Casey and Liam find comfort in each other’s depression. Marilyn agrees to come home to Donald and Rebecca wonders what future there is in a relationship with Andersen.


While Casey wanders lost and confused, Curtis uncovers Snowy’s secret past. Marilyn discovers she’s not as brainless as she thought.


Curtis learns a lesson about the nature of bravery, while Casey is determined to dedicate her life to music. Tiegan’s first day of school in Summer Bay is less than a success.


Shannon’s built a case against Katherine, and she’s making sure everyone knows about it. Keeping Tiegan out of trouble is getting Joey into strife of his own. A face from the past leads Selina to contacting her family.


Shannon’s article backfires and Tiegan is mortified to realise she has revealed her own secret. Selina’s brother Wayne invites himself around for a visit.


Shannon admits her guilt and attempts to make amends with Fisher. Wayne has only just arrived and already Selina wants him out. Casey’s chance to follow her dream is thwarted by Travis and Kelly.


Selina is upset by memories of what she used to be. Casey rejects Fisher’s offer to live in the townhouse. Chloe starts working for Marilyn in the beauty salon.


Chloe comes to appreciate the importance of Marilyn’s role in the salon. Casey agrees to live with Fisher and return to school. Joey makes a breakthrough with Tiegan.


Liam is on a mission to prove his independence. Kelly’s father, Murray, agrees to stay a few days. Pippa finally makes a breakthrough with Tiegan.


Tiegan farewells Summer Bay. Rachel collapses after eating Wayne and Jesse’s chowder. Travis asks Murray for permission to marry Kelly.


Kelly and Travis are finally engaged. Liam comes up with a plan to make money from other people’s rubbish. There is tension and hostility all round at the Beach House.


Selina comes down with the same sickness as Rachel. Marilyn has trouble keeping Chloe in line in the salon. Liam’s business venture turns out to be a success.


Though she fears the consequences, Irene convinces Selina to contact her mother. Faced with the potential of Casey’s career, Rebecca questions the success of her own.


Stephanie viciously accuses Fisher of being a dictator. Kelly is forced to face the truth about her parents. Casey and Curtis finally get to spend some time alone.


Casey and Curtis have a close call with Fisher. The collapse of her parents’ marriage makes Kelly think twice about marrying Travis. Sally feels cheated when she isn’t elected onto the School Council.


No one can get over the new guy Shannon has brought home. Liam’s money-making scheme takes off. Chloe prepares to step into Selina’s shoes…as Jesse’s girl.


Jesse falls under Chloe’s spell. Kye leads Shannon astray. Marilyn expresses her disappointment in Chloe.


Selina finds out what Chloe and her boyfriend have been doing behind her back. Meeting her grandmother gives Rebecca a new lease on life. Irene’s baby won’t wait any longer!


Irene gives birth and realises that handing over the baby to Finlay won’t be as easy as she thought. Selina lets Chloe have Jesse. Fisher bitterly reveals the cause of the rift between him and his mother.


Finlay is concerned when her baby’s cradle is empty. Pippa is losing all control over Shannon. Isobel is working on freeing Rebecca’s spirit.

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