Episode 3473

Australian Air Date: 26th March 2003

Nick goes on trial for assault. Hayley is concerned by Josh’s eccentric behavior. Colleen’s addiction rears its ugly head again.

Accused Jade of covering up Nick’s lies.
Presided over Nick’s assault case.

Extended Summary

Nick is concerned that there may be reporters at the court, and Irene assures him, that because he is still a minor, under the age of 18, that is illegal for them to be there. Jade and all his friends, are there to support him.

Dylan tries to convince Steven to testify against Angie, but will he? Dylan decided to take Steven to see Angie.

Alex and Noah discuss Alex’ move into the palace. Meanwhile, Hayley and Josh walk into the diner, and can’t agree on what to have to eat.

Colleen tells Rhys about the boy with short balck hair, about Dylan’s age, that keeps peeping in her window. Dylan tells her that his name is Steven.

Rhys walks Colleen home, as she is still uneasy.

Angie bumps into Steven on the beach, and uses her tactics to get on the good side of him. Will he fall for it, and decide not to testify?

As thye Sutherlands prepare for the court case, Jade is feeling sick to the stomach.

Dylan’s nerves get the better of him, and he starts vomiting before the court case. When he comes out of the bathroom, Irene and Seb try to reassure him that he will win against Angie.

Angie takes the stand in court, and tells the court that Nick has deep feelings for her, and when she tried to discourage it, he attacked her. Does the jury beleive her?

Nick’s supporters are getting really concerned for him, as the case is proving to be a really tough one.

Jade is upset, as she takes the stand, and prosecution tells her that it is because she knows Nick is guilty. She denies it, and gets more upset about not being able to make them beleive her.

Colleen bets on a horse, and loses the race, and her money.

As Nick takes the stand, he tries desperately to get the Judge to believe his story.

Dylan tells gives his evidence, including the facts about Steven. Little does he know, that Steven’s testimony is completely different. Although Dylan tells the truth about his mother, will it be enough to convince the judge?

When the verdict is read out, Nick is devastated. He has been found guilty, and receives a 12 month Good Behaviour Bond, and 40 hours of Community Service. While Dylan is crushed, Angie is elated that the court found in her favour.