Tori Morgan

Penny McNamee

Dr Victoria Morgan (2016-2021)
Penny McNamee
Episodes: 64167662

Birth Name: Tessa Lee
Date of Birth: 5th May 1986

Parents: Koby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Brody & Mason (deceased) Morgan; Raffy Morrison (half)
Marital Status: Christian Green (2021-present)
 Grace Morgan

Occupation: Doctor

A new doctor at the Northern Districts Hospital, Tori was first seen at the hospital fundraiser at the caravan park. She helped out when the event was rocked by an explosion, pronouncing Oscar dead at the scene, reporting that Ricky had had a hysterectomy and, with Nate, failing to revive Hannah. She convinced Maddy she needed an amputation when the blood supply to her arm was cut off and reported that she had an MRSA infection when she disappeared from the hospital. She began looking for a four bedroom house for herself and her brothers and applied for Head of Emergency Medicine as Nate had done, although she and Nate bonded when helping an expectant mother, Andrea Newman, through a difficult birth. She was interviewed for the post, where they brought up the fact she had moved around a lot but gave her the promotion. Her first decision was to okay Chris’ proposal for the emergency department to be named after Hannah.

She tried to help Ricky and Nate with their marriage troubles and looked after Billie when she had severe morning sickness. She was shocked when she had to treat a middle-aged couple shot during a robbery and threw up outside the treatment room, confiding in Nate that they reminded her of her parents, who had died seven years previous. She held drinks at Angelo’s to celebrate her promotion but became awkward when one of the doctors asked her about her previous posting, taking Nate home when he got drunk. She was able to introduce her brothers, Justin, Brody and Mason, to Alf and Ash when they arrived in town and got into a confrontation, then took them to their new home, with all of them wondering how long they’d stay there. She encouraged Justin and Brody to get jobs and convinced Alf to give Justin a trial on the Blaxland. She learned the nurses blamed her for Nate’s marriage break-up, thinking something had happened between them on the night she took him home, but Nate made a speech defending her.

She turned down Nate’s offer of coffee but, after they’d resuscitated Alf together when he suffered a heart attack and stroke, she went round his with a bottle of wine and briefly fell asleep on the sofa. Justin warned her not to get too close to Nate, and when he tried to discuss his feelings about being separated from Casey with her she shut down the conversation, saying they weren’t friends. However, after a chat with Brody about settling in Summer Bay and learning he had bought Angelo’s she repaired their friendship. When Mason joined the hospital as a medical student, she assigned him Nate as a supervisor and asked Nate to go easy on him. When he instead came down hard, Tori accused him of taking his issues out on him while Nate accused her of giving Mason preferential treatment. She was suspicious when she learned Nate had seen Mason with a girl and correctly guessed that it was Lara Adams, his old girlfriend. Mason admitted that Lara knew they were in witness protection, after their parents were murdered by a drug syndicate, but when Tori contacted their handler, Decker, they were told there was no evidence they had been discovered and to stay in town.

She had a minor clash with a nurse, Gretchen, who fancied Nate, before Justin warned her to keep her distance from him. She saved Nate’s life when he was injected with ketamine by Spike Lowe, who later attacked Tori and Justin at their house, wanting a book which they knew nothing about. After fighting him off, the family were sent to a temporary safehouse with Tori convincing Brody to go with them. As the family were about to be relocated to Perth, they were taken prisoner by Spike’s employer Blaine Varden, who revealed not only that he had killed their parents but that Justin had known about their father’s dealings and Blaine had been trying to kill him not their mother. Tori managed to text Decker and Blaine was arrested. Angry that Justin had lied to them for years, she threw him out of the house when they returned to Summer Bay. She spent the day on the beach with Nate, but when she learned he’d been seeing Danika Kulevski she told him to go for it. Soon after, she ran into Duncan Stewart, newly returned to town, and insisted she was over Nate. She fell out with Justin again when it appeared he’d been hoarding money after he invested in the garage and told Kat she had no idea where he’d got it from; Justin admitted to her that the money wasn’t his.

When Tori learned that Nate had merely been having casual sex with Danika and Kat revealed that he had cheated on both her and his first wife Sophie, Tori felt even more unimpressed and arranged dinner with Duncan instead. She was also unimpressed when Nate turned up on her doorstep drunk and declared his feelings. She turned him away when he turned up sober and went back to Duncan. She was planning to ignore her birthday, especially since it wasn’t her real birthday, but agreed with Duncan’s suggestion of doing something together, which turned out to be a plane trip to a vineyard. Phoebe convinced her to invite Justin but he refused to talk to her when she approached him. As a result, she ignored him when he tried to call her before they took off. The plane subsequently crashed, and with Brody missing Tori set out with Nate and Duncan to look for him. She insisted on carrying on with the search even as their supplies ran out. They met up with Justin before finding Brody had fallen off a cliff. She and Nate gave him emergency treatment before getting him to hospital.

