll snap out of it. Almost immediately, Martin spots the wrestling on the TV and starts making plans to watch it with Lance. Marilyn tells Martin that it’s the same time as the ice skating and that Lance has agreed to watch that with her. Martin tries to change Lance’s mind, but Lance says that if he agreed to watch the skating with Marilyn, he’ll watch the skating with Marilyn leading to Martin moping off.

Guest Cast


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