Episode 33

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 1988
UK Air Date: 29th March 1989
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Mandy Smith

Carly’s hysterical reaction to Martin’s advances suggests that all is not well. Tom and Pippa share a romantic interlude.

>Footage from this episode, of Tom wining and dining Pippa in a caravan, is used as a flashback in #529.

Extended Summary

Tom and Pippa are suspicious as to why Carly seems so quiet.

Lynn asks Carly why she was home so late. Carly says she went to see Alison but Lynn doubts Carly is telling the truth.

Martin and Lance try to convince Steven not to become an item with Sandra just because Sandra’s father is Tom’s and their boss. Steven says they’re just friends.

Martin tries to kiss Carly and hug her as a bit of a joke and she totally freaks out. She runs to her room and is crying.

Carly tells Steven, Lynn abd Bobby what happened when she hitchhiked home. The man who gave her a lift home drove into a small road, which he said was a shortcut. Carly explains that when he stopped, she noticed something was wrong. Then she ran but the man caught her and sexually abused her.

Lynn, Steven and Bobby think they should tell the police and Tom and Pippa about it but Carly does not want anyone to know about it so they can’t say anything.

Pippa starts to feel a bit exhausted from her pregnancy.

Tom says there’s a possum in one of the caravans. Pippa and Tom go to the caravan to try to get it out. Actually, it was a fake just to surprise Pippa. Tom has organised a romantic dinner for them in the caravan. Pippa is very happy and hugs him.

Frank holds a family meeting with Lynn, Carly, Steven and Bobby. Frank wants Carly to tell Tom and Pippa about what happened. Everyone votes on it and both Bobby and Lynn agree not to say anything because that is what Carly wants.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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