Episode 3332

Australian Air Date: 30th July 2002

Dani takes control of her love life. The identity of the Summer Bay millionaire is revealed!

Final episode.

> June raised Harry on her own after her gambling husband died.

Extended Summary

Donald and June has a disagreement about June going on anti-depressent tablets and she doesn’t want to take them.

Dani ties up the phone talking to Chris and Rhys says hurry up.

Kirsty asks her parents if she can have her moblie back, Rhys says if you can pay the bill for the phone and Kirsty says yeah.

Brodie tells Dani to make up her mind to who she wants to go out with Chris or Josh. Brodie is not sure if Dani is doing the right thing leading 2 guys on at the some time.

Kirsty and Seb go out training together.

Mav gives Brodie some help to pass her exams without any stress is to breathe in with her nose and out though her mouth.

Dani and Chris start pashing again. Dani can’t make up her mind. Dani thinks that she will go out with Chris, But where does it leave Josh? Dani bumps into Josh down at the beach, Josh asks her if she wants to have another surfing lesson. Dani says yes and goes home to get her swimmers on. After the surfing lesson Josh gives Dani a kiss on the hand. What about Chris?

Dani tells Chris that she wants to go back out with Josh and that she still loves him and says sorry. Chris tells Dani if the relationship doesn’t work out that he would be the first to know and Dani says yes. Chris tells Leah that he kissed Dani and that he should never have kiss someone that is still in love with their ex.

Chris leaves the Bay. Kirsty thinks about ringing Kane, But will she? Kirsty doesn’t know that her mum was standing behind her, Kirsty turns around and sees her mum, Kirsty breaks down again to her mum. Dani asks Kirsty if she can borrow her necklace and Kirsty says yes. Kirsty gives Dani some advice on how to tell Josh about her kissing Chris.

Starring Susie Rugg as Brodie and Tammin Sursok as Dani.

Rachael Jennings