Casey and Aaron get mugged. Selina finds out that Steven lied to her about the bucks night. Jesse makes one last attempt at getting Selina back.


Lachie delivers a baby at the scene of an accident, but it dies and the father threatens to sue him for negligence. Ian tells Justine to not rely on him – he won’t be around for much longer. Aaron attacks someone who looks like his attacker, but it’s the wrong guy.


It’s Selina and Steven’s wedding day, but will Selina have cold feet? Selina takes off in the limousine, leaving a bewildered Irene behind. Aaron throws his knife away. Jesse wanders the streets in despair.


It appears that Selina has stood up Steven at the altar and run off with Jesse. Pippa is upset to learn that Ian is planning to leave Summer Bay. Tiegan discovers Joey chatting to a secret friend on the internet…and she’s not happy about it.


Ian asks Pippa to move to Queensland with him. Irene is horrified when Terri tells her they have to assume Selina’s been abducted. Lachie is overwhelmed with sympathy and concern when he finds out Marilyn’s baby has died. Tiegan becomes insanely jealous of Joey’s internet girl.


Pippa declines Ian’s offer. Aaron learns that what goes around comes around. Lachie is forced to tell Fisher that Marilyn has lost the baby.


Marilyn makes a shocking announcement to Fisher. Selina knows her only way to escape is to kill Saul – but will she do it? The local gang is out to get revenge on Aaron.


Marilyn falls into a deep depression, trying to deal with the loss of her baby. Rebecca’s heart goes out to Kim, a deaf student struggling at school. Rebecca warns Casey she’s being insensitive to Aaron’s feelings. Are Saul’s words beginning to have an effect on Selina?


Steven and Jesse put their differences aside to search for Selina. Justine blames Pippa for Ian’s departure. Fisher wonders whether he’s partly to blame for Marilyn’s tragic loss of the baby. Rebecca is overwhelmed with sympathy for Kim.


Chloe decides not to tell Lachie that she is pregnant with his baby. Tiegan makes an effort to be friends with Kim. Saul’s disappointed Selina is still trying to escape.


Justine realises that she likes being part of a family in Summer Bay. Chloe is determined not to let her pregnancy stop her achieving her goals. Casey is stunned when Fisher breaks into tears in front of her.


Marilyn finally lets go of her emotions and cries for her lost baby. Kim’s father refuses to allow her to communicate in sign language – he wants her to talk. Justine apologises to Alf for stealing from his shop.


Terri organises a search party for Selina. Irene and Terri find a pregnancy kit in the bin and conclude it belongs to Chloe. Saul gives Selina her chance of freedom, but will she take it?


In a frantic moment, Terri shoots Saul. Tiegan and Justine’s efforts to include Kim alienates her even more. Casey confides to Rebecca her fears about living with her father in New York.


Terri battles her conscience – did she do the right thing in shooting Saul? Steven is devastated when Selina says she can no longer marry him. Marilyn and Fisher farewell their lost baby.


The local football heroes cut off Jesse’s hair. Irene and Selina come to terms with their anger. Chloe and Selina finally reconcile a year’s worth of differences.


Joey uncovers the identity of the Internet girl. Marilyn is having difficulty trying to get back into the swing of things again. Jesse makes the decision to sue Rod for assault.


Fisher gives Marilyn an anniversary gift to remember. Casey is humiliated to realise Rebecca’s plan to move out never included her. Kim is mortified to learn that Joey has uncovered her secret identity.


Selina decides to leave Summer Bay once and for all. Tiegan tries not to be jealous about the amount of time Joey’s spending with Kim. Travis promises Chloe he won’t reveal her secret.


Chloe breezes through her first HSC exam. Irene is shell-shocked by the realisation that Selina’s really leaving. Year Eleven get a bad feeling about Brett, the new student teacher. Kim is crushed when she realises Joey doesn’t like her as much as she likes him.

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