Shannon decides to go to Paris with Mandy. Lachlan loses a friend from the hospital in a car crash. Irene refuses to be responsible for Father Little abandoning the Church.


Lachlan pre-empts Shannon’s declaration. Just when Casey is feeling relaxed, her father comes back into the picture. Pippa wonders where Sally is getting all her money from.


Shannon announces that she is leaving tomorrow. Will Shannon and Selina part on bad terms? Steven returns to Summer Bay with a surprise proposal for Selina.


Shannon says farewell to Summer Bay. Sally reveals to Shannon where all her extra money has been coming from. Steven’s presence in Summer Bay is taking its toll on Selina.


Stuart gets the feeling that he isn’t entirely welcome in Summer Bay. Joey tries to change the world. Selina and Jesse miss out on a home because of her indecision.


The whole community is divided on the issue of Australia becoming a republic. Casey is devastated at having lost the piano competition to her arch rival. Steven shocks Selina with a kiss.


Stuart reveals he still loves Rebecca. Selina avoids telling Jesse about her kiss with Steven. Lachlan tries to shake Shannon from his heart… but it doesn’t work.


Irene warns Selina that she’s playing a dangerous game. Chloe is offended when Lachlan wants to use her as a rebound fling. Rebecca is astonished to find Stuart’s been scheming all along.


A new foster kid moves into the Ross house. Stuart asks Rebecca to come back to America with him. Marilyn’s performance looks set to be a disaster. Will Lachlan and Chloe fall into a rebound relationship?


Aaron is suspicious of Justine’s new boyfriend, Danny. The cast of the play try to keep hold of their confidence as Donald puts down their acting abilities – was he the best choice for director?


A vigilante group is making its mark on Summer Bay. Steven and Selina kiss… only this time she doesn’t push him away.


Justine is furious when Danny gets hauled in by the police. Chloe can’t believe Selina would cheat on Jesse! Steven discovers Sally’s bought a car behind Pippa’s back.


Sally’s kicked out of the casino for counting cards. Marilyn announces she’s pregnant! Sam gets beaten up in the Surf Club.


Marilyn is convinced Donald doesn’t really want the baby. Convinced everyone blames her for Danny beating up Sam, Justine prepares to flee Summer Bay.


Ailsa warns Alf to change his ways or the fatty foods will kill him. Chloe receives a terrifying package from Brad. Jesse is devastated at having lost Rachel.


Lachlan decides to stop anything happening between him and Chloe before it starts. Rebecca rather likes Travis’ protective attitude towards her. Selina tells Jesse she can’t move in with him… and he knows it’s because of Steven.


Selina and Jesse’s break-up is dividing the entire town. Sam returns from hospital extremely subdued. Travis worries he and Rebecca are turning into a boring old couple.


Chloe and Lachlan agree to a casual relationship. Rebecca is hurt to discover that Travis thinks they are boring. Tiegan rips into one of the guests at the caravan park.


Chloe and Lachlan’s “casual” relationship starts to become complicated. Marilyn thought doing the play with Donald would be fun… but she was mistaken. It looks like Aaron cheated on his history exam.


Fisher freezes on stage. Aaron refuses to be considered a cheat. Does Sally really think Tim would leave her for Justine?

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