Justin told her the plane crash had been caused by Spike and she was uncomfortable to witness Duncan blaming himself. Justin encouraged her to risk starting a relationship but she was reluctant since she’d never be able to be honest. Despite this, she surprised Duncan with a bottle of wine and took him for a romantic picnic where they kissed. However, she was thrown by the arrival of his ex-wife Caroline with his son Bryce. She saw Nate meeting a woman and assumed he was on a date but in fact he was applying for a job at Careflight. She recognised Decker when he was brought into hospital after being run off the road and informed Justin and Brody. She then had Caroline warn her off Duncan. After an uncomfortable day together on the beach, she decided to keep her distance from him. Mason mentioned seeing Caroline at the hospital but Tori found her file was mostly empty; Nate explained she’d wanted things to remain confidential. She found Bryce when he went missing after Caroline fell asleep looking after him and examined Caroline, who claimed to have had an allergic reaction to antihistamines. She worked out that Caroline had Huntingdon’s.

She supervised a failed attempt to get Decker off life support and tried to dissuade Justin from going to the Feds for help, She was then with Decker when he came round and alerted Justin and Brody before Hope. When Brody told her that Decker had confirmed his theory that Raffy was his and Kate’s daughter, Tori helped him check hospital records which confirmed a Kate Lee had given birth to a baby girl at the right time. She was pleased to spend time with Raffy but had to explain when she found the DNA results showing she was related to them. When Caroline left town, she agreed to lunch with Duncan. She was paired with Nate in a charity volleyball tournament and learned he had applied for a full-time job with Careflight, wondering if it was because of her. She admitted to Marilyn that she’d only chosen Duncan because she was worried Nate would hurt her. Duncan wanted to sleep with her but Tori was reluctant, telling Marilyn that her last boyfriend, Riley Hawkins, cheated on her shortly before her parents died. She offered to go to a motel room with Duncan but kept putting things off until they were finally interrupted by a call from Alf. Duncan had to go to Hawaii to look after Bryce and asked Tori to go with him but instead she decided to put the relationship on hold until he got back.

Tori was preparing to go to a conference in Bali when she learned Riley was also attending. Since he’d recognised her as Tessa Lee, she decided to go under her old name. Justin suspected she merely wanted to have it out with Riley and Tori agreed to pull out of the conference. When she learned Mason had reported Nate’s shoulder injury to Careflight so he’d be free to take her place and Nate was looking for the culprit, she told him it was her. She resigned as head of emergency medicine, feeling the post was drawing too much attention. When Nate returned from the conference, she went to see him but they were interrupted by Bianca Scott as they were about to kiss, although he assured her she wasn’t another ex. Alf gave her a letter from Duncan, containing a plane ticket to Hawaii, but she admitted to Justin and Brody that she wasn’t tempted. She arranged a date with Nate only to get a call from Justin saying that Raffy, who had just found out about their mother’s murder, had run away. However, before she could go and look she got stuck in a lift with Nate, where they ended up having sex. After Raffy turned up, Tori went to see Nate and they established they were both interested in a relationship. They tried to keep it secret at work but their co-workers soon worked it out, especially when they sneaked into the office for a kiss.

Like the rest of the family, she found herself having to conduct an investigation when Decker was killed, since they couldn’t trust the police. She was unable to talk to Nate about what was going on and hid out with the rest of the family at the farmhouse. She was left to reflect on how much they’d lost even after the syndicate were arrested. When the trial ended, Tori arranged to meet Nate but kept putting it off, helping Raffy write Decker’s eulogy instead, until Nate turned up on her doorstep with a newspaper story about the incident. She explained most things to him but was unable to tell him about Mason reporting him to Careflight. Realising she was hiding something, he broke up with her. She decided to go to a conference in Hobart after convincing Nina to give Justin a chance to be a father to Ava. However, as she was driving to the airport Carl Lacey blocked her road, causing her to brake and be knocked unconscious. She ran off and hid in the bush but Carl surprised her when she went back to her car and convinced her to come with him by claiming they had Justin. She then learned that Ranae was behind everything, having called in favours to get herself out of house arrest. She saw Justin stabbed when he came to rescue her.

She managed to get Justin safely to hospital where she was shocked to find that the on call surgeon was her ex, Riley Hawkins. She expressed sympathy for Ranae after she told them the Morgans’ father had blamed her father for his involvement in the syndicate, resulting in him dying in prison. She tried to hide Riley’s presence in town from Justin then found a message Nate had left for her when she was kidnapped suggesting they make another go of things. However, she was unable to tell Riley she didn’t still have feelings for him. She told Nate she’d chosen him but he refused to be with someone who couldn’t make up their mind. She then found Justin collapsed. Riley told her Nate had had a bet with him over her and when she asked Nate if it was true, it increased the rift between them.

She agreed to a date with Riley and with help from Brody and fashion advice from Phoebe, Evelyn and Raffy, she went on a picnic with him. Despite Brody suspecting he had been chatting up Evelyn, Tori got back with Riley who asked her to move back to the city with him. She considered it but he suddenly changed his mind and decided they should remain in Summer Bay. Tori was reinstated as head of emergency and quickly had to investigate claims that Nate had been negligent in treating Billie for smoke inhalation. She soon realised that the report contained erroneous information, clearing Nate, and realised Riley had tried to get him sacked out of jealousy. She and Justin saw Riley out of town, with her reminding him for the last time that she was now Tori, not Tessa.

