Episode 3909

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 2005
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: David Gould

Sally warns Flynn that their marriage is on the line. Hayley’s left reeling when she finally learns of Scott’s feelings. Irene bids goodbye to Summer Bay.

First episode. Scott’s new girlfriend and advertising executive who he met in the city during his break from the Bay. Was secretly married to Alan.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3908. Moved into the Beach House following Irene’s quick farewell.

> Irene leaves for jury duty in the city. It later transpires that she is responsible for sentencing Corey Henderson’s father to jail, where he subsequently committed suicide.

Extended Summary

Sally is gutted at Flynn’s dishonesty in taking drugs to stay fresh at work. Despite Flynn’s defence that the drugs weren’t harmful, Sally says the point is their marriage was shaky and he lied to her. He cared for their child while he was popping pills! Ric intervenes to see if Sally’s okay. Flynn tells him to disappear. The argument continues and it is clear the trust is gone. A marriage is on the line.

Hayley lets slip that Zoe is interested in Kim. But that’s nothing to the shock Kim gets when he discovers his Dad coming down the stairs of the Beach house…trailed by Irene! Sprung big time! Hyde later tries to explain his actions to Kim. Kim lets him squirm a bit before letting him off the hook – he’s really happy Irene and him have got it together. A relieved Hyde shares a touching moment with his son.


Zoe tells Hayley about Scott’s unrequited feelings for her. She promised not to say anything because Hayley was with Kim, but now that he’s not…Hayley is stunned – Scott has feelings for her?! She’s reeling.

Sally demands that Flynn sleep downstairs. She asks him to give her time and space to sort out her feelings. Ric finds her crying with such heartbreak that he wants to do something to help. Sally asks him gently to stay out of it, but Ric is seething. Later on he rips into Flynn for being a hypocrite. The two of them nearly come to blows. Sally is appalled Flynn would fight with a 16-year-old! She storms out – can’t stand to be around him. When she returns, Flynn tells her a hospital cleaner has been charged with taking the pills…Can they get past this…? Sally simply responds, “I don’t know…” They sit in silence – the little family torn apart, possibly irreparably.


Hayley is confused about her feelings for Scott. She takes a long walk and without meaning to, ends up at the boat wharf where Scott’s boat The Blaxland is moored. It’s the sign from Noah she was looking for – and coincidentally, Scott has just arrived back in town. She changes into something special, and races over to his house. Scott opens the front door and Hayley is about to tell him everything, when from behind him emerges a girl in her mid-20s. Scott cheerily makes the introductions to a stunned Hayley. This is Lisa – his new girlfriend…

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