Episode 3475

Australian Air Date: 28th March 2003

Dani gives Scott an ultimatum – she won’t be with a married man. Dylan has an accident at the boatshed. Angie loses her position of power at the school. Colleen gets a sobering reality check from Noah.

Extended Summary

Nick, Dylan, Jade and Seb take a wlk along the beach before school. Nick is concerned about attending his first class, since the courtcase, but they assure him it will be O.K.

Noah tries to help Colleen with her gambling problem, and give her a phone number of someone that can help her.

Nick has Mrs. Russell for his first class.

Everyone in Angie’s class starts to muck-up, and Angie loses control. Paris tells her that the Education Department has been in touch with him. He lets her know she is in big trouble, and will be forced to take time off work.

Angie gets a visit from Steven in the diner, and he holds her hand, and tries to comfort her. He then heads off to see Paris, to convince him that Angie wouldn’t attack anybody, and that Nick is guilty. Paris gives it some thought.

Nick confronts Steven about turning up at his place last night. Steven confides that he loves her, and Nick tries to convince him that she will ruin his life, if he gets involved with her. Steven doesn’t listen.

Dylan has an accident at the boatshed, while trying to move a boat, and it falls on him. Dani and Scott rush to help him.
Steven turns up at Dylans place, and tells him that nothing ever happened between him and Angie, and that it is all in Dylans head. When Dylan tells Dani about what Steven said, she is shocked.

Dylan and Rhys discuss Angie, and then get ready for bed. Dylan has a terrible headache, and goes to take some panadol. He collapses on the floor, in pain. How bad are Dylan’s injuries really?