She agreed to Phoebe moving in after she consoled her over the break-up. She went for a bike ride with Nate who let slip that he loved her. She responded by running home, after which Nate claimed he didn’t mean it, but Justin and Phoebe got them talking and they reconciled. She was scared when Irene told her Nate would want children soon but told him she’d want them one day…only for him to say he’d never want them. She suggested it was a deal-breaker so he said he might be open to it one day. While she was helping Phoebe plan her engagement party, Nate told her he never wanted to get married again but later apologised. Bernice Chung told her they needed to lose a doctor and when Tori was unable to choose, Bernice chose Nate. After trying to avoid him at the party, she eventually admitted the truth. Nate was angry that Tori hadn’t defended him so she convinced Bernice to make Anna Griffin redundant instead on the grounds she was only part-time. However, when Anna accused Tori of being prejudiced by her relationship with Nate, Nate resigned.

When she saw Luc with Ash, she realised she had been dehydrated by a bug and took her to hospital for treatment. Justin told her Brody had taken cocaine and she went along with his plan to deprive Brody of money for drugs. She found Nate had returned to town from a road trip without telling her. When Brody was brought into hospital after being beaten up, she insisted on doing a cocaine test which came back clear. He explained he owed his dealer money so Tori gave him money to clear his debt, unknowingly also giving him money to buy more drugs. She tried to convince Nate to stay in medicine but he told her she’d made it impossible. She looked after niece Ava when she was run over and injured her arm. Justin pointed out to her that she always put Nate last and she made up with him. She and Raffy arranged for Brian to bring Ava to Justin and Phoebe’s farewell, which contributed to Justin deciding to stay after all.

When Kat revealed Brody had vandalised a pawn shop after trying to sell Raffy’s necklace, Tori re-did the blood tests and learned Brody was on ice, resulting in Justin throwing him out of the house. She tried and failed to talk Brody into coming home, after which she agreed to him staying with Scarlett Snow. She and Nate came to Roo’s rescue when she collapsed with a ruptured ectopic. Afterwards, she tried to get Nate to apply to be a doctor again but he told her to drop it. She tried to mediate an argument between Justin and Mason, although it was the realisation that they’d forgotten Raffy’s birthday which brought them together.

She was upset to learn Nate had turned down a job with Careflight in Sydney without talking to her and invited Scarlett to a family meal at Salt to thank her, which turned into an interrogation. Nate turned up at the house wanting a serious talk but she collapsed from high potassium levels, unaware the family’s water had been laced with potassium chloride by Will Zannis. She suggested to Nate that he take the job and they try long distance but he felt they should break up instead. She claimed she was fine with it but when she got dragged along to his farewell dinner she ended up getting drunk, aiming bitter barbs at him and throwing her drink over him. They exchange apologies the next morning before she left town.

When Brody went missing after robbing Scarlett, she began to wonder if they were incapable of leading normal lives. She was summoned back to the hospital when Luc fell ill and diagnosed her with a bowel torsion which had caused ischaemia. With no surgeon available, Tori had to operate herself, having once worked as a paediatrician. Kat confided in her that she was worried she didn’t have any maternal feelings for Luc. She gave Scarlett $10,000 to replace the money Brody had stolen and went along with having Brody stay with them while out on bail. With Ash glued to Luc’s bedside, Tori took him swimming to take his mind off it. However, this resulted in her realising she was attracted to him. Both Ash and Kat confided in her that their relationship seemed to be coming to an end. She was frustrated when Brody was more interested in meeting Ziggy than his Narcotics Anonymous meeting, convincing him to go back. She then found out that Brody was hallucinating again.

Ash ended up confiding in her again when he and Kat broke up, prompting Justin to realise she had a crush on him. She ended up spending an afternoon with Ash and Luc during which they shared a moment. She confided in Leah and Justin but Ash told her he’d never make a move on her and she found herself babysitting Luc when he went on a date with Kat. Kat deduced that she had a crush on Ash and when she tried to deny it Ash realised it was true. She tried to convince him she was over it but Kat told her to stay away from him.

Brody told her about Zannis’ role in her being hospitalised and that he was now threatening the family. When Brody and Mason were in a car accident that left Mason on life support after Brody used drugs again and grabbed the wheel, Tori refused to believe his claims that Zannis had been following them. Since Salt had been losing money during Brody’s issues, she suggested selling it to pay for his rehab. However, she began to realise Brody could be right when Kat told her Zannis didn’t have an alibi. She shared dinner with Ash and ended up spending the night on his sofa after falling asleep. She was furious to learn Zannis had skipped bail but Ash, who tracked Zannis down and got a beating for his troubles, assured her he had left town. However, he told her they couldn’t spend time together, although he hoped that would change soon.

She was thrown when Ash and Kat promptly split up and Justin pushed her to spend time with Ash. She was mortified when he turned up at the house as she was coming out of the shower and saw her naked. He told her he liked her but she said she just wanted to be friends. In an attempt to prove she was over him, she arranged a date with river policeman Colin O’Sullivan only for Ash to warn him off. She was puzzled when Mason said he’d met a nurse named Beth Ellis, since she knew there was no such nurse, and concerned when she turned out to be a terminal heart patient, who Tori had to treat when she suffered arrhythmia during a date. She arranged another date with Colin but when she went to Salt she found Ash there on a play date with Liz, a single mother. Justin put a stop to both dates and Ash kissed Tori but she ran away. However, after confiding in Leah, she met up with him and they got together.

