Episode 6663

Australian Air Date: 18th May 2017
UK Air Date: 5th July 2017
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Ian Watson

Justin clashes with Scarlett and Mason as they search for a hallucinating Brody. Zannis demands a favour from Brody. Marilyn is frustrated that John’s avoiding her.

Extended Summary

Justin and Mason discuss the fact that Justin’s information led to Zannis’ lab being discovered, even though Zannis is still out there. Raffy comes in and asks if there’s been any mail. The next arrival is Scarlett, who asks if they’ve seen Brody and meets Raffy for the first time. She explains about Brody bolting and they all head off to search for him. Near the beach, Justin phones Tori to update her but tells her not to join them. Raffy, Scarlett and Mason all rejoin him, having had no luck, and they wonder if Brody might go back to Scarlett’s. Scarlett tells them about Brody hallucinating Kate. Justin has a go at her for letting him go off. Scarlett has enough and walks away. Mason is annoyed and tells Justin they need Scarlett since she’s the only one Brody trusts. He and Raffy go off to search on their own.

At the Diner, Marilyn buys a ticket from Nate for the fun day. John comes in and keeps quiet about his involvement when Marilyn talks about Nate organising the fundraiser. Marilyn thinks that John isn’t doing anything that day as he makes vague awkward chit-chat. They both ask Nate about Roo, who Marilyn is going to visit. She tells John she’ll give Roo his best. At the hospital, Roo complains to Alf about how the staff keep coming in to check on her. Alf offers to get her some food but Roo tries to get him to go home. Marilyn comes in with a bunch of flowers and hugs Roo, comforting her.

Justin finds Scarlett at the surf club, where she threatens to throw her juice over him if he comes any closer. She tells him she hasn’t given up on Brody but doesn’t want to work with Justin. Justin admits he needs her help and tells her about Brody hallucinating Kate the previous year after the accident, when he ended up walking off a cliff. Meanwhile, Brody runs through a park area, hearing noises and in pain, sobbing that he’s sorry. Nearby, Mason makes a phone call to Tori, who has been looking for Brody at the hospital. He and Raffy see Brody and run over to him. Brody tells them about seeing Kate. Mason says they’ll get him home.

Roo tells Marilyn that she’s not sure if she’s got the right to be upset, since she wasn’t pregnant long, but Marilyn says she was making plans. Roo notes that she couldn’t be a mother to Martha and it felt like her last chance. Marilyn suggests there are other ways of being a mother. Roo wants Marilyn to take Alf (who is out of the room) home, since he’s ill himself. Marilyn mentions his angina attack. Later, when Marilyn has gone, Roo asks Alf why he didn’t tell her. Alf says she didn’t need to know and it’s not her fault, since he was ill before anything had happened to her. Roo thinks he should look after himself but Alf tells her he’s going to stand by her.

Mason helps Brody back into the Morgan house; Raffy has gone to call the others and let them know he’s okay. Mason reassures Brody that hallucinations are common during withdrawals. Brody accepts for the first time that that’s what he’s having and that he’s in trouble. He wonders what Kate would think if she was really there and Mason says she’d just want to help him. Brody goes for a shower. Later, Raffy comes into the deserted house with the mail, including a letter addressed to her. Justin and Scarlett also arrive, as Mason comes back in from the back with Buddy. They compare notes and Mason says Brody’s in the shower. Justin is concerned since there’s no sound of water and suggests he might have stashed something in there and ODed. After failing to get a response when calling out and knocking on the door, he ignores the others’ protests and kicks the door down…to find Brody sitting naked in the shower, looking shattered. Quietly but firmly, Brody tells them to get out.

Marilyn finds John doing work at the surf club but John is incredibly vague about what he’s doing and makes himself scarce. Marilyn confides to Nate that she thinks the only thing John is busy doing is avoiding her. She is dismissive of his black tie ball idea, before hastily adding that Nate’s fundraiser is different. Without giving anything away, Nate tries to drop hints that John is doing more than she thinks. Marilyn offers to help out with the fundraiser but Nate says everything is covered.

Later, John and Nate pack things up outside. Nate gives John all the details and apologises that he won’t be there on the day: The open road is calling. He thinks John should tell Marilyn he’s involved but John doesn’t want to give her or the bushfire victims the wrong idea and admits he’s trying to prove something to himself as much as anyone.

That evening, Mason finds Brody sat out the front of the Morgan house. He apologises for Justin. Justin comes out and Mason tries to order him away but Brody is fine chatting to him so Mason leaves them to it. Justin says he shouldn’t have barged in and that Mason told him Brody’s admitted to his addiction. Brody doesn’t think it’s that much to celebrate, since he now knows that he’s dug himself into a huge hole and doesn’t know how to get out. Justin suggests rehab and Brody says he’ll think about it. Justin wants him to move back home but Brody says he’d never get clean if he did, since all the pressure that caused him to start using is still there. Justin reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Roo asks Alf if he thinks she’d have been a good mum, saying she can’t stop thinking about Martha. Alf says she made the best decision at the time when she gave her up. Roo says she needs to see her and has a friend in America who can look for her.

Brody and Scarlett head to the Diner. Scarlett is unimpressed with Justin’s behaviour but Brody tells her he’s been through a lot lately. They decide to stay and eat. Brody asks Scarlett why she’s helping him; she indicates there’s something she isn’t telling him but she won’t elaborate. She goes to order. Brody sees Zannis sitting outside and goes to join him. Zannis says Justin set the police on him but he’s not going to punish Brody for it, just call in the favour he owes. Later, Scarlett has finished eating while Brody just stares at his food. They decide to head home. John comes in and orders a takeaway from Marilyn. He says he’s not avoiding her, just giving her the space she asked for. Marilyn says she does still hope her feelings will pass and John says he’ll be waiting.

Back at the Morgan house, Raffy opens the letter she received: A birthday card from Hope, which she’s obviously made herself. Mason comes in and has a go at Justin, blaming him for Brody leaving. Raffy, upset but also sad, tells them both to stop. However, after she’s left the room, Mason tells Justin that Brody doesn’t want to be anywhere near him and neither does he.

Guest Cast



References to Martha MacKenzie as Roo Stewart decides to track her down.

Raffy Morrison receives a birthday card from her cousin, Hope Morrison.

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