Mason Morgan

Orpheus Pledger

Mason Morgan (2016-2019)
Orpheus Pledger
Episodes: 64427270

Birth Name: Michael Lee
Date of Birth:
1st September 1995

Parents: Koby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Tori & Brody Morgan; Raffy Morrison (half)

Occupation: Medical Student; Waiter; Junior Lifeguard; Gym co-manager

Mason arrived in town with brothers Justin and Brody and tried to stop Justin having a go at Ash when he accidentally forced them off the road. Reunited with sister Tori, who had been in town some weeks, they moved into their latest in a long line of new homes. Mason was the most set-up of the brothers, since as a medical student he had already managed to transfer his course to Northern District Uni, and managed to smooth things over with Leah after Brody upset her by criticising her cooking. He was on the receiving end of Josh’s temper after doodling on a photo of Andy after he was charged with murder but understood when Evelyn explained.He was surprised by a visit from his old girlfriend, Lara Adams, but ended up sleeping with her only to be caught by Justin. He told Justin that since Lara already knew where they were he wanted to keep seeing her. Justin pretended to agree then warned Lara off. When Lara rang him up and told him, Mason angrily confronted Justin at Angelo’s, with Brody having to break them up. However, Justin maintained that he needed to end it.

He found himself drafted in to work at Angelo’s when Brody bought it and laid bets with Matt on who would come out on top in a clash between Brody and Phoebe. However, he became almost frantically evasive when Matt started asking him personal questions. He started work as a medical student at the hospital and was given Nate as a supervisor. He immediately clashed with him when Nate overheard him describing the hospital to a classmate, Sarah Smedley, as out in the sticks, then was disciplined when he helped Alf back into bed after a fall without informing anyone or getting him checked over. However, they got on better once Mason had settled in. He ushered Lara out of the hospital when she turned up, then was seen by her comforting Evelyn after Josh was charged with killing Charlotte. When Lara threatened to break up with him, he told her the family were in witness protection; their parents had been murdered by a drug syndicate that their father had done the accounts for. Mason hid Lara from his family to spend the night with her and lied to Tori that Nate had seen him with another girl but had to admit the truth when someone followed Brody. Although their handler, Decker, assured the family that they hadn’t been found, Mason was told to break up with Lara.

He helped Brody relaunch the restaurant as Salt, only for the family to have to leave town after they were discovered. However, he broke the rules by keeping his phone when they moved to a safehouse. When the family were told they were moving to Perth, he slipped away to say goodbye to Lara. However, he found her apparently being held prisoner by Blaine Varden and Spike Lowe and told them where his family were to save her from torture, only for it to turn out Lara was actually working with them. However, she balked at Blaine actually killing the family and freed Mason, allowing him to flee with the others until Blaine and Lara were arrested. He went along with Tori ordering Justin out of the house when it came out than he knew what their father was up to.

Mason agreed to help Evelyn out by acting as a chaperone at the fundraising sleepover she was organising, where he tried to kiss her. He tried to avoid her in the aftermath but eventually they cleared the air. He went to a uni party with her and Matt where Evelyn proceeded to write herself off. Mason stayed behind to look after her, putting her to bed on his couch and pulling away when she tried to drunkenly kiss him. He tried to keep an eye on her as her partying escalated, having her round for study and pizza, and ended up sleeping with her. She ended up in tears and told him she wasn’t over Josh. Mason told her that he still hadn’t got over Lara and convinced her to stay and watch a movie with him rather than go home upset. Next day, she helped him colour code some files and they ended up sleeping together again, prompting them to decide on a friends with benefits arrangement.

He found himself paired with Evelyn on a plane trip to celebrate Tori’s birthday. The plane then crashed, leaving most of them trapped in the desert. Mason was the only person with medical knowledge left with the main group so was given the job of trying to look after pregnant Billie when it looked like her amniotic sac had been damaged. He burned his arm protecting Evelyn when the plane exploded but not long after they were all rescued. He was worried when Evelyn kept insisting she had seen Oscar during the crash. Marilyn convinced him to try and see Evelyn’s point of view but when he got in the car with her she started driving dangerously, convinced Oscar would protect her. Mason put the handbrake on, narrowly avoiding a collision with a tree, but Evelyn was upset that he’d interfered. Mason went to Alf and Leah and told them what was going on. However, after getting a wake-up call Evelyn thanked Mason for saving her life.

