Episode 31

Australian Air Date: 29th February 1988
UK Air Date: 27th March 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Mandy Smith

Floss is not prepared for the antics of her young grandson. Meanwhile, Celia spies Ailsa and Fisher having an intimate chat.

First episode. Scott and Anna’s spoiled son. Floss and Neville’s grandson, whose knowledge of them had been kept secret by Scott.
Second appearance, last seen in #27. Introduced a nervous Floss to Ben.
Overheard Celia spilling her concerns about Ailsa and Donald.

Extended Summary

Floss is about to go to the city to baby-sit her grandson Ben. Neville tries to change her mind about it but she is determined to go through with it.

Lynn and Carly get a lift with Floss and Neville. Carly and Lynn are on their way to the Pappas farm to help Mrs Pappas while Nico is in hospital.

Roo starts at the boarding school in the city.

Lynn snd Carly see Fisher at the Pappas farm. He is there helping Mrs Pappas. Lynn and Carly are surprised. Fisher, Lynn and Carly work together.

Floss is at Scott’s house to baby-sit Ben. Floss talks to Ben but he does not listen to her or say anything to Floss. He just sits and plays computer games.

Lynn and Carly want to hitchhike back home but Fisher won’t let them do that. He goes on about the risks of hitchhiking. He gives them a lift home.

Floss has made dinner for Ben. He still doesn’t say a word and just sits at his computer. Floss pulls out the plug of the computer to make him stop playing computer games. Then he takes a small game from his pocket and starts playing that instead!

Lynn realises that Fisher isn’t so bad after all and she goes to apologise to him for the time when she thought he poisoned Nico’s cow and her dog Eric.

Walter Bertram phones Fisher and tells him he will return to school. Fisher won’t be in charge as a headmaster as he has been while Bertram was in hospital.

At the beach, Ailsa sees Fisher there; he has a talk to Ailsa about the job because he is disappointed about it. He wants the position as a headmaster. Celia sees Fisher and Ailsa on the beach sitting together in each other’s arms. Celia thinks they are having an affair! She tells Alf about it and he tells her to mind her own business!

Ailsa gets red roses from Alf and they have dinner together.

Floss talks to Neville on phone about Ben not speaking to her. Ben finally says something to Floss. He asks whom she rang and then she thinks everything is OK. He then says she has to leave money by the phone if she wants to use it! He says he won’t let her rip off his parents!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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