Episode 4528

Australian Air Date: 17th October 2007

Jack discovers he’s being investigated for misconduct. Matilda intercepts Ric’s SMS messages from another woman. There are two guests of honour at Pippa’s coming home party.

Extended Summary

Jack, believing that he has George back on the straight and narrow, is now more relaxed. But Sam is a little put out when George invites Sam and Rory to a BBQ after work, because Jack hadn’t mentioned it. It’s a party for George’s wheelchair-bound daughter, Jesse. After getting a phone call that clearly panics George, he asks if Jack can pick up a friend from the boat wharf later in the day and ferry them to the BBQ. Jack agrees, unaware that there is more to the request than meets the eye. Jack also learns from Fitzy that one of their own is under investigation for misconduct, but she doesn’t know who.

Jack assumes it’s George and tips him off, but George insists that it isn’t him and that Jack should do nothing about the information. George tries to quiz Fitzy further on the issue, but learns nothing. He does however invite her to the BBQ too. At the party Jack arrives with a “larger than life” Colin, who he’s collected as requested. When George sees them he sidles up to Fitzy and asks if she knows who Jack’s with. Fitzy doesn’t. George is clearly hatching a plan and gets Rory to take some photos of Jack and Colin together. As Jack’s preparing to go to bed at the end of a long day, Fitzy turns up at his place. She’s upset, tells Jack that she’s learnt that he’s the person under investigation. Jack’s shocked.

Pippa’s coming home from hospital today and Colleen and Leah are preparing a surprise party for her. Cassie invites Matilda, but when Alf finds out about the party he feels more isolated than ever and feels really bad when Sally doesn’t offer him a lift to the hospital for his eye appointment, even though she’s going there. The tension between them seems as raw as ever. Ric later gently chides Sally about the way she is with Alf. Sally says that Brad said something similar earlier, and she is trying, but it’s difficult.

Later when Sally finds Alf at Pippa’s bedside chatting to her, Sally’s moved, but still can’t offer him an olive branch. She later ducks home to collect a “coming home dress” for Pip and discovers the party preparations. All her emotions spill over and she reacts angrily – how can it be a real party without Brad and Alf. Sally cancels the party and takes herself off for a walk. After some hard thinking she changes her mind. There should be a party, but with a few changes. Sally invites Alf, and the party turns into a welcome home for both Alf and Pippa. Alf’s relieved.

While Matilda seems more relaxed now that she doesn’t have exams to worry about, Cassie learns that Ric is not so comfortable with her decision. But that’s forgotten as Matilda is resolved to spend more time with Ric. She makes him a nice meal, but later when he forgets his phone she checks an incoming SMS message from somebody called Viv and becomes suspicious. Matilda confronts Ric over Viv and he denies he’s having an affair, but when Matilda suggests she’ll stay the night, Ric knocks the offer back. Matilda tries to pass that off and goes home. Luckily she isn’t around when Viv sends another message asking Ric to come over.

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