He bought a new car which he took to the garage to be checked over. Matt nearly caught him and Evelyn having sex in it and he explained the arrangement. Mason later tried to defend Evelyn when Matt had a go at her but Evelyn accused him of acting like a boyfriend. Against Matt’s advice, he admitted that he had feelings for her. She rejected the idea of a relationship so Mason told her he was happy to go back to the old arrangement and they hooked up in a caravan. However, she refused to have breakfast with him after spending the night together and after she tried to use him for sex to make herself feel better about Chris leaving he ended the arrangement, saying it was obvious she would never feel the same way as him.

He looked after John when he suffered an extradural haematoma and failed to reassure him when he began looking up worst case scenarios. Matt convinced him to help Evelyn move to the farmhouse to try and clear the air between them. However, when he came to the farmhouse and found Evelyn and Brody in a state of undress (having got mature on their clothes), he attacked his brother, prompting Evelyn to say they should stay away from each other. With Decker in a coma after being run off the road, Mason futilely attempted to research treatments for him. He got on well with Raffy when she moved in with them and was informed by Brody that she was their half-sister, the result of their mother having an affair with Decker. He decided that he and Evelyn should accompany Matt on his blind date with Stephanie Suttle but Mason got on better with her than Matt and ended up going back to her place with her. It was only after he got home that he realised he didn’t know her name.

He was in favour of telling Raffy she was their sister but kept quiet when Hope stole his car in an abortive attempt to flee town with her. He gave Brody advice over his attempt to woo Jeannie Wood. When he heard that Tori was planning to go to the same conference as her ex-boyfriend Riley, using her old name, he broke patient confidentiality by alerting Careflight to the fact Nate hadn’t declared a shoulder injury so he missed out on another job and could go instead. He invited himself along to VJ’s bucks party where he tried to stop Ash and Matt doing anything too harsh to him, although he did help them out with making VJ think he’d broken both his arms. On learning that Hunter was going for his bronze medallion to get a junior lifeguard job, Mason mentioned that he already had his and could fill in if Hunter failed.

He helped Justin and Brody in their attempt to make Raffy feel like part of the family. When she found out they used to be called Lee, he tried to spin her a story about changing their name to avoid press attention after Kate’s murder but eventually had to join the rest of the family in telling her the truth. He invited Olivia to go for a walk with him after witnessing her arguing with Hunter, with whom she’d just broken up. He took a salad round to her place but made a mess of asking her out. When he tried again, she told him she wasn’t ready for a new relationship but soon after she asked him out to lunch. They got on well until Hunter came in and insulted Olivia, prompting Mason to square up to him. He then overheard Olivia telling Hunter she was trying to get over him but Olivia assured him she was having a good time, although she also said she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

He was on duty when Decker was brought into the hospital after being shot and retrieved a USB stick he had had on him, which he found was full of police files. After Decker died, he was buoyed when Olivia called round to give him lunch and they nearly kissed. He hid out at the farmhouse with the rest of the family until syndicate leader Ranae Turner was arrested and, with the strong possibility that their witness protection could be ending soon, dreamed of finally being able to post online. When the trial ended with Ranae and the others found guilty, Mason tried to get Tori to talk to Nate about it.

After chatting with Olivia about witness protection, he found himself invited to escort her to her formal as friends, something which pleased him since he’d never had a formal of his own. However, she spent most of the evening paying more attention to Hunter and Mason angrily realised she still had feelings for him. While doing his first shift as a lifeguard, he overzealously ordered Hunter to stay out of the water because of under currents, then punched him after he claimed Mason couldn’t accept that Olivia still loved him. The fight earned him telling offs from both Alf and Olivia and he and Olivia decided they weren’t in the right head space for a relationship. When he learned Nate had broken up with Tori because she hadn’t been able to explain the call to Careflight, he went to Nate and explained. While helping Brody run a stand at the Summer Grooves music festival, he was put out to see Olivia chatting to Hunter but when he approached Olivia they kissed and went off together.