She examined Coco when she was brought into hospital after fainting and discovered a low electrolyte level then looked after Beth again when she collapsed on the pier and admitted her need for a new heart was now urgent. She had her first date with Ash, which went well despite being interrupted by John and by Leah asking her to speak to Coco who was bulimic, but they didn’t seem to know how to end it and parted company awkwardly. She complained to Leah about the fact they hadn’t slept together but they made up for it the following afternoon. She immediately got dragged into the re-emergence of Mick Jennings, having to stop Ash attacking him at the psychiatric clinic. After helping Ash look after Luc, who called her Mama, she admitted she wanted children sooner rather than later. She failed to save Beth when she went into cardiac arrest and represented the family at her funeral.

She was concerned when Mick was brought into hospital with a shoulder injury, an indirect result of Ash dumping him out in the bush in the dark, and told Ash they should take a break. However, she rushed to support him when she found out Mick was seeking custody, only to find him planning to run off with Luc. She convinced him to stay for now while accepting he would run if it looked like Mick would get custody. When things began to go badly and Ash told everyone he was leaving, Tori planned to go with him and Luc, meaning she had to break the news to her family. However, on the morning they were due to leave, Tori did a scan on a pregnant Kat and realised she was further along than she had thought, making Ash the father. She forced Kat to tell Ash, resulting in him electing to stay and let VJ take Luc instead. She told Ash she wasn’t sure if she could watch him raise a child with Kat but he assured her he wasn’t getting back with her. She still felt it was all they talked about so they tried to have a day of just them, although they were frequently interrupted by Justin, Willow, Mason, Hunter and Olivia. She mistrusted Willow, who had kidnapped Buddy in an attempt to extort money from Justin, but tried to be civil with her.

She was frustrated when Ash started investigating Robbo on hearing the police had searched his and Kat’s flat and told him she wouldn’t stop him but wanted no part in it. She also offered to arrange a sleep therapist for Ryder. She became increasingly fed up about Ash and Kat working together, especially when she went to Ash’s house and found Tori coming out of his room. When Ash refused to confide in her, she broke up with him. When she learned Brody had been turned down for a loan to buy back Salt, she convinced Justin and Mason to loan him the money from the original sale.

She was called to the Diner flat when Kat supposedly had stomach pains but quickly learned she was actually being held hostage by Robbo. Tori knocked him down so Kat could escape but he kidnapped her instead and drove off with her. He told her his real name was Beckett Reid and he had been sent to kill Kat but he wasn’t that person anymore, releasing her with the address he was heading for and telling her to give it to Kat. Instead, Tori kept it to herself while reuniting with Ash and also hid it from the police after overhearing DI Shepherd saying he was hoping Robbo would be killed resisting arrest, feeling Robbo was scared. After Robbo had turned himself in, Kat demanded the address off her, which resulted in her being in a car crash after trying to escape there with Robbo. Tori was at the hospital when she was brought in and had to tell Ash that Kat and the baby had died.

Tori broke the news of Kat’s death to Robbo when he rang the hospital and kept the information on the cabin, where he was hiding, from both Ash and the police. After Ash and Justin had got hold of the address anyway but failed to catch Robbo, Ash was angry with her for keeping it from him. When she found Robbo hiding in the family’s outhouse, she hid him from Ash and treated his wounds. She convinced Justin not to call the police, since she felt if he was taken to hospital Ash would kill him and ruin his life. When Robbo started deteriorating, she planned to steal drugs to treat him. She looked after Maggie when she was brought in after collapsing on the beach and visited her at home to tell her she had cancer.

She found out Justin had been in a car accident while trying to help Robbo and that Robbo had gone into a catatonic state after finding a photo of himself with a family. Willow had taken him to the motel and Tori went there to help, trying to jog his memory. She continued to hide him from Ash and Dean at the house but he remembered that he had found his family dead. Soon after, Robbo was arrested and Tori had to face up to an angry Ash. He broke up with her, saying it was clear they no longer trusted each other, so she went away for a while.

Upon returning, she found Robbo was still in custody at the police station and there was no psychiatric facility at the remand centre he was to be sent to. Despite warnings that she was jeopardising Brody’s parole and Justin’s chances of seeing Ava, she insisted on trying to help him and asked Colby to look into his memories of being Ryan Shaw, but although Colby found a record of the murdered family there was no mention of the father. She began pestering McCarthy with case studies “proving” Robbo needed psychiatric care and got her old mentor, Professor Juliet Pickford, to vouch for him. She promptly had to defend him to the community when they objected to him being released on bail as well as making Ash feel even more betrayed and further frustrating Justin and Brody for her lack of concern for them. She was unmoved when Ash successfully goaded Robbo into attacking him in front of her. Despite Ash and Justin’s objections, she arranged counselling for Robbo and took him to Kat’s grave.

Justin tried to convince her to see Ash and she arrived at the garage to find him trapped under a car, supervising Justin and the ambulance crews in removing him safely. She continued to stress when he was brought into hospital, snapping at Jasmine. After he recovered, they reflected on what might have been. Soon after, however, Tori helped prep Robbo’s defence lawyer Kurt Adams, who wanted her to get Ash to testify for them. She refused to do so, but when Ash was subpoenaed anyway he felt Tori had been manipulating him. She supported Robbo during the trial, even when Ava went missing, only to be shocked when federal police took Robbo into custody before a verdict could be reached. Colby informed her and Ash his whereabouts were top secret and she resigned herself to never knowing what had happened to him.

