Episode 32

Australian Air Date: 1st March 1988
UK Air Date: 28th March 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Mandy Smith

Floss faces exposure when she is forced to speak to her estranged son on the phone. Lance and Martin try to conceal their home-brewing operation.

Offered Carly and Lynn a lift to Nico’s hospital.

>Carly is abducted and raped at the end of this episode. It is revealed in #192 that the perpetrator was an man who looked similar to Gary Samuels (but it was definitely not Gary, nor Walter Bertram / “the Nutter”).

Extended Summary

Sally asks Pippa in the kitchen if she can have the potato peels when Pippa is done with the potatoes. She says Lance wants them. Pippa is surprised.

Lynn and Carly go to visit Nico in hospital. They had originally planned to take the bus to the hospital but get a lift instead by someone who rents a caravan in the caravan park. Lynn has bought a toy cow to give to Nico.

Sally gives Lance the potato peels. He uses them for the homebrew machine.

Ben starts to obey Floss a bit more. Floss discovers a photo album and browses through it – it contains photos of Scott and Ben when he was a baby.

While Lance’s homebrew machine is in full swing, Pippa comes to collect his sheets to wash them. So Pippa won’t see what he uses the potato peels for, he eats some of them with ketchup on! Martin tells Pippa that Lance really likes them! After that there’s some bubbling sound from the homebrew machine but Pippa doesn’t notice it because Lance and Martin have hidden it behind a curtain!

Lynn and Carly have just missed the bus after visiting Nico. Carly decides to hitchhike back home even though Lynn tells her to wait until next bus. Lynn takes a bus home and Carly hitchhikes home.

Ben sees Floss looking in their photo album and he tells her not to look in other people’s stuff. Ben call Floss a “fat old bag” and then throws the book bsck into her lap. Floss slaps him back very lightly. Ben phones his dad and tells him that his babysitter hit him. Scott speaks to Floss and she disguises her voice so he won’t know it’s his mother. Everything seems to be OK again.

Sandra is in the coffee shop in Ailsa’s store and tries to get Steven to like her. After a long time he talks to her at last.

Ben and Floss agree to a truce.

Martin and Lance come into Ailsa’s store and find Steven with a girl; Martin pats Steven’s head and teases him.

It’s getting late and Carly hasn’t come home yet. Lynn is very worried.

Steven starts to see that Sandra is OK.

Carly comes home late and tries to act normal but seems a bit strange. When she comes up to her room, she starts crying.

Ola Carlsson, 1999