On their return from skinny dipping, Mason was bewildered to find Brody blaming him for worrying everyone, since they had been unaware a bushfire had broke out near the festival. He went to see Justin, who had been stabbed by Ranae, in hospital and was worried to see Olivia visiting Hunter, asking if she still had feelings for him. He spent time with her when he had a lifeguard shift on the beach and looked after Harley Braxton when he cut his finger. He was worried that Olivia was trying too hard to prove something but she assured him she was committed to him.

Despite this, when he saw Olivia was worried about Hunter not going back to school, he made an awkward attempt to talk to him about it. He let slip to Justin that Tori’s ex Riley Hawkins was in town and, to avoid the fall-out, he went to the garage with Olivia where they ended up having sex only to be caught by Irene, Brody and Matt. Justin warned him that he was becoming serious about a girl too quickly again. This caused him to start to distance himself from Olivia, although he did accompany her to Luc’s baby blessing as her date. He was concerned when Olivia hid the fact Hunter had helped her at the Diner from him even though they both insisted there was nothing in it. He tried to be supportive when Tori considered moving to the city with Riley. He bought Olivia stationery for uni but she showed no interest on going with a road trip with him. She admitted she still had feelings for Hunter but insisted she wanted to carry on seeing him; however, Mason broke up with her.

He was wary of Phoebe moving in but when Justin, Tori and Raffy all proved to be in favour he fell into line with the majority. While helping out with the Salt stall at O-week, he was disgruntled to see Olivia and Hunter there as a couple, but stopped Hunter getting into a fight when one of the students, Byron, provoked him. Olivia apologised for messing him about and tried to set him up with one of her classmates, Lena Ascot. Justin also encouraged him so he arranged to go to a party at Salt with Lena. However, he was concerned when he found her dealing drugs. He kept quiet so as not to ruin the night for Brody but Brody quickly shut it down. Mason forgot he’d confiscated some drugs from one of the students and was berated by the family when he accidentally brought them home.

He was concerned when Brody then employed Lena at Salt, although he accepted she was doing a good job. However, he also warned Justin. He suspected Brody was on drugs when he messed up a visit from a food critic but Justin convinced him otherwise. However, Justin later admitted it was true. He reluctantly went along with a plan to deprive Brody of money to fund the habit. He found Brody coughing up blood and insisted on taking him to hospital, where he found out Brody had been beaten up by his dealer, Zannis. Brody passed a cocaine test so Mason assured Raffy, who revealed Buddy had fallen ill after taking drugs Brody had left lying around, that Brody was off drugs when he realised she’d hidden Brody’s new cards.

He was shocked to discover that Brody was actually using ice and that Justin had kicked him out. When Brody’s new friend Scarlett Snow got in touch with his whereabouts, Mason convinced everyone to let Brody stay with her while he got clean. He and Raffy found Brody when he ran away from Scarlett and Mason convinced him he was suffering from withdrawals. When Brody still refused to move back home, Mason blamed Justin, who had burst in on Brody in the bathroom thinking he was taking drugs, and threatened to move out but was mollified when the family pulled together for Raffy’s birthday. When Luc had surgery and needed to be placed on antibiotics, Mason had to break the news to her family.

Brody disappeared after taking drugs again and Lena gave Mason and Justin an address that Brody might be at. They tracked him down and brought him home, refusing to let him leave. Mason agreed with Justin’s decision to phone the police and then let Brody stay with them on bail. While setting up for the surf club’s summer swim, he was forced to work with Hunter. They rubbed each other up the wrong way but Mason refused to fight Hunter when he challenged him and Hunter ended up confiding in him about finding out Zac wasn’t his father, after which they entered the race together. He helped look for Brody when he missed his sign-in, after which he and the rest of the family found out Brody was hallucinating again.

He cautioned Brody against starting a relationship with Ziggy during rehab and learned of the threats William Zannis was making against the family. When he caught Brody taking drugs again, he tried to drive him to rehab but Brody panicked when he saw Zannis in the car behind them and grabbed the wheel, causing them to crash. Mason managed to phone an ambulance but at hospital it was discovered that he had a neck injury and he was placed on life support. Although an initial attempt to bring him round failed, he recovered. However, he found he had little feeling and worried that he was paralysed. He tried standing up on his own but managed to fall and put back his recovery, leaving him blaming Brody. He rejected Brody’s apology when he came to see him despite Justin telling him Brody had seen their parents die. After failing to respond to Justin and Tori’s encouragement, he was cheered up by a nurse, Beth Ellis, taking him for a wheelchair race. Tori was confused, since she knew there was no such nurse.

