Episode 224

Australian Air Date: 24th November 1988
UK Air Date: 21st December 1989
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Chris Sheil

Stacey’s revelation does not have the desired effect. Miss Malloy has some disturbing news for Bobby.

Sixth appearance, last seen in #131. Warned Tom & Pippa that Bobby’s past was not what she thought it was.

Extended Summary

Carly is packing and will be moving to the city with Matt. She gives Sally a poster. Carly says goodbye to the Fletcher family, Floss and Neville. Sally cries. (Emotional scene)

Stacey and Phil argue in her office about his decision to move back to the city.

Bobby and Frank talk to Miss Moiloy from Youth and Community Services to explain that they want to find their real parents before the wedding.

Tom, Pippa and Sally are about to put up Christmas decorations but they are tangled.

Neville and Floss think David is a nice bloke.

Phil leaves for the city. Stacey sees him, but walks away the other way.

Roo and David talk. They feel like almost everyone around them are racists due to their relationship. David will leave Summer Bay and go home. (emotional music plays)

Miss Moiloy is concerned about the fact that Bobby wants to find her father. She talks to Tom and Pippa about it. She says that Bobby’s past is not what Bobby thinks it is…

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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