Episode 4559

Australian Air Date: 29th November 2007

Michael has no desire to be second best in Martha’s life. Matilda overhears Ric telling Lucas about Viv’s pregnancy. Jack and Sam’s wedding day dawns, despite a few hiccups for the bride, all is going to plan… until Martha arrives at the church.

Extended Summary

Michael has brought Martha back to Summer Bay as he believes she has unfinished business with Jack to sort out. Martha goes to see Jack on the eve of his wedding to Sam. She finds the couple blissfully happy together and leaves without talking to Jack. When Martha returns to her apartment Michael correctly reads the situation. He knows that if Martha had have found Jack alone and miserable Martha would’ve stayed with him and not returned to Michael. He has no desire to be second best in Martha’s life and tells her that he’s leaving in the morning without her. That night the two make love again and next morning Martha hopes that Michael has changed his mind about leaving, but he hasn’t. Michael says his good-byes and leaves the Bay with only Scruffy for company.

Ric continues to be haunted, both by his break up with Matilda, and the knowledge that Viv is having his baby. He’s testy with everyone and Lucas calls him on it. Ric badly needs to share his burdens and eventually tells Lucas about the pregnancy. But while they are discussing the issue, Matilda overhears the news and is furious, and Ric’s problems are just compounded.

The wedding day finally dawns. And despite Colleen’s dire warning that there are many bad omens concerning this union, everything initially appears to be going to plan. The whole town is turning out for it, save for Cassie, who wants to stay with Henk who isn’t welcome, and Martha, who most people believe is still out of town. While the women are all ensconced in a hotel suite, making their final preparations the boys gather at the Holden House. The first serious problem occurs when Sam unzips the wedding dress bag and finds her original choice of dress, the one Martha tried on. Sam’s distressed.

Colleen sees more bad signs and Tony is dispatched to pick up the real dress. Jack suffers re-occurring bouts of nerves, but manages to fight his way through them. The dress is eventually collected and turns up at the hotel with time to spare, but it’s Martha who causes the most headaches.

All seems well, until a chance meeting on the beach between Cassie and Martha, just as the bridal party and guests are assembling at the Church. Cassie tells Martha why she’s not going to the wedding and imparts to Martha, that despite seemingly the whole town being against her and Henk being together, she’s going to follow her heart and do what’s right for her. This strikes a chord in Martha and she excuses herself. Martha hurries to the church, knowing that this is her last chance to get back together with Jack. Martha arrives with the service in full swing – she has time – but is struck with doubt and hesitates. By the time she enters the church Sam and Jack are married. Martha tries to make a discreet exit, but Sam and Tony both catch a glimpse of her leaving.

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