Olivia helped him track down Beth in a tour of the hospital and he spent time with her again. However, when he went looking for her later, he found out she was actually a patient and had terminal cardiomyopathy: Only a transplant would save her. After getting his head around the idea, he suggested they start again. Beth needed to persuade him to move back in with Brody on being discharged, at which point he tried to throttle him, having to be restrained by Justin. However, he began to soften towards him after Justin took them to see their parents’ graves for the first time.

He was somewhat concerned when he found Beth had a bucklet list and didn’t expect to recover but agreed to help her tick items off it and arranged for them both to get tattoos. He learned she had never been kissed and was startled when she impulsively kissed him but soon kissed her back. They went skinny dipping together and made plans to go to a casino even though Beth had a hospital appointment. However, en route she collapsed breathless. He managed to drive for the first time since his accident to get her to Tori, who treated her for arrythmia. Afterwards, Beth came to see him and assured him he made her happy.

Mason met Beth’s father Alan and was shocked to learn he didn’t know about him. He and Beth had brunch with Alan and his wife Jackie but afterwards Alan told him to stay away from Beth. He told Beth and they learned Alan was worried about not getting to spend time with Beth. After the incident, Mason and Beth slept together for the first time but when they went for a walk on the pier afterwards she collapsed. Mason managed to attract the attention of Justin and Scarlett and Beth was rushed to hospital. Alan and Jackie tried to keep him away but Beth insisted he stay. Tori told them that a pacemaker would be fitted but her need for a heart was now urgent. Mason tried to get the transplant team to move her up the list, earning a ticking off from Tori, and he and Beth admitted they loved each other. His hopes were raised when a car crash victim was declared brain dead and was a match for Beth and he began putting pressure on her husband Brendan to donate her heart, even trying to introduce him to Beth. When Brendan made a complaint against him, Beth had to convince him to front up to the panel to defend himself but he had his placement at the hospital cancelled. He was given permission to take Beth out of hospital for dinner on the beach where he presented her with an eternity ring. However, she then became breathless and, although he rushed her back to hospital, she went into cardiac arrest. Although Brendan agreed to the transplant, Beth was declared dead.

Mason was devastated and, on learning her parents had made a complaint to the uni about him for inappropriate behaviour, said he was going to quit medicine anyway having failed to save Beth. He was unable to bring himself to go to the funeral, not feeling ready to stay goodbye, and was stunned to see Beth in his room that evening. Although initially freaked out, he was ultimately comforted by her presence and reassured by Raffy’s belief in her. Her visit allowed him to say goodbye and she asked him to complete the bucket list for her. He kayaked around the headland and then did a dangerous climb to the top of a cliff with Brody and Hunter to find a ghost orchid, leaving the bucket list there. They camped out for the night and on their way home, they found Mick dangling from a cliff. Mason relocated his shoulder so they could pull him up, prompting comments about him wasting his medical knowledge. However, espite the complaint against him being dismissed and Tori arranging for him to defer, he showed no interest in going back to medicine.

Justin dragged him to the garage and told him to fix a car with a rattle. Ziggy ended up doing the job for him while he did her paperwork. They then found money in the car, along with a gun and credit card skimmer. Mason wanted to hand it over to the police but was convinced to put it back and let the customer take it, only for Justin to find the money anyway. However, the experience did cause him to become friends with Ziggy. He partnered Roo in the glow day’s obstacle course and was called upon to perform first aid when Jennifer Dutton injured her ankle. He was Hunter’s confidante when he decided to propose to Olivia. He and Raffy gate-crashed Brody giving Ziggy a cooking lesson, prompting him to realise Brody still liked her. He accompanied Hunter to Olivia’s showcase and kept him in check as he got angry with her boss Axel Boyd, who had made a pass at her. He inadvertently gave Hunter the idea of finding another fashion company for Olivia behind her back.

When Raffy announced she’d found a body, Mason and Justin were initially disbelieving but agreed to look for themselves and found Dennis Novak dead. Mason applied for the manager’s job at the gym but found himself up against Willow. John ended up giving them the post jointly. When he learned Justin had slept with Willow, he warned her Justin didn’t do casual and agreed with Tori’s plan to lend Brody the money to buy back Salt. He arranged boxing lessons through the gym and agreed to give Jennifer a private tuition after she accidentally hit him during a session. She kissed him but he pulled away, prompting her to act like he had made an unwelcome pass at her when Hunter walked in. However, she told him to forget about it after he told her about Beth. He helped Hunter with his disastrous attempt to propose to Olivia and attended the re-launch party for Salt.