She disagreed with Justin deciding to pay the ransom for Ava but decided to support him and helped get money together. When Boyd Easton, one of the kidnappers, was shot by the police, Tori tried and failed to save him. She was initially pleased to see Robbo back in town and learn he was actually an undercover cop, but upset to discover Ash had left town on finding out. She blamed Robbo but later softened towards him, although she also told him she needed to keep her distance. She examined Ebony for suspected whiplash and had to inform Maggie and her family that a stem cell transplant hadn’t worked. Tori attempted to take Willow to task for breaking up with Justin and learned she’d done it because Nina refused to let him see Ava otherwise.

Ash then returned and she overheard him telling Justin he regretted messing things up with her, after which they kissed. Suspicious of Ebony, she felt the need to get involved on seeing her with Robbo, upsetting Ash who she was on a date with. She then jumped to conclusions that Ash had attacked Robbo on hearing they were on the beach together and was forced to admit she didn’t trust him. They continued to give their relationship a try anyway, while she let slip Willow’s reason for breaking up with him to Justin. However, during Brody and Ziggy’s wedding preparations, she raised the subject that she was ready to have a family in the near future. Ash admitted he couldn’t commit to her so she broke up with him for good. When he told her he was leaving, she initially refused to accept it was happening, and although Justin tricked her into turning up for his farewell drinks, she refused to say a proper goodbye. However, Justin and Mason convinced her she’d regret leaving it like that so she flagged down his car as he left and they said a fond farewell.

She treated Colby when he was brought in after being injected with muscle relaxant and gave Brody a honeymoon as a wedding present. She looked after Maggie after she collapsed at the wedding reception and had to break the news that her cancer markers were up. She advised against Maggie going on a medical trial when there were no guarantees. She rushed to help Robbo again when he was accused of murdering Hazel Easton, Boyd’s mother. With it now clear Ebony was Hazel’s daughter, Tori, with help from Jasmine and Mason, found evidence that she had been abused by Hazel and was responsible for the attack on Colby, handing it over to McCarthy. She got Robbo bail by promising he could stay with them and would be constantly supervised, as well as providing a surety. She almost immediately found Robbo breaking his conditions by visiting the hospital and he decided to turn himself in rather than risk the bail money.

Tori spoke to Willow at Justin’s request when he found out about her gambling addiction. A reminder of Ash brought up her desire to have a family again; she tried to distract herself by joining a boxing class but accidentally hit Mason when he was distracted by Jasmine. She then suspected she was pregnant and took a test. When it came back negative, she admitted to Leah she was worried she’d never have a family and decided to have a baby on her own, arranging to see a fertility specialist. She learned she had a low ovarian count and needed to start IVF straightaway. She called a family meal to tell her family, where Mason took some of the shine off by announcing his one-night stand Dempsey was pregnant. She was disappointed to learn there was a six month wait for a donor and contemplated looking for one online. Leah suggested asking someone she knew instead. She looked after Dempsey after a miscarriage scare but ended up having to comfort Mason when she decided to have an abortion and encouraged him not to become bitter.

She began looking on Robbo as a potential donor and arranged to meet him for dinner. The attempt was derailed by Robbo thinking it was a date and Jasmine interrupting them but Tori went to his flat the next day and asked him. Robbo’s initial response was to turn her down flat, feeling he couldn’t be a dad again after the loss of his family, but after she explained she felt he had all the qualities she’d want in a child he agreed to think about it. He eventually told her he would only agree if he could be a father to the child, which after some thought she agreed to. They went away together to a clinic in the city but Robbo refused to go along with counselling and Tori was left feeling he wasn’t ready to be a father and was trying to replace his family, calling the arrangement off. However, she changed her mind when he told her he believed it was important to be a dad.

She began to have misgivings when she learned Jasmine had feelings for Robbo and convinced her to tell him about them. On seeing how upset Jasmine was at Robbo rejecting her, Tori convinced him he could see Jasmine and still go through with the IVF. She had to operate on Raffy when she suffered a bleed on her brain and reported that she had small brain damage and may have permanent seizures. After diagnosing Raffy with post-traumatic epilepsy, she began making plans to look after her. Robbo showed an interest in being there for the ultrasound part of her tests, which was brought forward after she was found to have low hormone levels, unknowingly causing Robbo to miss his first date with Jasmine. Tori learned her dosage would have to be increased and she and Robbo went in for the egg harvesting, where she later asked him to join her for the implantation. She helped Mason with his exam stress and, in the midst of dealing with Raffy attacking bully Abbi Simmonds on her first day back at school, she began experiencing cramps. However, it turned out to be implantation pains: She was pregnant.

She was shocked when Robbo promptly started setting up guard outside her house and breaking in when she didn’t answer her phone, since he was worried something was going to happen to her, and told him he needed to let go of his fear. She agreed to help Jasmine fit a holiday with Robbo round the baby arrangements but had a miscarriage, with her and Robbo left to comfort each other. She learned from the specialist that they could try again in a few weeks and when Robbo talked about moving on she initially thought he was ready to use the second embryo but Robbo told her he couldn’t go through it again. After asking Leah and Jasmine’s advice and realising Robbo wouldn’t change his mind, she told Justin she was going to go ahead with the implantation without Robbo knowing. Justin threatened to tell Robbo so, after failing to tell Robbo or to convince Jasmine to plead her case, she said she’d drop the idea. Instead, she went to the hospital and went ahead. She tried to help Mason out when he missed out on an internship, while Justin realised what she’d done. He and Leah advised her to tell Robbo but she backed out when he asked her advice on picking out an engagement ring for Jasmine. She and Justin cleared the air somewhat after his break-up with Willow. Although her home pregnancy test was negative, after a visit to the clinic she found she was pregnant.

