Christian Green

Ditch Davey

Dr Christian Green (2020-present)
Ditch Davey
Episodes: 7411-present

Siblings: Unnamed sisters
Marital Status:
Unnamed wife (divorced)

Occupation: Neurosurgeon

Christian was first mentioned by Tori Morgan as one of the neurosurgeons she contacted to help her brother Justin, after he learnt he had a cavernoma. He was described as one of the best. When Tori met him at the hospital, she found him with his feet on the desk, talking obnoxiously loud on the phone. After realising who he was, Tori introduced herself. He was quick to convince Justin to have the surgery when he was in doubt. Some days later, he operated on Justin. He was forced to get Tori to make a decision during the surgery, regarding whether to close Justin or not. After she decided to cease the surgery, she thanked Christian while the pair were in the elevator. As he leaned in to press the button, Tori kissed him, leaving an air of awkwardness between the pair.

The next time the pair met was once again in the elevator, where Christian made a snide remark about the last time. She rushed off, but he found her later at Salt and bought her a wine. The pair continued to run into each other – in one case, quite literally – around the hospital and the tension grew. For the third time, they got stuck in the elevator together and to get even, Christian kissed Tori, leaving her gobsmacked.

A week later, Justin began to suffer the same symptoms as before his surgery. He quickly organised an appointment with Christian who sent him for tests. He delivered the bad news that Justin’s cavernoma had returned, and kept it a secret from Tori, despite her interrogation. After Tori learnt the truth, she wished to be involved, but Christian was more interested in her. After learning that she had a crush on him, he asked her out to dinner. Despite her knocking a glass of water all over his crotch, the pair hit it off. After dinner, during a walk along the beach, Christian revealed that after his internship, he joined Doctors Without Borders. It was there he met his ex-wife, who has since remarried. When the date ended, the pair didn’t share a kiss which resulted in Tori overthinking the date. The next day, Tori confronted Christian about why they didn’t kiss, to which he responded that he was leaving town for a few days and when he returned, they should spend the night together. He then kissed her passionately.

Christian returned to town a day earlier than expected, which threw Tori off. However, the pair organised a dinner and planned their night together. Grace began crying, which ruined the mood and when Tori returned from tending to her, Christian had fallen asleep. The next day, the pair woke and finally slept together. Meanwhile, Justin’s condition worsened and Christian urged him to have surgery again. The pair once again decided to keep the truth from Tori.

After Justin’s surgery, Tori and Christian clashed over Jasmine’s involvement with Grace.

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