Is Chloe’s nightmare finally over? Gabe continues to frustrate Shannon. Liam embarks on a money raising venture.


Shannon realises Gabe is going to die if he keeps drinking. Liam realises having money doesn’t mean anything if it’s obtained dishonestly. The hospital is under threat from angry community members.


Stephanie fears her visa is going to be revoked when a strange man asks questions about her. Joey’s charity to a stray kitten lands him in trouble with Irene. Chloe feels empowered.


Irene can’t understand what has made her so ill. Stephanie realises how lucky she is to be in Australia. Rebecca discovers who the real motorbike culprit is.


Shannon’s efforts to save Gabe fail. Curtis fears Casey is going to end up just like Laura. Taking in the kitten has worse ramifications for Irene than she could ever have imagined.


Ailsa is horrified when she discovers why her brother has returned. Irene is unsure of her baby’s future. Selina’s stay in Melbourne is extended, but no one knows why.


Gabe finally admits that he needs help. Irene thinks she’s going to lose the baby.


Gabe wishes Shannon had been around for him 20 years ago. Irene gains a new sense of motherhood and is determined her baby will live. Casey leaves Joey heartbroken again.


Selina refuses to say why her return from Melbourne was delayed. Casey makes a decision about Curtis.


Selina realises that her place is with Jesse and Rachel. Casey makes it clear to Curtis just where their relationship stands.


Jesse finds it difficult to manage Rachel on his own. Chloe heartlessly teaches Liam a lesson in love. A new rebel makes her presence felt in the Ross house.


Selina decides on a career path. Liam is ashamed by how easily he is fooled by Chloe. Tiegan’s secret is discovered.


Alf realises Curtis has the makings of a champion. The Jazz Night is a great success – in more ways than one. Joey finds a way of getting through to Tiegan.


Marilyn is shocked to discover Fisher’s secret affair. As they compose music together, Rebecca begins to fall for Andersen. After seeing what a bad job Alf’s doing, Snowy agrees to train Curtis and Casey.


After discovering Donald’s lie, Marilyn feels she can never trust him again. Rebecca keeps falling for Andersen’s charm. Casey realises she won’t be joining Curtis when he leaves for the pro circuit.

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