UK Home and Away Spoilers for this week – 15th to 19th January

In Home and Away’s second week back, Maggie and Ben renew their vows, Coco is left hurt by Ryder, Olivia gets a lucky break as a major fashion label offers to stock her products, Robbo learns the truth about his past, and Ash struggles to cope with the news that Mick is filing for custody of Luc.

We explore all the spoilers for the week ahead.

Kat decides to keep the baby, but could her happiness be short lived?

Kat makes the decision to keep her and Robbo’s baby, and is overjoyed when Robbo is just as happy with the decision as she is.

But their happiness could be short lived, as it’s revealed the police have tracked down Novak’s whereabouts. After Novak somehow escapes from the clutches of the throngs of police surrounding the house, Robbo decides to take matters into his own hands. Breaking into the crime scene, he discovers Novak’s car. Turning it on, the Sat Nav shows Novak’s previous destination, which leads Robbo straight to where Novak is hiding.

jake ryan

More than happy to chat, Novak reveals that Robbo (sorry, Becket Reid) wasn’t getting on the ill-faited boat for a holiday, but that he was on his way to take out Kat! “I think it’s time you get on with the job”, he tells him.

With Robbo now knowing the truth about his history, how will he react?

Olivia gets her lucky break

After discovering that major fashion brand The Find were stealing her designs, Olivia confronted them, and was taken back when they offered to begin selling her designs officially.

However, Olivia is nervous after Hunter notices a bunch of dubious terms in the new contract, meaning she’ll receive far less than she currently does. However, she quickly forgets her worries when Axel invites her to visit The Find’s HQ in Melbourne, all expenses paid, and get the opportunity to be shown off to the bosses. Is she about to be ripped off?

Ash struggles to cope with Mick’s news

Mick has no intention of giving up, and will do all he can to ensure he can be a part of Luc’s life.

He’s meant to be on a flight to WA, leaving Luc behind and starting a new life working in the mines, but the night before he’s due to leave, he he sneaks into Irene’s place and hides under the bed.

Irene eventually returns with Luc, leaving her in her cot, and giving Mick the perfect opportunity to take a DNA swab. A few hours later, VJ receives a call from a paternity clinic, requesting a sample of his own DNA – and everything clicks into place: Mick is planning to prove his paternity of Luc then apply for custody himself!

Irene and Ash do all they can to convince Mick to leave, but he confirms to them all – he can’t let Ash look after his kid any longer; he’s going to go for custody, prove he’s Luc’s father, and he’s going to win!

Running out of options, Ash breaks down – he’s going to lose Luc forever, and it’s all his fault for kidnapping Mick and leaving him out in the bush.

Ash is distraught after learning Mick is filing for custody of Luc.

Tori tries to comfort a distraught Ash

Eventually, he makes a decision to save his niece forever – he’s going to take her out of the country and start a new life! Will Tory go with him?

Ash and Tori declare their love for one another.

Tori tells Justin about Ash’s plan to leave town with Luc

Maggie and Ben renew their vows

After Coco reveals the true extent of the Astoni family’s problems to Diana, she’s decided to stick around in Summer Bay, and it’s fair to say she and Ben remain at loggerheads at the start of the week.

When Diana disrupts Ben and Maggie’s 20th anniversary plans by buying Maggie the same platinum earrings that Ben has bought, things come to a head. Ben has to cancel his original plan and organises a last-minute candle-lit dinner for the pair, but those plans are scuppered as well when Diana organises a family anniversary dinner.

When Diana tells him to “cancel whatever last minute thing” he has planned and accuses him of being selfish, Ben snaps, telling her she’s being an old controlling witch.

Ben and Maggie fight over how Ben spoke to her mother.

Maggie pleads with Ben to find middle ground with her mother.

After Maggie confronts her husband on the beach and pleads with him to find middle ground, Ben goes cap in hand to Diana, telling her he was out of line.

Finally getting their grievances out in the open after two decades of bickering, they agree on the fact that they both love Maggie and just want what’s best for her. Ben asks for her help with a romantic surprise he’s got lined up – a vow renewal, and the perfect beach wedding they’d originally wanted 20 years ago!

Ziggy and Coco wait for Maggie to arrive at the ceremony.

Ben watches as Maggie walks down the aisle to the ceremony.

Maggie and Ben renew their wedding vows.

Justin tries to get Mason back to normal

Mason is still moping around the house, struggling to come to terms with Beth’s death and the fact he’s turned his back on medicine.

To try and get him out of his slump, Justin offers him a job at the garage – understandably, Mason’s not too keen, much more at home working on the human body than car bodywork.

Justin tells Mason he needs to stop moping, and that he’s coming with him to the garage tomorrow.

Mason complains that he wont do Justin any good at the garage tomorrow.

He eventually agrees, and Justin gets him working on a classic car that’s just been dropped off. Should be simple enough – he just needs to figure out where the rattle is coming from – but when Justin ducks out, Mason can’t remember a thing he’s just learnt!

Ziggy agrees to give him a hand, jumping at the opportunity to get her hands dirty, but as she quickly reverses it into a pile of tools, the back bumper comes loose and they discover a stash of money and a gun hiding underneath!

After Mason convinces Ziggy that keeping the clearly dirty money for themselves would be a stupid idea, they stash it all back under the car – agreeing that angering a bunch of gun-wielding crims may not be their smartest move.

A couple of hours later and the owner comes back – a sweet little old lady. She drives away, with Ziggy and Mason ready to forget that anything ever happened, until the money once again falls out from underneath the car, leaving Justin demanding his apprentices explain exactly what’s just happened!

With Justin up to speed, he calls the police, but do they now have a bigger problem? The police have the money, so what’s going to happen when the owner comes back looking for it?

Coco’s left hurt after third-wheeling Raffy and Ryder

Just as Coco is beginning to get her bulimia under control, she hits a stumbling block this week, as she’s torn between her feelings for Ryder and her friendship with Raffy.

Ryder’s odd charm continues to work its magic on both Raffy and Coco, and this week he gatecrashes a movie night with the two of them at the Morgan house. While the three are constantly interrupted by Justin and Brody, who hang around to make sure everything stays above board, the threesome still get cosy on the sofa, with both girls competing for Ryder’s attention.

Ryder has both Raffy and Coco falling for his charm.

Later, Raffy confides in Coco that she likes Ryder, and Coco gives her her blessing, telling her that she’s personally got no interest in Alf’s long lost grandson.

With nothing standing in her way, Raffy cuddles up to him, leaving Coco third-wheeling on the other end of the sofa.  However, it’s clear that she’s hiding her true feelings – will she let her emotions get the better of her and fall back to her old ways?

Coco’s left feeling like a third wheel while Raffy and Ryder cuddle up on the sofa.

Coco hides her true feelings and tells Raffy that she’s got no interest in Ryder.

All this and more, coming up this week. Home and Away airs every night at 6pm on Channel 5.

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