Episode 4561

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2008
UK Air Date: 3rd March 2008
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Sam Atwell

Who is the guy who is following Sally? Will the 20 year mystery be revealed? Roman and Irene start again. What are Reverend Hall’s plans for Rachel?

Extended Summary

The preparations are on for Ric’s 20th birthday as a besotted Colleen gives Roman a tour of the Bay. The tensions between he and Irene flare, but after a stern talking to by Colleen Irene decides that perhaps she has been a little too hard on him, and they agree to start over.

Meanwhile we find Rachel dealing with a far more frightening dilemma. Bound and gagged she is forced to watch in abject terror as her captor, the Reverend Hall, prays to his Lord. When he is done he explains his actions. He simply wanted to scare the women back onto the righteous path after seeing them give themselves so cheaply to men. But Rachel is different; she took the life of her unborn child. She tells him it was a miscarriage, but he refuses to believe her. There is only one punishment for her crime, a life for a life. But as his fury reaches its peak he falls into a fit, and an ungagged and unbound Rachel fights for her life. She kicks Rev Hall in an attempt to get away and leaves him bent over in pain not caused by the kick but caused by the fit he is suffering. Rachel calls Tony who calls an ambulance and Rev Hall is taken to hospital. As Rachel is waiting she is confronted with a terrible dilemma. Can she confront her fears and save the Reverend’s life?

Meanwhile the mysterious Miles watches over Sally and Pippa on the beach, writing a single word in the sand: ‘Milco’. As they leave he darts into hiding but Sally sees the word to her considerable bewilderment. Who could have written it? So few people know that it’s spelled with a ‘c’. With Sally safely gone Miles returns to the word in the sand and we flash back with him as he, at eight years old, searches with his father for the Fletchers. When they finally arrive at Summer Bay, much to a young Miles’ dismay, his father decides Sally is better off where she is, and they’re going to leave before Miles can even see his twin sister.

Hurt by the memory Miles wipes away the word in the sand. When Sally returns with Cassie she finds the word is gone, heightening Cassie’s worry. Cassie and Ric agree to do everything they can to help Sally through her rough times, worried she’s on the verge of a breakdown. As night falls, a sad Miles watches Ric’s birthday party from outside. But as he turns to go he bumps into Irene, and when Sally comes out to see what the commotion is brother and sister come face to face for the first time. What will he do?

Guest Cast