Lachie has a surprise gift in store for Shannon. Alf makes Jesse a partner in the bait shop. Unintentionally, Pippa forces Liam to relive his grief over Stephanie’s death.


Casey infiltrates the commune on a mission to rescue Joey. Saul’s plans to get Jesse out of the picture might just have worked. Rebecca confronts Travis as he wrestles over his feelings for Kelly.


Chloe’s efforts to save Jesse go unnoticed. Sally and Tim sort out their problems. Has Casey’s game with Saul gone too far?


Selina and Jesse declare their love for each other. Rebecca feels like a fool when things begin to heat up with Travis. What has Duncan found in the Mangroves?


A misunderstanding threatens to destroy Travis and Rebecca’s friendship. Pippa and the kids help Bert fulfill his dream. Shannon becomes intrigued with the story behind the dead bodies.


A romantic meal ends in an intimate embrace on the couch for Sally and Tim. Shannon uncovers the mystery behind the dead bodies. Saul makes a deadly deal with Selina.


Knowing she’s going to lose Tim, Sally takes their relationship to a higher level. Will anyone at the commune survive Saul’s desperate attempt to stay in control?


Alf catches a prowler in the bait shop. Saul’s taunting finally comes to an end. What has Sally got against Shannon?


Alf has a proposition for Aaron. Travis and Rebecca’s friendship gets back on track. The kids come to the horrifying realisation, Saul did have the baby.


The kids have one last try at finding Irene’s baby. Alf and Aaron settle on a deal. Rebecca is concerned Travis still has feelings for Travis.


Travis finally makes his feelings known to Rebecca. Sally’s attitude is getting to be too much for people to handle. Liam is struggling to come to terms with the reason behind his mother’s return.


Shannon discovers where Sally’s been disappearing to. What exactly happened between Casey and Liam in the burning barn? Frances’ fears are justified when a crazed driver forces her off the road.


Frances is given 48 hours to convince Liam to leave Summer Bay. Neither Jesse nor Selina can control Rachel’s anti-social behaviour. Rebecca and Travis launch themselves into a very different relationship.


Selina comes up with a solution to Rachel’s boy problems. Rebecca and Travis’ relationship is taken out of their hands. Jesse and Aaron get off to a rocky start.


Aaron’s harsh stand against drugs lands him in trouble. How far will Sally go to find a place to belong? Frances struggles to find a solution.


Liam grows concerned for Frances’ safety. Sally doesn’t realise how much trouble she’s landed herself in. Joey finally lets go of Saul.


Liam prepares to sacrifice his father’s freedom for his mother’s life. Sally feels her world caving in around her. Marilyn is upset about her inability to conceive.


Liam realises that his mother was right all along. Sally reveals what she has done. Her new role as a grandmother gives Irene reason to lay the past to rest.


Sally becomes an innocent victim in Scott’s plot for revenge. Aaron tells Marilyn just why he had to leave his home. Casey realises she’s going to have to reassess the type of person she is.


Aaron’s hopes for a bit of stability in his life are dashed when Tiegan returns. Scott warns Sally she’s in for a hell of a time at school next week. Casey decides to turn over a new leaf.

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