Episode 2975

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2001

Shelley is forced to lie to cover for Jade. A brawl erupts when Irene is threatened by two heavies. Jude and Shauna’s relationship intensifies. Is Alf losing his mind?

Detained a guilty Jade after she was caught stealing sunglasses.
Thug employed by Dennis Scott. Was confronted by Noah, Jude and Will after harassing Irene with his car headlights. Gave Noah a black eye.

Extended Summary

Jade isn’t in the good books with Rhys and Shelley after getting caught trying to steal a pair of sunglasses from a store in Yabbie Creek. Shelley lied to cover Jade having to go to the police station, but she later revealed it was the diceman game that made her take the dare. At first Rhys went off at Dani, but she’d warned Jade against it anyway. Now Irene knows about it and blames Noah. Nick is banned from seeing Kirsty. Irene told Shauna about Duncan’s involvement. And Shauna just asked him how involved he was.

The threats against Irene are becoming more serious. After receiving a phone call late in the night, she went to answer it only to find her living room illuminated by headlights. She could hear the engines roaring as whoever it was drove off. The following morning two thugs tried menacing her and a car trying to run her down. She got in a fight and Noah, Jude and Will came to her rescue only, leaving Will knocked down, woozy and almost hit by the fleeing car, while Jude came out of it with a cut on his head.

Alf is really losing it. Shauna turned up while Jude was cleaning the diner, and on the floor in sugar the word ‘why’ was written. Alf came down after hearing their voices and started yelling at Jude for bringing Shauna there. When asked about the sugar, Alf fumbled and said it must have been Colleen.

Erin Flannery

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