On learning Robbo and Jasmine were engaged, she decided to wait until after the twelve week scan before telling them, instead confiding in Leah and Justin. Jasmine found out after accessing her medical records and Tori convinced her to keep quiet. However, after Leah and Justin staged an intervention, Tori told Robbo. He was furious with her, as was Jasmine, who slapped Tori after Robbo broke up with her for keeping it from him. She tried to get Robbo to accept Jasmine and the baby but he refused to have anything to do with any of them. When she offered Jasmine her help, Jasmine gave her her engagement ring and told her to return it to Robbo, although she ended up giving it to Colby instead. Robbo left town in anger and Mason told her he might not be coming back. She ended up in an argument with Irene and Jasmine at the Diner, which resulted in everyone present, including Raffy, learning what had happened. She admitted the truth to Brody and Ziggy who joined her and Justin in celebrating it. She rejected Mason’s suggestion of using medicinal cannabis to help Raffy’s epilepsy, telling an annoyed Raffy that their family had a bad history with drugs.

Tori and Jasmine made up after they worked together to get a patient a scan and Tori was kicked in the stomach by a drug addict they were treating, with Jasmine looking after her. She was furious about the news Brody had broken up with Ziggy to be with Simone, although Justin encouraged her to be supportive, and received an awkward reception from Maggie when she went to talk about epilepsy at a Purple Day at the school. She looked after Jett when he returned to Summer Bay after being injured in Afghanistan and had to break the news that he wouldn’t walk again.

With her twelve week scan due, she called Robbo and left him a message. Jasmine insisted on accompanying her but they were shocked when Robbo turned up. Tori tried to encourage him and Jasmine to make up only to end up helping Jasmine with a panic attack. Jasmine asked her to recommend a counsellor and she advised Robbo to see one as well. Like Justin, she strongly disapproved of Brody’s plan to move away with Simone but Mason convinced them to support him. She was slightly weirded out by Leah and Justin dating and horrified to learn Mason had been giving Raffy CBD oil and had been arrested for possession. When Raffy felt ill, Tori refused to consider that it was because she had stopped taking the oil, believing it was psychological, and told Leah to stay out of family business when she stuck up for Mason. However, when Raffy ended up in hospital with a seizure and she found herself alone in opposition, Tori agreed to put Mason’s findings to Raffy’s medical team and abide by their decision.

She learned Jasmine and Robbo were engaged again and arranged a weekend away for them, then helped Marilyn convince Raffy to attend her 16th birthday party. She was annoyed when Mason wrote an article to the paper in favour of medicinal cannabis and was reluctant to write a letter of support for his sentencing. Raffy convinced her to look at Mason’s research and she agreed to write the letter. Mason was discharged without a conviction at which point Brody announced he was leaving. The siblings shared a farewell meal together.

She helped Robbo and Jasmine sort out a wedding date and attended an ultrasound with them but was concerned when she was called back in. The scan showed she was expecting a girl but also that she had a weak cervix, meaning she could go into premature labour which the baby wouldn’t survive. After attending another scan and learning Jasmine was considering calling off the wedding if she couldn’t meet Robbo’s parents, she told Robbo nothing had changed and he should go. However, she admitted to Justin that things had got worse. She decided to take early maternity cover and have a suture put in, keeping it secret from Robbo while he was away. She helped Mason with his internship application and advised Justin over Leah meeting Ava.

Robbo was annoyed that she had again kept him in the dark and refused her offer to give the baby his surname, since he was worried of attracting the attention of the people that killed his family. He also declined her offer for him and Jasmine to move into the cottage. She became bored while confined to the house and was roped into writing out place names for Robbo and Jasmine’s wedding. She decided not to attend the wedding, ostensibly because she didn’t want anything to happen to the baby but mostly to avoid Robbo’s parents, since she was aware they didn’t approve of her deceiving him. However, immediately after the wedding, she was taken into protective custody by the federal police: The people who had murdered Robbo’s family had reappeared and it was feared that, since she was carrying his child, she would be a target. She ended up at a safe house with Robbo and Jasmine and stayed there on her own when the others returned to the Bay.

She was contacted by Justin seeking help for Raffy when her cannabis trial was cancelled. After several weeks with only the police for company, she was joined by Jasmine, who was on hand, along with a doctor called Mike, when she went into labour. Robbo arrived in time to join her as she gave birth and chose the name Grace from the three names she had short-listed. However, the next day Tori suffered a stroke and went into a coma. After being unconscious for six weeks, she was transferred to Northern Districts where she woke up. Initially she had a loss of movement and memory but quickly recovered and asked to see Grace. However, with Grace having grown while she was unconscious, she failed to recognise her and insisted she wasn’t her baby. She was finally convinced when Jasmine showed her a memory book she’d made full of photos of Grace’s development. She was horrified when she again found herself with a bodyguard after members of the gang resurfaced, although it meant Grace being left with her, and insisted on going home, discharging herself. She tried to settle Grace unaware of a hostage situation back at the hospital.

