Episode 4098

Australian Air Date: 23rd November 2005
UK Air Date: 10th May 2006
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Mark Piper

Dan races the clock in desperate bid to save Ryan’s life. Morag and Amanda go head to head when Morag makes a shocking discovery about Project 56.

Extended Summary

Dan is frantic – he has to save Ryan from Dudley…the clock is ticking!! Leah has caught up to speed and is utterly shocked and furious with Dan, who now has 4 hours to come up with the money – with no involvement from the cops – or else Ryan’s life is in serious danger! Dan is deciding whether to tell Amanda or not – but then in she storms, demanding an explanation. Amanda wants to know why Graham spotted Ryan in the back of car matching the description of Dudley’s.

Dan confirms Amanda’s fears that Ryan has been kidnapped – but with no time to waste – Amanda races to find Graham, in the hope he can provide the owed money. Graham is stunned as Amanda races in to the apartment, desperate for $12,000. Beth walks in as Amanda pleads for the cash. She knew it – that Amanda is nothing but a gold digger! The claws are out!

It’s too late – the bank is shut and no cash til tomorrow – Dan is gutted. What now?!! The phone rings – it’s Dudley – 3 hours to go! Dan’s distress increases as he hears Ryan yelling in the background – “Karate Chooper!”. Amanda realises this is Ryan’s clue – he must be near the railway boom gates.

It’s a race against the clock, but Dan is shocked when Harper and Rice pull up beside them at the railway. How did the cops find out – will it jeopardise Ryan’s safety? They can’t believe their luck as Dan spots Dudley speeding out of a side street. The chase is on…and just as Dudley’s car is moving further away – the cops intercept. Dan races to the car, tightly embracing Ryan – safe at last! Dan is guilt-ridden, as Ryan innocently thanks his Dad for “saving” him. Leah is not so forgiving for Dan’s dishonesty about his gambling and jeopardising his family’s safety – how much damage has this done to their marriage?

Amanda returns home – what a day! Beth arrives to apologise for her outburst at the Diner but Amanda is irate when she discovers Beth is responsible for alerting the police to Ryan’s kidnapping. Beth is taken aback – she meant no harm – simply doing the right thing when Graham informed her of the situation. Tempers flair – but Beth is deeply hurt when Graham takes sides with Amanda and orders Beth to leave! Amanda smiles to herself – another battle won!

…all is calm….finally…then Morag comes a knocking!

She has just returned from the city with some very interesting information indeed! Amanda’s heart skips a beat. Is Morag about to blow her dirty secrets out of the water?

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4082. Returned to become embroilled in Project 56.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4078. Was phoned by a stressed Amanda following Morag’s revelation about her knowledge of Project 56.

Twenty-eighth appearance, last seen in Episode #4073. Assisted in the search for Ryan.

Eighteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #4072. Assisted in the search for Ryan.



Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4092. Was busted by the cops after kidnapping Ryan.

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