Episode 3906

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2005

The Summer Bay Stalker strikes again. Kim and Hayley’s relationship reaches a crunch point. Josie begs Tasha not to destroy her happiness by exposing her lie to Jesse. Peter cops the anger of a town in fear.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3904. Attended the town meeting about the Stalker.
Seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #3799. Questioned Peter’s stance on the Stalker’s non-existence at the town meeting.

> ‘The Stalker’ is seen for the fifth time, spying on Dan, Leah and Colleen as they enter the Surf Club. Beth’s house is trashed while she is at the meeting: Peter arrives late to the meeting, saying he was “held up”, Tasha leaves the meeting early for no apparent reason…

Extended Summary


There’s another article about the Summer Bay Stalker in the paper and the whole town is abuzz. But Tasha’s mind is a million miles away with the secret she’s keeping about Josie. She can’t really get into the excitement of preparations for the wedding. Josie tries to talk to Tasha again, but Tasha gives her the same line: tell Jesse the truth or we’re no longer family. This time though, Josie snaps. Life is not black and white! Tasha’s acting like a judgemental child. If she wants to give ultimatums – she’ll have to live with the consequences as well. Tasha’s left reeling.

Peter’s hoping tonight’s town meeting about the ‘stalker’ will cool some of the hysteria. Jesse thinks that with the whole town gathered in one spot, they’d be sitting ducks for anyone looking to make them pay. And he’s not far off the truth – someone is definitely spying on them, and…Peter is unaccountably late for the meeting he organised. The event starts to get out of control, when suddenly the place is plunged in darkness! It’s only for a few seconds (a power surge), but people think it’s foul play, confirming Peter’s stance that the media has made them lose perspective. The meeting ends with Peter asking for people not to lose perspective. The response is divided. Clearly Peter has a battle ahead to keep things under control.

Irene is feeling ‘right’ about Hyde. An uncomfortable Hayley admits she still doesn’t have that ‘right’ feeling about Kim. She always thought Noah would give her a sign when she decided to move on…and it hasn’t come yet. She tells Kim she’s starting to feel like his big sister. Maybe they need to spend more time together alone? Kim decides the remedy is a date – that very night. The whole evening becomes a comedy of errors. When Kim turns up, Hayley has dressed for a big occasion, while he’s in casual duds. When they get to the picnic spot, Kim’s carefully prepared hamper has been ruined in the boot. Their picnic spot is on top of an ants nest. They get rained out, and the car breaks down on the way back. Finally they realise – with good humour – that someone’s trying to tell them something…it’s not working! They’re going to return to being just good friends.

Tasha finally reveals all to Robbie about Josie. Although he gives her his support, he reminds her Josie’s the only family she has…and she’s meant so much to her. Is Tasha really prepared to throw all that away? Tasha’s left asking herself some very difficult questions. The answer she relays to Josie is that although she still doesn’t agree with what she’s doing – it’s her life, and Tasha will support her because she’s family. Josie’s thankful…but the problem of Marc remains.

When Beth and Robbie arrive home after the town meeting, they find their house has been trashed! Robbie finds a card on the floor which has obviously been left for them to find. It reads, “Tick tock, tick tock…” Is this another attack by the Summer Bay Stalker?


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