She was left devastated when the news arrived that Mason had been killed and she and Justin decided to go to Melbourne to tell Brody and Raffy. Before leaving, she took Grace to visit Robbo, who had been badly injured in a car crash on the same day. When she returned, she learned Robbo had died from his injuries and was furious to learn Justin had known for two days, ordering him out of the house. She finally met Robbo’s parents Ian and Wendy before the funeral and smoothed things over with Justin as they headed for Mason’s out of town service.

Although she wanted to return to work, she struggled with how to look after Grace with Robbo no longer around. Jasmine told her Robbo had set up a trust fund for Grace and she decided to use the money to pay Marilyn to look after Grace while she was at work. She still felt nervous about returning but received a boost when Jasmine decided to go back with her. She took receipt of Mason’s ashes and went with Justin and Leah to bury them alongside their parents. She was pleased when Jasmine told her she was pregnant and asked Justin and Leah to help her turn Mason’s old room into a nursery for Grace. She looked after Bella when she had self-harmed and told Colby she would have to be admitted for full-time psychiatric care. She agreed to accompany Jasmine to her first ultrasound and was able to explain to Wendy when the scan showed it was a phantom pregnancy. She treated Ben when he was brought in after having a reaction to mixing his anti-depressants with painkillers. When she returned home to Grace, she found Jasmine looking after her and had trouble getting Jasmine to leave, meaning she spent little time with Grace alone. The next day, Jasmine queried letting Marilyn look after Grace, since Tane Parata had spent the night at hers. Tori questioned Marilyn but was happy leaving Grace there when she found out Tane had gone. When she learned Jasmine had taken her off Marilyn, she sent Justin to get her back.

However, she felt guilty when Jasmine considered leaving town and asked her to stay. After initially insisting she’d do anything to protect Grace, Jasmine agreed and apologised for overstepping the mark. Tori let Jasmine look after Grace while she had a nap and dismissed Justin’s concerns, leaving Grace with Jasmine again when she was called into hospital. This turned out to be to treat John for a stroke. She panicked when Jasmine started giving a teething Grace a carrot to chew on, but later admitted it had worked. She tried to help John get on to solid foods and, when Justin pointed out he wouldn’t thrive indoors, gave up her day off with Grace to take him and Marilyn for a picnic. Jasmine asked her about using Grace in a photo campaign for the gym and Tori agreed they’d both take part. She went to help John when he fell out of his wheelchair only to have her car stolen with Grace inside. She was relieved when she found Grace left outside the house.

When she saw that Jasmine had posted photos of herself and Grace to advertise the gym as though they were mother and daughter, Tori finally accepted Jasmine was being inappropriate. She asked Colby to have the photos taken down and, on learning Jasmine had been stealing Grace’s things and posing as her mother online, told her to stay away from them. Despite this, Jasmine turned up at the house demanding to speak with her and had to be escorted away by the police, then spent the night bombarding her with texts. Tori took out an AVO then had her attempt to set up a mental health plan for Jasmine thrown back at her. When she learned Jasmine had gone to the Shaws’, she wanted to go after her but was convinced to leave it to Irene and Colby. She met with Jasmine on her return and tried to get her to get help but Jasmine was only interested in discussing seeing Grace again. She eventually agreed to supervised access in return for Jasmine seeing a counsellor. When she learned it would have been Robbo and Jasmine’s first wedding anniversary, she invited Jasmine to spend the day with her and Grace, where Jasmine confessed to keeping an album of photos of herself and Grace.

Tori found herself treating Justin when he not only suffered chemical burns after passing out at the garage but also admitted to having back spasms. She discovered he had a tumour on his spine and was unable to convince him to have surgery. After taking Jasmine to visit Robbo’s grave for the first time, she called Ava inviting her to come to Summer Bay. Although Justin and Leah were both furious, after a talking to from Ava, Justin agreed to meet with neurosurgeon Christian Green. Tori was slightly put off by Christian’s relaxed style but Justin agreed to the surgery. However, during the operation, it turned out the tumour was larger than thought and removing more of it could cause paralysis. Christian asked Tori for instruction as Justin’s next of kin and she told him to only take as much as was safe.

She misread the signals while thanking Christian and kissed him. After learning Justin had left Grace with Jasmine despite the AVO, she decided to withdraw it. She and Christian arranged to have a drink together but were interrupted by Dean and Ziggy needing help with Dean’s son Jai, who had an ear infection. Christian ended up kissing Tori in the lift to even things up. She tried to arrange a date with him but they got distracted looking after a car crash victim and then she found him having dinner with Jasmine. She was short with both of them, then ended up monologuing to Justin about the “hot doc” without realising Christian was present. They arranged to have dinner when he got back from the city.

Tori saw Justin at the hospital and tried to question Christian. Justin admitted his tumour had grown back and he was worried Tori would blame herself for stopping the operation. After a date with Christian, she went into a panic when she realised they never kissed and was left even more disconcerted when Christian suggest they spend the night together when he next return from the city. She tried to talk to Jasmine about it but learned Jasmine was having difficulty dealing with Christian being Grace’s father figure and agreed not to talk to her about it any more. She was thrown when Christian turned up a day earlier than she’d expected and responded by trying to have sex with him in her office. When she couldn’t go through with it, he told her they could take things slow and they sat up all night talking.

