The kids continue to give Brett a hard time. Casey finds a song that her father wrote when she was a young girl. Jesse decides he’s still going to sue the surf club.


Casey must decide whether to stay in Summer Bay. Jesse and Paula decide they’re better off as friends. Brett humiliates Casey in front of the whole class.


Chloe suffers morning sickness as she struggles through her exams. Casey decides she wants to move to New York. Fisher reprimands the kids for giving Brett a hard time. Lachie gets a relieving call from the children’s hospital.


Jesse is devastated when Rachel doesn’t recognise him with his new haircut. Tiegan must convince Fisher of a travelling theatre group performing their HSC text. Travis and Rebecca enjoy life together in their new house.


Alf decides he’s going to buy arcade games for the surf club in an attempt to gain more revenue. Terri asks Chloe if Lachie is the father of her baby. Fisher allows Marat/Sade to be performed at the school.


Alf is up in arms about Marat/Sade coming to Summer Bay High. Jesse takes Rachel and Duncan to see “James and the Giant Peach”. Vinnie’s back in town and working at the Surf Club.


There’s heated debate at the P&C meeting regarding the performance of Marat/Sade. Rachel is frightened of something…but what is it?


Kylie applies for the job at the Surf Club. Terri tells Lachie she loves him. Casey and Aaron plot their revenge.


Chloe breaks down in front of Lachie. Brett is inundated with calls after the kids place his car in the paper for a ridiculously low price. Kylie moves in with Jesse and Lachie.


Aaron throws a farewell party for Casey. Chloe decides she has to tell Lachie the truth.


Lachie finds out about Chloe’s pregnancy and assumes Jesse is the father. Joey glues himself to his bag. Travis and Rebecca find someone’s memorabilia under the floor boards of their new house.


Lachie finds out he’s the father of Chloe’s baby. Brett’s assessor comes to school and the kids behave like perfect angels. Travis and Rebecca find Mrs Kelly.


Terri and Lachie break up. Justine and Vinnie are still on, and Pippa doesn’t like it. Brett finally works out that the kids put his car in the paper.


Vinnie stashes his stereo at the Ross house. The kids glue Brett to his seat. Sally decides to go away with Tim for Christmas.


Parents and guardians are called into Fisher’s office when Brett is glued to his chair. Casey leaves Summer Bay. Pippa tells Vinnie what she thinks of him.


Marilyn tells Chloe that she and Donald are interested in adopting her baby. Justine’s mum invites her back home for Christmas, but she decides to stay with Pippa. Vinnie purposefully stuffs up his job interview at the Bait Shop.


Marilyn decides to go ahead with the operation. Joey’s money making scheme fails. Vinnie isn’t happy when he finds out that Hai got the job at the Bait Shop.


Travis and Rebecca secretly organise their wedding. Marilyn speaks to Lachie about the risks involved in having the operation. Lachie and Chloe kiss.


Chloe and Lachie have an honest discussion about their relationship. Lachie is surprised to find his mother in Summer Bay. Vinnie buys Justine an expensive ring to impress her.


It’s a nice day for a white wedding! Diana puts her foot down…Chloe’s just not the right girl for her son. Missing Pippa, Ian returns to Summer Bay.

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