Jenna jeopardises herself for Curtis’ safety. Kelly wonders whether Travis is telling the truth about his feelings on moving to the city.


Marilyn has some startling news for Fisher. Casey risks losing another friendship. Selina has a change of heart… but is it too late?


Selina is in for a rude awakening when she tells Jesse she wants to get back with him. Marilyn tries to bring Fisher around to the idea of having a child.


Jesse hopes he made the right choice between Selina and Chloe. Rebecca fears she’ll never see her grandmother again. Curtis goes in search of Jenna.


Alf joins Curtis on a mission to rescue Jenna from Sean. Travis decides to sever all links with Summer Bay. Liam starts to sink into himself, mourning the death of Stephanie.


Travis accuses Kelly of seeking prestige. Chloe starts to feel insecure in her relationship with Jesse. Joey’s decision to surf the net goes horribly wrong.


To her surprise, Selina discovers Lachlan’s quite serious about Shannon. Selina puts her own feelings aside to stop Jesse from hurting Chloe. Liam, Casey and Joey finally come together.


Curtis is shocked to find Jenna’s gone missing from the beach. Shannon chickens out of her plan to shock Lachlan. Chloe realises Jesse’s true love is Selina.


Jenna takes a stand against Sean. Shannon and Lachie’s date to the Med. Ball turns out to be a disaster…or does it? Travis is called to help rescue victims of the storm.


Travis and Curtis embark on a daring sea-rescue mission. A reconciliation between Jesse and Selina doesn’t look promising. Casey bitterly warns Jenna that Curtis will dump her like he dumps every girl.


After saving the fisherman and his sons, Travis feels a renewed sense of self-worth. Curtis leaves Summer Bay with Jenna. Pippa is making very little progress and the Ross House is starting to crack under the strain.


Kelly makes a harsh realisation about Travis. Jesse’s attempt to woo Selina back only makes things worse. Is Lachlan really a sleaze?


Pippa’s eyes flicker… is she coming out of the coma? Saul’s back and he wants his son. Selina and Jesse take their first steps towards getting back together.


Shannon is shocked to learn Pippa’s chances of making a full recovery are slim. Saul tells Irene he knows where her missing baby is. Bert gets the news that Isobel is running out of time.


Jesse accuses Alf of stealing his Bait Shop idea. Sam fears that he’ll be taken away from his family. Seeds of doubt are planted in Joey’s head.


Kelly and Travis decide to get married before leaving Summer Bay. Lachlan pushes things too fast for Shannon. Sam pleads with Pippa to remember him before he is sent away.


Pippa is forced to deal with Michael’s death all over again. Shannon decides that she and Lachlan are entirely incompatible. Rebecca and Marilyn vow that if Donald won’t fulfil Isobel’s dying request, they will!


Garner shows up at Saul’s commune with a warrant to search the property. Kelly makes a startling realisation. Fisher becomes obsessed with visions of skydiving doom.


Kelly makes the heartbreaking decision to leave Summer Bay… and Travis. To Fisher’s horror, Marilyn becomes caught in a crosswind during her skydive. Joey begins a risky mission to find Irene’s baby.


Travis is lost and alone when he is deserted by Kelly. Sally discovers she has an admirer. Joey suffers a rigorous deprogramming session to convince Saul of his loyalty.

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