Episode 3908

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 2005

Matilda and Ric’s secret relationship is exposed, with devastating consequences. Flynn is forced to tell Sally the truth about his drugs. Irene has an indecent proposal for Hyde.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3906. Helped Irene try to get out of jury duty in the city.
Sixteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3903. Busted Ric and Matilda at the nightclub.
Fifteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3893. Participated in the drug investigation interviews.
Conducted the drugs investigation.
Conducted the drugs investigation.
Credited for no appearance.

Extended Summary

Ric and Matilda try to escape from the dance party before the police catch them, but Harper is too quick. The jig’s up. Flynn tells a delighted Sally that it looks like his suspension will be lifted. But he speaks too soon, because the next day at work he finds out drugs have gone missing from the medicine room – the same drug he’d been taking. An investigation has been launched. A suspicious Zoe demands to know if he took them. Flynn denies it at first, and then when Zoe persists, he becomes annoyed – tells her to keep her mouth shut.

Matilda and Ric are dealing with the wrath of their respective guardians. Beth can’t believe Matilda lied to her about not hanging out with Ric anymore. She bans her from seeing him, and grounds her until further notice. Matilda eventually apologises to Beth, but refuses to accept that Ric’s a bad person. He would never hurt her. As far as Beth’s concerned, Ric’s already hurt her. She’s not to see him again.

Flynn and Sally make Ric aware that his behaviour is not acceptable. Something about the harsh manner of Flynn’s approach rankles Ric. He snaps so badly that Sally has to play mediator and send him off to bed. Is Ric starting to go off the rails? Henry tells Ric he’s glad everyone’s been able to see what a loser he is. He warns that if Ric gets Matilda in trouble again. He will pay. Ric laughs off the threat.

Zoe is being interviewed by the investigators ahead of Flynn. As Flynn waits in the corridor, he knows his career lies in the young nurse’s hands. When she comes out, she assures him she didn’t say a thing. The investigators ask if Flynn knows of anyone with access to, and need for the drug. He lies outright: no. Irene’s been called up for jury duty in the city and will be gone for a few weeks. She and Hyde will miss each other, but it will only strengthen their feelings. She’s worried about the kids because of the stalker. Hyde offers to stay in the house and she accepts.

Matilda disobeys her mum yet again and calls Ric. He has some difficult news. He thinks they should go back to being mates. After everything that’s happened – it just won’t work. Matilda is absolutely crushed. Henry comes in to find her crying. He’s not sure how to act, but eventually realises that what his sister needs is a comforting arm around her. She may think she’s grown up…but she’s still got all the fragility of a little girl.

Flynn reassures Zoe again that he didn’t do anything. Zoe points out Flynn will have to tell Sally. He doesn’t want her finding out behind his back. Flynn realises she’s right, but is dreading it. Later that night, Flynn starts to explain what’s been happening at work. Sally knows immediately that something is very wrong. Flynn takes a deep breath and steels himself for what’s to come…

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