Casey warns Fisher she’s going to make his life hell. Jesse is devastated by the news that Selina is going to marry Steven. Justine tries to beautify herself.


Jesse is hurt that Selina didn’t have the decency to tell him about her engagement. Tim surprises Sally by making it to the dinner after all. Chloe gives Justine a make-over.


Chloe arrives home to find her floor covered with traps. Joey campaigns against artificial beautification in an effort to win back Tiegan. Sally’s attempt to impress Tim with her spontaneity backfires.


The fear of Brad continues to torment Chloe. Fisher announces he’s giving up teaching for good. Rebecca is knocked unconscious.


Rebecca is diagnosed as being temporarily deaf. Is Fisher going through a mid-life crisis? Jesse flees Summer Bay with Rachel.


It’s been three days and Rebecca still can’t hear. Chloe goes home to find a video of herself, asleep in bed. Selina talks Jesse out of running off with Rachel.


Lachie asks Terri out on a date. Pippa hits it off with the new guy in town. An unknown woman shows up at the Ross house looking for Steven.


Steven is to be charged with a hit and run. Pippa is glad to have some adult company around. Terri is stood up by Lachie.


Rebecca gets her hearing back while Casey feels alone in the world. Ian asks Pippa to an art exhibition. Gillian gives herself up to the police.


Casey resolves things with Rebecca. Fisher is depressed – his life is going to hell. Justine, Joey and Aaron sneak into a concert. Jesse is on a downward spiral and his friends aren’t there to support him.


Irene is taking over the wedding plans and is driving Selina crazy. Ian kisses Pippa, but she backs out when things get a little steamy. Joey is humiliated when he chickens out of swinging across a creek.


Joey nearly drowns when he falls in the creek. Selina’s mum shows up to help with the wedding preparations. Justine coaxes Tiegan into stealing a video then lying about where she got it.


When Selina blows her top at her mother, her mother leaves and refuses to attend her daughter’s wedding. Chloe is beginning to feel a little uneasy about Lachie’s relationship with Terri. Jesse is still feeling down so Travis suggests they go out and drown their sorrows.


Sam finds out that Tiegan has been shoplifting and he blackmails her. Rebecca and Travis have their first argument. Terri cancels her date with Lachie so he goes to the movies with Chloe instead. Pippa opens up to Ian. Fisher is fishing?


Rebecca gets a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. Joey collapses in the beach house. Alf and Fisher bond when they go fishing.


Lachie thinks he has found the cause of Joey’s illness. Irene and Ian have an enjoyable evening when they go out for dinner. Tiegan is accused of shoplifting an item that Justine has stolen.


Pippa and Ian discuss the future. Alf humiliates Justine to teach her a lesson. Marilyn is concerned about Fisher’s behaviour.


Lachie thinks he has found the source of Joey and Aaron’s illness. Marilyn is in denial of the fact that she’ll probably miscarry. Having given up on Terri, Lachie goes out to dinner with Chloe.


Chloe decides to tell Lachie how she feels, but discovers he spent the night with Terri. Lachie finds the source of Joey, Aaron and Richard’s illness. Jesse drops around to see Irene, but Steven and Selina are there.


Everyone prepares for the worst as Cyclone Raymond heads for Summer Bay.

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