Episode 3910

Australian Air Date: 4th March 2005

Marc tells Jesse the truth about his affair with Josie. Scott’s surprise forces Hayley to face her true feelings.

> New Opening Credits (from Episode #3906): Sally & Flynn holding camera; Hayley with Leah holding a frame; Robbie, Kim and Tasha hugging; Dan and Scott holding surf boards; Henry with Beth as Matilda snatches his basketball; Alf laughing as Colleen & Irene look on; Josie and Jesse hugging.

Extended Summary


Hayley sits in shock as Scott introduces her to his new girlfriend Lisa. Turns out she’s an advertising executive and they met in a bar. Hayley’s heart is sinking – she just wants to leave. Scott apologises to Hayley for how he acted before he left. He was just being “silly”, but he’s got it sorted now. Hayley can only smile. Later on she tries to convince Leah she feels nothing for him other than mateship…But Leah can see right through her.

Flynn can’t make it to the buck’s night because of his problems with Sally, so Marc offers to be Jesse’s stand-in best man on the night. Jesse accepts, oblivious to Marc’s hidden agenda. Jesse talks to Tasha about his excitement on the eve of the wedding and why Josie has been a little quiet lately. Is she getting cold feet? Tasha reassures him everything’s fine…hating having to lie. Jesse goes to Josie who assures him she’s never wanted anything more in her life. She’s just nervous…

Josie’s seriously considering whether she can go through with living a lie. Her guilt manifests as anger against Marc. She promises that one day he’ll pay for what he’s doing to her. Marc is unperturbed. He’s going to enjoy the bucks night, and hopefully he won’t get too drunk – his tongue might start wagging…Josie realises the threat he’s making, but is powerless.


Lisa is invited to the hens’ night – and Scott asks Hayley to look after her! Hayley has no choice but to agree. At the party Hayley’s reservedness leads Leah to inquire if she’s jealous of Lisa. Hayley denies it, but we can see she’s wondering if it’s true. Meanwhile Colleen has realised that now she’s over men, she needs a new focus in life… Reintroducing the Miss Groper Beauty Pageant! Later on Hayley goes outside and springs Lisa finishing a phone conversation to someone. When she gets off she is definitely covering something. Hayley reports this to Leah, who jokingly puts it down to more jealousy. Hayley huffs off – but she’s beginning to think it’s true.

At the bucks’ party, Marc serves Jesse double-strength drinks to get him drunk. When Jesse is really sloshed, Marc jokingly tells him he slept with Josie. Jesse takes it exactly as it sounds…a joke. Meanwhile Kim reveals to Scott that he and Hayley are over. Suddenly Scott doesn’t know what to think. He decides that Hayley made it clear she only thought of him as a friend, and that’s how it still must be. Besides – he likes Lisa. But we can see the wistful side to him reappear.

The next morning, Jesse quizzes Josie about when her affair with Marc ended, then passes it all off as a stupid comment Marc made. A fuming Josie takes it up with Marc but he says he has no intention of ruining this for Josie. Once she has that ring on her finger, she’ll be an endless source of money for Marc. Finally Josie is left alone in her dress, looking into the mirror – the car waiting to take her. Is she really ready to walk up that aisle knowing the lie? Will she go through with the wedding?


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