Episode 4529

Australian Air Date: 18th October 2007

The law is slowly closing in on Jack. Drew’s pool comp ends in bruised bodies and dented egos. A local’s beaten body is discovered in the bushes by the Surf Club.

Extended Summary

Jack’s still reeling from Fitzy’s news that he’s under investigation at work. Jack’s criminal dealings with Cam and Rowan are coming back to haunt him. Sam can tell something’s bothering him and Jack finally comes clean. Sam’s shocked by his confession, but discusses possible options with him. She has a left field suggestion that may solve all his problems, and that’s to steal back the evidence from Rowan and return it to the evidence cabinet. Jack’s hesitant, but Sam convinces him, that even if he fails, things wouldn’t be any worse for him. George, keeping a close eye on Jack, knows he’s up to something, but has no idea what. But George is worried enough to be working on a plan B to take Jack out of the picture.

Jack locates Rowan’s address. He sneaks off, breaks in, and manages to locate the evidence bag. He also manages to secrete it back into the police file without being detected. McGrath is furious when the evidence turns up, as he and George now have no case against Jack. But George tells McGrath not to worry as he has more incriminating evidence against Jack. He presents photos of Jack at his BBQ with Colin, who George now reveals to be a serious underworld figure that’s planning a major local armed robbery with Jack. George asks for, and is given, a week to build another case against Jack.

To Drew’s surprise Alf finally agrees to let him run a pool competition at the Surf Club. A large group of people, including Tam, turn up and pay the entry fee and Drew is stoked. However he becomes a little concerned when Aden and some mates, including Travis, rock up with the intention of competing. Drew, somewhat reluctantly signs them up, but trouble flares in the first game when Travis plays, and is thrashed by, Tam. Travis doesn’t take his beating well and when Aden is against his old footy coach, Tony, for the second match, it’s not long before tensions are running high again. Aden finds Tam interesting, but Travis doesn’t, and when Tam catches Travis trying to cheat Travis lunges at her. Tony intervenes only to be punched by Aden who had wanted to do that for months. An “all in” brawl is narrowly averted, but Aden and Travis mange to bust up the place before leaving. Alf is furious when he finds out what’s happened and bans Drew from running any other promotions.

Tension is also running high at the hospital where Lewis clashes with both Sam and Marie. Lewis chews out Sam for telling George about medical developments that might help his daughter Jessie, and then with Marie when he finds her flirting with a patient. Rachel had also had words with Marie over the same thing earlier in the night. Lewis and Rachel were supposed to be going to Brad’s after work to check out the townhouse but, after taking a mysterious phone call, Lewis backs out at the last minute. Rachel goes alone and Lewis is later down at the Boat Wharf when a worried Belle hails him to help her and Drew with an injured woman that has been found in some bushes. The victim, apparently of an attack, turns out to be Marie.

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