Episode 4097

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 2005
UK Air Date: 9th May 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Dan makes a gamble that may cost him his son’s life. Despite the warnings of her loved ones, Tasha continues to fall deeper under The Believers’ spell.


Extended Summary

Robbie lashes out at Jonah – demanding Jonah own up to the truth about the shrine. Tasha wants so much to be a part of The Believers – she is embarrassed by the commotion and devastated that her friends’ don’t share the same faith in Jonah and Mumma Rose.

Tasha insists there is no wrong doing at The Farm and Robbie must be mistaken to think otherwise. Robbie reminds Tasha of their commitment of marriage and without trust and faith in each other – they have nothing. She has to make a choice – Robbie or The Believers?

Tasha agrees not to maintain contact with The Believers – much to the relief of Robbie, Irene, Jack and Martha. But despite the happy front she is putting on, Tasha is miserable with her decision.

Back at the Farm – Mumma Rose is furious and sends Jonah on a mission to persuade Tasha to change her mind – what ever it takes! After all, she is the “Chosen One”!

Tasha is still torn with her decision and agrees to meet up with Jonah in secret, although feeling a tinge of guilt for going against Robbie’s wishes. She is quickly won over by Jonah’s persuasive words of “wisdom” and agrees with the notion she is “following her destiny” by staying in touch with The Believers. Uh-oh. Tasha has taken the bait!

Dan’s mind is weighed down with thoughts of the day that lies ahead – he must pay back his $12 000 gambling debts to Dudley. There’s tension between Dan and Leah. Dan reassures Leah this mess will all be over soon – thanks to Peter, who is helping them come up with the money. The phone rings…and Peter is on the other end delivering a devastating blow – he can only provide $7000! Suddenly Dan is left desperately seeking an alternative plan to find the money. Dudley’s thug, Jimmy, won’t cut any slack and quickly reminds Dan of Dudley’s threat – deliver the full amount of money by the end of the day or Ryan’s life will be at risk!

In a state of despair – Dan resorts to gambling as his last hope.…but Dan’s horse comes second and $7000 has just gone done the drain!!

Dan fronts Jimmy at the Surf Club with not a cent to offer and Dudley makes it clear Ryan’s life is now in danger. Dan races to get home to Ryan before Jimmy does – only to find his worst fears are confirmed. Ryan’s been kidnapped…

Will he ever see his son again?

Guest Cast





Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4088. Kidnapped Ryan following Dan’s latest default on repayment of Dudley’s debt.


Leah Patterson-Baker first mentions that Rachel Armstrong, her old school friend, is visiting soon.

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