Irene doesn’t realise how close she is to finding baby Paul. Shannon realises why Lachie’s been so nervous about her meeting his family.


Rebecca and Travis are finding it difficult to get some privacy. Fisher decides to accept the publishing offer. Shannon’s infuriated by Lachie’s secretive nature.


Fisher cuts his ties with The Bitter End forever. Is Jesse trying to impress the Department mission to far? Will Rebecca and Travis ever come down from their marathon night of passion?


The police must get to Annie before she takes off with Paul forever. Joey and Tiegan share their first kiss. Will Jesse’s scheme to fool the Department really come off?


Irene’s faith in the Church is crushed. Casey is afraid Aaron will think she’s a dag if she competes in the piano competition. As far as Tiegan is concerned, Joey’s nothing but a using creep!


Tim thinks it would be a good idea if he and Sally became engaged. Jesse and Selina are forced to admit that Rachel is missing Kylie. Tiegan and Joey are reunited.


Sally is aghast to realise that Tim was serious about getting engaged. Travis humiliates Aaron in front of Casey. An old rival is enough to budge Casey into joining the piano competition. Shannon and Lachie’s attempt to resolve their differences ends in tears.


Marilyn prays for a baby. The rift between Aaron and Travis appears to be widening. Lachie tells Shannon to stop playing games if she wants to get back together.


Shannon and Lachie are having trouble communicating. Kylie seeks legal custody of Rachel. Father Little is tempted by Irene. Fisher is electrocuted in the diner.


Vinnie has plans to get even with Travis. A traumatic event forces Alf to relive his memories of Vietnam. Jesse fears the courts will award Kylie with custody of Rachel.


Marilyn and Fisher go on a macrobiotic diet. Alf sinks deeper into depression. Finally Shannon and Lachie discover the fun in their relationship.


Rebecca and Travis learn there are more compromising photos of them in circulation. Alf deals with his grief over Geoff. While Marilyn struggles with the brown-rice diet, it appears Fisher’s become a fully-fledged convert!


Irene starts to worry about Josef’s influence over Chloe. Shannon feels there is no inspiration in her life. Tiegan can’t seem to stop tearing strips off Joey.


Joey has had enough of Tiegan treating him like a doormat. Josef drops a bombshell. Lachie is feeling very threatened by the imminent arrival of Mandy.


Sam reacts badly to the idea of Pippa going on a date. Chloe warns Joey that he’s acting more like Tiegan’s psychologist than her boyfriend. Lachie and Mandy finally meet.


Shannon is unsure of how to respond to Lachie’s declaration of love. Pippa takes a risk by going on a date. Tiegan opens up to Joey.


Travis receives a letter from Kelly and he’s not sure how to react. Aaron has a win in the pool comp. Selina agrees to move out with Jesse.


Travis is bitten by a snake. Aaron can’t believe Casey is pushing herself so hard to win the competition. Kylie assures Jesse the hearing’s a waste of time – she wants Rachel. What’s Marilyn’s secret tennis technique?


Travis tells Rebecca he plans to stick with her for a long time. Shannon has to decide whether to accept Lachie’s proposal or jetset to Paris with Mandy. Casey pushes herself to the limit. Jesse can see Kylie’s point of view but can’t let go of Rachel.


Shannon must make a big decision. The custody battle is taking a toll on Jesse and Selina. Casey is scared she will never cut it as a pianist.

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