Episode 3907

Australian Air Date: 1st March 2005

The Stalker’s reign of terror continues. Josie races against time to stop Jesse discovering her affair. Ric and Matilda push the law to the limit.

Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #3902. Organised an investigation after learning of the disappearing drugs.
Seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #3901. Kissed Emma at the nightclub.
Sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #3857. Kissed Warren at the nightclub.
Warned clubbers about the cops’ arrival.

> ‘The Stalker’ is seen for the sixth time, wearing a black leather glove and posting up stolen photos of Sally/Flynn and the Hunters.

Extended Summary

Beth is freaked out by the break-in at her house, but refuses to be scared away. She blames it on the stalker, but doesn’t know what the ‘Tick tock, tick tock,” card means, Peter has inkling, but stays silent. Then he finds out that Flynn and Sally’s place has been broken into as well, and there’s a card with the same “Tick tock” message. Flynn and Sally know exactly what it means. It’s what Sarah Lewis kept repeating on the night of the siege. There has to be some kind of link.


Robbie gets the results back from his HIV test: he’s negative! There’s immense relief and celebration. All he wants to know is whose needle it was. Robbie’s also buzzed about finishing his video entry for the competition. But as he screens it for Tasha and Henry, he realises his tape of rough footage (with Marc and Josie on it – exchanging money) is missing. Who would have stolen it? He decides to mention it to Peter – just in case. Matilda lies to Beth and says she’s sleeping over Emma’s, when in fact they’re both preparing to go to a dance party with Ric and Wazza.

Josie receives a package on her doorstep – marked for Jesse – and leaves it on her table. When she finds out Robbie’s tape is missing, she suddenly realises what the package is. She races home and only just prevents Jesse from viewing it. She immediately accuses Marc. Josie reckons he might be the stalker. He was supposed to be at the meeting, but didn’t turn up…And now he now he doesn’t want her to go to the police…very suspicious. But Marc says he was at a dinner the night before, and has the receipt to prove it. Besides why would he reveal himself to Jesse and stop the money gravy train? Josie can’t help that niggling feeling.

Flynn finds out from the Hospital CEO she’ll be trailing him while he works – the final day of judgement. The surprise announcement disappoints Flynn because he’s exhausted. He has to pull himself together or the board won’t reinstate him. At the end of the day, the CEO has seen enough to assure him he’s back on board. Zoe quizzes him on his second burst of energy. He puts it down to coffee, but was it another kind of stimulant? Sally discovers a photo is missing from her mantelpiece. Turns out there’s a family photo missing from Beth’s mantelpiece as well. What does this all mean? Over at an unidentified flat, we see a pair of hands taping up the two photos – new and sinister additions to the trophy wall.


Matilda’s fake ID is a success. She gets past the bouncer and into the club, but she’s a little out of her element. She starts to copy Emma – drinking and dancing – but backs away when Ric tries to kiss her. She says it’s because she doesn’t want to take things too quickly, but the truth is she’s a scared little girl. At that moment, the call goes through the club…the police have arrived…the place is being raided!

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