Episode 4560

Australian Air Date: 30th November 2007

In the season final for 2007, Rachel is attacked and we finally discover who the hospital attacker is. As Belle is packing up the Diner, she is shaken by the identity of her last customer. Someone arrives in Summer Bay looking for Sally Fletcher and their arrival will change Sally’s life forever.

Extended Summary

When Roman cuts his finger chopping vegetables, Rachel is at hand to administer first aid, and the two find an easy rapport that’s in dispersed with some playful flirting. It helps take Rachel’s mind off the person who has been leaving her unsettling notes. But when Rachel arrives home that night we see just how worried she is about being alone in the house – she jumps at every noise – one of them when Roman turns up with a bottle of wine. While Rachel is embarrassed at being so jumpy, she has good reason to be, as we become aware that someone is indeed watching her from outside.

A potentially romantic night with Roman is thwarted when Rachel’s called into the hospital. A long, difficult shift ensues, during which we learn that the person watching Rachel is still doing it at the hospital. It seems they are a well known, but as yet, unidentified member of staff. At the end of her tiring stint Rachel declines a taxi home as she’s lined up a lift. Rachel’s escorted to her front door, whereupon her companion attacks her and forces her inside. Rachel struggles, but is no match for him – Reverend Hall is far too strong for her!

As Belle is packing up the Diner, Belle is startled to see Dom sitting at a table, he’s sick and in a bad way. Dom relates how he’d been hiding in the fishing shack since Drew ran him down and that he hadn’t got better. He’s come to Belle as she’s the only person that cares about him. When Dom collapses, Belle takes him to hospital where he’s seen by Rachel. His condition deteriorates and he wants Belle to stay with him, but she needs to think and takes off. Drew isn’t pleased to know Dom’s alive or that he went to Belle for help.

Belle warns Drew to stay away from him, but when Belle returns to the hospital to learn that Dom needs emergency surgery she finds Drew threatening him. Belle sends Drew packing, only to have a scared Dom ask her to tell him that she loves him before he goes off to theatre. Belle eventually does, but Drew hears and is furious. Belle and Drew are still arguing when Belle gets a call from Rachel about Dom – but we’re unsure if he’s survived surgery or not.

Coming back from an early morning surf, Roman sees a homeless man going through the bins on the beach searching for something to eat. To Irene’s chagrin Roman tells the man, Miles Copeland, to meet him behind the diner and he’ll give him a decent meal. Miles asks Roman where Sally Fletcher lives and Roman tentatively reveals the address, after Miles assures him that he means her no harm. Miles keeps his promise and keeps his distance from Sally. From atop the sand dunes he watches Pippa and Sally playing at the water’s edge and somehow – without any contact between them – we are shocked to see that Miles has scrawled the word – MILCO- in the sand, How is that possible? What is the connection between these two?