Episode 4562

Australian Air Date: 29th January 2008
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Sam Atwell

Will Sally learn the truth about Milco? Summer Bay reacts to the truth behind the hospital attacker. Belle must decide between her career and her ethics.

Extended Summary

Confronted by everyone at the party, Miles is a deer in the headlights. Despite the reactions of Colleen and Irene, Sally is warm and caring. She gives him food and when he has escaped she snaps at the others for being so prejudiced. Seeing this only heightens the concern of Cassie and Ric. After talking to Rachel about her ordeal, Sally opens up about seeing ‘Milco’ written in the sand. Rachel reassures her, but suggests she should talk to a therapist, she’s been through so much, and Sally reluctantly agrees.

When Sally sees Miles on the beach she warns him that people are on edge after the Reverend Hall fiasco and might not take well to his presence. She then offers him some old clothes and the use of the caravan park showers. When he asks why she’s being so kind to him she says she just doesn’t know.

After visiting Dom at the hospital behind Drew’s back, Belle comes across the Reverend Hall, raging in his room. A nurse explains that he was the attacker all along, and before she knows what she’s doing she takes a photo. When Cassie discovers it on her camera Belle swears her to secrecy, Drew can’t find out where she was. Little do they know that Morag has seen some of their discussion.

When Drew points out that the more people who know about Reverend Hall the better, Belle can’t disagree, and decides to publish the photo anonymously. But when the paper comes out, Annie is devastated, already struggling to deal with what this man she trusted so much has done. Belle then learns that the Reverend is suffering from a tumour, a fact left out of the bias article.

It looks like Belle has become just another hack journalist, putting her career ahead of her ethics. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Morag, who has taken on the Reverend’s case, realises it was Belle who took the photo, and confronts her about it in front of Drew. Drew is not happy when he realises that Belle was visiting Dom.

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