He tried to keep an eye on Hunter after his break-up with Olivia and, with Jennifer, stopped him from drink driving. He stopped two River Boys, Taz and Bluey, from hassling customers at the gym only to be attacked by them outside, but fought them off with help from Colby Thorne, the new police officer. He and Brody later found Alf and Roo trapped in a sinkhole and he helped treat them. The two brothers were then questioned by Ash and Dean about Robbo hiding in their house, which neither of them knew anything about, and were unhappy to find Justin and Tori had been helping him.

He accompanied Hunter to O Week and encouraged him to spend time with Olivia there but was left feeling it was a mistake and it was too soon for them to be friends. He met Jasmine Delaney for the first time during a boxing class and, ater a chat with her, decided to re-enroll at college and sort out his work placement. On returning to work at the hospital, he convinced Jasmine to apply for a permanent position there. He was delighted when she agreed to go to Ziggy’s birthday party with him, seeing it as a date, but when he arrived at Salt to pick her up after being delayed at work, she was already drinking with Colby and cancelled the arrangement. Upset, he ended up spending the evening at home.

He was the one to find a ransom note when Ava went missing and informed Justin. He lost his temper with Raffy when she informed the police against Justin’s wishes but later followed her and apologised. He made a disastrous attempt to chat up Ebony while Hunter changed her car wheel. When he found Ryder bugging Hunter about whether he should go see Coco, Mason got rid of him by stoking his paranoia. He quickly rushed to help Hunter when he was injured during a scuffle on the wharf and had to tell Olivia to back off when she started smothering him. He sympathised with Ebony over her apparent whiplash injury and convinced Hunter they should try online dating, then helped Brody organise a singles night at Salt. He got on well with Dempsey, who turned out to be a midwife at the hospital, but Hunter and Olivia complaining to him about their own partners prevented him arranging a date with her. He then helped Brody accept Ziggy’s proposal with a banner outside Salt.

He was pleased when he was chosen to be Brody’s best man with Justin’s blessing. He ran into Dempsey again at Salt and this time managed to get her number, while she also helped him and Hunter plan a bucks party. Brody rejected his initial idea of a casino weekend so he instead organised a night of drinking and gambling at Salt, then surprised him with a stripper. He took Dempsey to the wedding as his date and went back to hers afterwards.

He and Hunter found Alf after he had been injured in a robbery at the surf club and he helped Jasmine find evidence that Ebony had stolen ampoules from the hospital. He tried to stop Colby leaving hospital after he had suffered an allergic reaction by searching for his sister Bella in hospital records. He was amused when Hunter told him that his tutor Christina Harrison had been trying it on with him and got punched by Tori when he was distracted by Jasmine during a boxing class. Tori encouraged him to ask her out but he changed his mind when Olivia told him Jasmine only saw him as a friend and Jasmine herself invited him for a girlie night. He supported Tori when she had a pregnancy scare and helped organise Olivia’s farewell party.

Dempsey Blackwood then turned up pregnant and Mason struggled to get his head around it but agreed they should make the decision about what to do together. After attending a family planning meeting, he ended up blurting out the news at a family dinner that Tori had called to tell everyone of her IVF plans. He told Dempsey he wanted the baby but she insisted it was her decision so he admitted that he was freaking out as well. He was shocked to learn she had no-one else to talk to about the pregnancy so arranged a pampering afternoon after which she suggested they raise the baby as a couple. He suggested they test the waters by going on a date and took Dempsey to Hunter’s farewell as his girlfriend but afterwards she fell ill and announced she was bleeding. He took her to hospital where Tori said she was fine. Mason was delighted to see the ultrasound and hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time but it sent Dempsey into a panic and caused her to decide she couldn’t have the baby, discharging herself without telling him. Although he managed to get her to meet with him, she simply told him she was having the abortion and leaving town, leaving him upset that doing the right thing had got him nowhere.