She was frustrated when Justin discharged himself from hospital immediately after collapsing, then had Christian over for dinner, intending to spend the night with him, only for him to fall asleep on her bed. They finally consummated the relationship next morning. Tori made several attempts to cook a cake for Grace’s first birthday party, eventually giving up and getting Christian to bring one. However, the party came to an abrupt halt when Justin lost the feeling in his legs and Tori discovered he was awaiting surgery. She advised waiting but Justin, Leah and Christian all wanted to push ahead and Tori was forced to admit they were right when Justin came through the surgery with no ill effects. She had waited until Justin got out of hospital before opening Grace’s presents and felt guilty when she learned Jasmine had bought Grace a bracelet identical to the one Tori had bought her. She insisted on apologising to Jasmine, causing her to argue with Christian who pointed out Jasmine said she was fine with it. She eventually accepted Jasmine actually was fine and apologised to Christian, who decided to move to Summer Bay, convincing Tori he wanted a life with her and Grace.

Tori helped Christian house hunt but none of the properties that agent Susie McAllister showed them were child friendly. Justin then invited Christian to move in without consulting anyone, as a result of which Christian proposed to Tori and she accepted. When Justin started acting secretive, she worried his tumour had returned and was furious when Christian took her to the surf club and revealed Justin and Leah had actually organised a secret engagement party. However, she enjoyed herself once she got into it, only to be called to the hospital when Lewis stopped Christian operating after he’d had a sip of champagne. With another surgeon lined up, she took Lewis’ side. Jasmine told her that Lewis’ wife had died after Christian had operated on her and told Lewis to come to her if he had a problem with Christian. Lewis instead blurted out his problem publicly, leaving Christian unhappy that Tori hadn’t told him. Leah and Justin made plans to move out to give them space but Tori found fault with the house they had chosen. Christian helped her realise she was just worried about them moving out and she withdrew her objections but they had their savings stolen by con artist Susie McAllister.

She and Christian began teaching Grace to walk so she could be flower girl at their wedding and she treated Mackenzie for an ectopic pregnancy and for a later infection. She continued to fail to change Lewis’ attitude towards Christian and clashed with Jasmine when she saw her as undermining Christian. However, when Christian punched Lewis for making a comment about him being drunk, Tori told Lewis she’d support him if he made a complaint. Jasmine told her she was getting concerned by Lewis’ attitude towards Christian and they realised both men were missing. They found Lewis had given Christian a lethal injection and Tori saved his life but rejected Jasmine’s offer of help. She was further outraged when Jasmine revealed Lewis had confessed to killing three of Christian’s patients, blaming her for not noticing anything. Christian played peacemaker between the pair and suggested he and Tori set a date for their wedding for a month’s time. However, Tori was unable to accept it when he revealed he remembered his resuscitation despite being clinically dead at the time. She was bothered by Christian’s insistence he had been saved for a purpose, by his showing an interest in Jasmine’s recent tarot experiences and especially by him going swimming naked, with him seeming more interested in ocean swimming than their wedding preparations. With them preparing to fly to Brody’s vineyard for the wedding, Tori was frustrated that Christian waited until the morning they travelled before going to pick up his suit. She then heard he was at the hospital, having stumbled upon injured skydiver Rachel Young and refused to leave her. He postponed their wedding to supervise the treatment and refused to set a new date, spending all his time with Rachel at the hospital.

It was only when Justin was brought into hospital after taking unlicensed pills he had bought online that Tori learned he had a painkiller addiction. Her attempt to lecture him saw him remove her as his doctor. She accepted an offer from Christian to keep an eye on him only for Christian to get distracted by Rachel, leading to Justin going missing for a time. She and Christian tried to talk things over but it resulted in him moving out. She learned he had taken Rachel on a trip to the beach and, when he refused to discuss a new wedding date, called the engagement off. When she learned Justin had been charged with assaulting Stephen Tennyson, she asked new police officer Cash Newman to keep him in custody overnight. Unable to cope with Justin’s behaviour, Leah wanted to move out, but Tori told Justin to move out instead. She treated the injured after the food truck explosion and comforted Christian when Rachel was run over and killed. She helped Justin go through withdrawals at home after he admitted he was an addict, and was grateful for help from Christian, accepting a dinner date from him.

She organised a meal to make things up between Leah, Justin and Ziggy. Although she excluded Christian, he came round afterwards and kissed her. They had dinner at Salt and spent the night together before he arranged a picnic for her. They went away on holiday together and she asked him to move back in but was stunned when he said no. He invited her for a meal on the pier but they were interrupted by a summons to hospital. She clashed with Doctor Logan Bennett when he took over the ED to do emergency surgery on Dean but at the end of the shift Christian proposed to her again in the lift and she accepted. She was not happy to learn Logan was an old friend of Christian and find herself having lunch with him. She had to look after Logan when he suffered a concussion and, after being irritated by his inability to sit still, was left impressed when he cooked breakfast and cleaned up the next morning.

She and Christian tried rearranging their wedding, since the vineyard was no longer available, and ended up drunk ordering several items. While they were planning their honeymoon, she was stunned when he suggested moving to London permanently. She initially refused pointblack, but after Logan challenged her to step out of her comfort zone, she agreed to look at jobs there and broke the news to Justin. She got down to the last three for a job, meaning having to do an interview, and ended up in a flustered state after getting the time difference wrong, not helped by Leah’s nephew Theo turning up injured during it. She still got the job but learned she had to start in two weeks. She decided she and Christian should get married before they went and a service was hastily arranged in the back garden, with Tori letting Jasmine spend time with Grace beforehand. Justin agreed to give her away and she and Christian married before they and Grace left town together.