Tim discovers Sally’s shameful link with Scott. A mystery internet chatter reminds Chloe of the value of friends. Liam is forced to decide whether he should stay in Summer Bay or move with his mother to Peru.


On discovering he’s been excluded from school, Scott trashes Fisher’s office in a violent rage. Liam makes the decision to leave Summer Bay. Chloe uncovers the identity of Marcel.


Ailsa and Alf worry that Aaron is cutting himself off from life. Lachlan and Travis realise how attached they’ve become to Rachel. Casey discovers who swapped Fisher’s record from Sally’s locker to Scott’s.


Rebecca fears she will be sacked from Summer Bay High. To Alf and Ailsa’s relief, Aaron finally seems to be making friends. Aaron’s sister Justine shows up in Summer Bay… but why doesn’t he seem happy to see her?


Aaron admits to Alf and Ailsa that his sister is addicted to drugs. Shannon and Lachlan have a bungled boating adventure. Feeling purposeless, Marilyn comes up with the idea of teaching after school classes.


Rebecca fears that she will be fired when she is called into Fisher’s office. Tiegan doesn’t exactly hit it off with her Aunty Cheryl. Alf catches Aaron replacing the missing antique label.


Marilyn begins to criticise Fisher’s novel. Tiegan is less than excited when she discovers that Fisher is her new remedial teacher. Alf agrees to let Justine stay… but he has his eye on her.


Lachlan is concerned that Tim has seriously injured his knee. Fisher makes a breakthrough with Tiegan. Alf may have destroyed Chloe’s chances of becoming an exchange student.


Tim plays the footy match at the risk of doing irreparable damage to his knee. Thanks to Alf keeping his mouth shut, Chloe is selected to be an exchange student. Rachel’s mother comes back into the picture, leaving Jesse a little uncomfortable.


Jesse threatens to apply for legal custody of Rachel. Justine is determined to prove herself in Summer Bay. Sally finds a way to bring Tim out of his depression. Lachlan’s ex-girlfriend shows up… and Shannon is not pleased about it.


Lachlan is torn between his feelings for Julia and Shannon. Justine’s fundraiser turns out to be a flop. Rebecca is distraught when she convinces herself that Fisher and Marilyn’s marriage is on the rocks.


Julia realises where Lachlan’s real feelings lie. Justine organises for Kostya Tszyu to help raise money for the hospital. Marilyn sends Donald’s manuscript to a publisher without his knowledge.


For Justine, the temptation for drugs is just too great. The kids decide that Irene needs a man. Kylie suggests an unorthodox solution to the problem of who gets to live with Rachel.


Realising Irene’s feeling lost and unwanted, the kids try and set her up on a date. Convinced she’s a bad mother, Kylie leaves Rachel with Jesse and Selina. Casey and Tiegan get into a cat-fight over Joey.


Shannon is stunned when Lachlan asks her to move in with him. Joey tells Casey that he’s had enough of being friends with a user. Is Father Little making the move on Irene?


Fisher is humiliated when he overhears Sally rubbishing his novel. Father Little knows where baby Paul is – but he’ll be ex-communicated if he tells Irene. Will Rachel be mauled by a crocodile?


Jesse tells Alf that he’s not interested in a partnership. Irene confesses to Pippa that she has feelings for her priest. Fisher is angry when his manuscripts go missing.


Aaron finds out that Justine is back on drugs. Casey hides out on her own, positive the world hates her. Fisher receives a publishing contract.


Aaron is busted for drugs. Casey realises that her manipulating ways are costing her her friends. Irene starts to think that maybe Father Little has feelings for her too.


Shannon moves in with Lachlan – but will there be trouble in paradise? Justine attacks Aaron with a knife when he refuses to get her more drugs. Once the Department finds out about Rachel’s accident at the zoo, Jesse is placed under investigation.

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