Mason became moody and irritable, snapping at Justin and Brody and objecting to having to cover Willow’s shifts. When Dean turned up causing a disturbance while he was trying to study, Mason called the police on him. Justin told him that Tori was using Robbo as a sperm donor so he shared the information with Jasmine, who had thought they were a couple. When he learned Brody was giving Maggie cooking lessons, he snidely suggested he was trying to replace their mother. He then rejected Tori’s attempts to confide in him about her surrogacy problems at work, resulting in her sending him home. She told him not to let the experience change him and he agreed to support her.

He tried and failed to convince Karen Thompson to have a psych assessment, then had to treat Raffy when she was rushed into hospital with a bleed on the brain. With the rest of the family, he made plans to look after her when she was diagnosed with post-traumatic epilepsy. He helped bring her home and was the one who took her to see Ryder when she learned he had been kept away from her. He was enlisted as Maggie’s personal trainer. He found it increasingly hard to find somewhere to study, spending a night in the office at the gym after falling asleep studying and losing it at everyone in the Diner when they continually pestered him while he was revising. Tori convinced him to stop working at the gym until his exams were over and Jasmine helped him study. He had to interrupt his study again when Tori experienced cramps while waiting to see if her embryo implanted and to play the responsible adult when Raffy was disciplined for getting into a fight at school. He also had to deal with Robbo breaking into the house worried something had happened to Tori.

He took Justin out for a drink to celebrate finishing his exams, but with Justin in a depressed state over the state of his relationship with Willow, he ended up having to keep an eye on him instead of joining his friends. He also tried to look after Tori after her miscarriage. He heard he’d passed his exams and had a family barbeque to celebrate. Ziggy tried to set him up with Simone Bedford to keep her away from Brody but neither of them was interested in the other. He was devastated to learn all his internship applications had been rejected. Tori suggested he might get offered a place that someone else had turned down but he soon seemed resigned to continuing to work at the gym for another year. He warned Ryder, who was now dating Raffy, to remember she was younger than him and witnessed Justin’s upset about his relationship with Willow ending.

He was somewhat amused at how seriously Ryder took his warning, despite it annoying Raffy, and volunteered at a charity marathon where he ended up treating Ziggy for heat stroke. He tried and failed to calm Raffy down when she suffered a seizure and began researching the use of medicinal cannabis. However, Tori rejected the idea outright. He took Tori to task on learning she had become pregnant by using a fertilised embryo without Robbo’s agreement, resulting in Robbo breaking up with Jasmine when she kept quiet about it. He was left running the gym with Willow when Robbo disappeared, getting the account details via Colby. He told Raffy about his cannabis idea but Justin and Tori refused to consider it. He was furious to find Raffy and Ryder with a joint, telling them it wasn’t the right sort of cannabis and making them promise not to do it again.

He was horrified to learn that Brody had been cheating on Ziggy with Simone and Justin had known, seeing it and Tori’s pregnancy as examples of someone doing the wrong thing and getting what they wanted. He proposed to Raffy that they do a science project extracting chlorophyll from leaves as cover for extracting cannabis oil for her and she agreed. He insisted on treating it like a proper medical trial, accurately recording all her statistics. Although he was unsympathetic when Brody was punched by Ziggy, he encouraged Raffy to accept Simone’s help, since it would provide cover when her marks started improving as a result of the trial. He was furious when Raffy admitted she had taken an extra dose before an exam and nearly got rid of the oil and ended the trial, but Ryder helped convince him to continue, with the oil safely locked away at all times.

He objected to Brody having Simone stay the night and trying to move her in and helped Jett with his rehab. Ironically, he found himself on the opposite side when Justin and Tori objected to Brody moving away with Simone, reminding them they were supposed to support him. He reapplied for an internship at Northern District Hospital, asking Maggie for a reference. He went to buy more cannabis when they were running short of oil only to be picked up by a police sting. He called Brody, who advised him to keep Raffy’s name out of it so he’d avoid being charged with supplying a minor. After being charged and bailed, he had to break the news to Justin and Tori. When Raffy fell ill, he saw it as evidence that the oil was working and wanted to use a medical necessity defence. When Raffy was subsequently hospitalised with a seizure, he made a full statement to the police and also went to the Coastal News, even though it meant missing his chance at an internship.

