Episode 3474

Australian Air Date: 27th March 2003

Hayley is disgusted by Noah’s ulterior motives in moving Alex in. Max bids a sad farewell to his first love – Tamara. Josh struggles to deal with his phobia of water. Rhys is alarmed that Colleen may have squandered all her money.

Final episode.
Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Everyone tries to come to terms with Nick’s guily verdict. Jade tells Nick that if he has to move schools, then she will go with him.

Sally is concerned when she hears Blake and Tamera talking about the future.

Dylan is a great friend and support for Nick, as they discuss the case. Neither can work out why Steven even showed up.

Josh goes to the beach, and gets a flashback of Charlotte’s death. Although Noah calls out to him, he is in state of shock at his memory, and doesn’t hear Noah.

Leah discovers that Noah is using Alex to get him back together with Hayley.

Nick decided to go back to school, after Flynn advises him to do so.

Nick hears something outside, and thinks it might be Angie. Seb assures him it is probably only a cat.

Tamera tells Max how much she will miss him, and everyone else, when she moves away. Dylan gives Max a necklace to give to Tamera.

Nick discovers that Angie has been in his room, and he is sure Angie hasn’t finished with him yet. Is he right?

Tamera is thrilled with her gift form Max, and they share a kiss.

Max starts to write another story.

Noah tries to convince Hayley to give their relationship another go, byt Hayley tells him she is happy with who she is with now.

Sophie, Blake and Tamera leave the Bay, with many tears from everyone.

Leah needs help at the diner, as it is busy, and asks Alex for help. Rhys comes into the diner, to let Colleen know that her cheque bounced. She tells him she will go and see the bank about it after work.

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