Episode 4530

Australian Air Date: 19th October 2007

Bruce provides one final shock from the grave. Sam’s convinced one of their own is the hospital attacker. Drew gets another chance to promote the surf club.

Extended Summary

It’s the day of Bruce’s funeral and Geoff is having trouble finding the right readings for the service. Things have been tense between Geoff and Michael since Annie discovered Michael and Martha lying together after making love so Geoff tells Michael he doesn’t want him at the service, or to stay on the farm that night. Devastated, Michael visits Martha. She’s happy to have him stay with her. After further thought Michael decides that Bruce would have wanted him to be at the service and, with Martha by his side, decides to turn up anyway.

At the Chapel Michael is shocked when Reverend Hall reveals he’s learned all about Michael’s relationship with Martha, and his connection with The Believers, and tears strips off him. Later, when Martha confronts Reverend Hall he rounds on her too – revealing knowledge of her pole dancing days with Cam. Martha and Michael are banished to the back of the chapel. Geoff never gets to deliver his readings; instead both he and Annie speak from the heart about the Pop they loved.

At the wake Geoff reveals to Michael that the only reason he tried to stop him from coming was because he knew Reverend Hall would attack him if he was there. Michael’s relieved to hear it. Later that night at Martha’s place, Michael goes through some of Bruce’s recent mail and is shocked to discover that the Bank is foreclosing on the farm and seizing it the next day.

Marie, who had been attacked and left unconscious, wakes up in the hospital and is very distressed when she sees Lewis there. Sam notes the exchange and is suspicious of Lewis, especially when she learns he was in the vicinity where Marie was found. Marie can’t remember what happened and Jack interviews all those who came to her aid – Drew, Belle and Lewis. Jack suspects Lewis isn’t being totally truthful and Lewis comes clean. He did meet Marie, but he didn’t attack her. When Sam finds out that Lewis hasn’t only been working at the hospital for three weeks, but had been doing casual shifts as an ambo while in med school, she does some detective work and then fronts Jack with her evidence. Lewis had been working as an ambo every time the hospital attacker had struck, and the night Sam was followed. Add to that that Lewis admitted meeting Marie at the surf club and Sam doesn’t think Jack should wait any longer – Lewis seems to be the attacker.

Drew is still upset that his pool comp went so wrong, but he’s even more hurt that Alf has banned him from running any more promotions. Alf doesn’t believe Drew can control them. Drew apologises to Leah for Aden and his mates destroying her hamper, which was the prize for winning the pool comp, and relates his woes about Alf to her. Leah feels sorry for Drew. She knows the trouble wasn’t his fault. She pays Alf a quiet visit and Alf makes Drew really happy when he agrees to let Drew have another crack at a low key promotion.

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