He helped carry Jett up to Salt for Raffy’s 16th birthday party then received news his sentencing was the following week. He learned a letter from a doctor confirming the benefits of CBD oil would help but Tori was reluctant. At the last minute, with him unable to find another witness, she agreed and he was discharged without a conviction. He then had to say goodbye to Brody when he moved away with Simone. When Raffy had another seizure over worries about Tori’s pregnancy with no news from the trial, Mason decided to get more cannabis for her but pulled out at the last minute simply because he was afraid of being caught. The point was rendered moot when Raffy was accepted into the trial.

He was frustrated when Robbo suddenly went away to see his parents and left him running the gym, meaning he had to miss meeting his friends in the city. He took it out on Tori until he learned there were still problems with the baby and admitted he wanted to work in medicine rather than at the gym. Tori helped him apply for internships. He advised Leah about Justin introducing his girlfriends to Ava.

He was offered an internship in Pilbara and, after talking it over with Roo, decided to accept it. He and Willow played a drunken prank on Robbo after his pre-wedding party by leaving a bucket full of shredded paper balanced on his office door. Soon after, the family was rocked again when Tori was taken into protective custody since a gang was after Robbo, and Mason had to restrain Justin from attacking Robbo. He helped get Jasmine out and about with a private session at the gym and learned the funding for Raffy’s CBD trial had been withdrawn. He tried to keep Raffy calm during her HSC trial and stop Justin making the oil himself, then worked with Marilyn to convince Raffy to stay in school while they tried to get her on another trial.

He helped out when Raffy nearly drowned, in the process meeting the temporary ED head Alex Neilson. He was selected to help restrain Robbo while he had a hypnotherapy session and was left impressed with Alex. He and Alex ended up having a drink together where he tried to chat her up only for her to reveal she was gay. He encouraged Raffy to be friends with Ryder after their break-up before saying goodbye to her when she moved to Victoria for a new medical trial. He was one of the first to learn Alex had kissed Willow. Alex got him an internship at Northern Districts, meaning he could stay in the Bay. He was initially too eager to try and impress her but began to settle down.

When Tori was left in a coma by a stroke mere hours after giving birth, Mason went with Justin to the city hospital to see her, but quickly returned to look after Ava (who had been staying with Justin), sending Leah to join Justin. As per Justin’s instructions, he initially kept Ava in the dark about how serious things were until Irene convinced him she already knew something was going on, at which point he called Justin and convinced him to tell her. When Robbo brought Grace back to Summer Bay, Mason took Ava to see her against Justin’s wishes and tried to convince Justin Robbo was doing a good job looking after her, managing to stop him getting lawyers involved. He was left on his own for a time when Justin took Ava to see Brody and Raff and was the one who pointed out Bella couldn’t live with Grace without being properly immunised. He realised Willow and Alex were together but when he tried to talk to Alex about it, she admonished him for gossiping. She later apologised and he explained he was being supportive.

He found himself frustrated at Justin’s refusal to attend meetings about Tori’s care; since Justin had been named next of kin, Mason was unable to make decisions. With Leah keeping him away from Justin and him having to ask Robbo for help, Mason was prepared to go to the meeting on his own but Justin showed up at the last minute. Although he shared Justin’s anger at Robbo planning to move away with Grace, he was similarly frustrated that Justin refused to have Tori transferred to a specialised unit for long-term care. Alex suggested an alternative, moving Tori to Northern Districts and trying to bring her round, and Mason put it to Justin. He helped oversee the transfer but worried he had raised hopes when Tori initially failed to respond, only to be delighted when she woke up. After seeing Tori safe home with Grace, he was on duty at the hospital when a group of gunmen invaded the emergency department and took everyone hostage. Mason consulted with Ari Parata, another hostage, about getting people to safety through badly guarded exits. When Alex agreed to the plan, Mason insisted on being the one to cause a diversion, leading some of the others in berating the gunmen for not letting them help a critically ill Bella. This succeeded in letting Ari get some of the hostages to safety but Mason was shot and killed.

With siblings Brody and Raffy living in Victoria, the decision was made to hold Mason’s funeral halfway between there and Summer Bay. This occured off-screen with John, Marilyn, Willow and Alex joining Tori and Justin for the gathering.

Tori, Justin and Leah later visited the burial site of the Morgan parents, Koby and Kate Lee, and interred Mason’s ashes between the two graves.