Episode 2974

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2001

Jude goes ahead with the dice man challenge and gets into hot water. Brodie and Mitch clash over Mitch’s attitude towards Woody. Alf and Duncan’s relationship deteriorates further. Gypsy uses Desiree to prove a point to Shelley.

First episode. Friend of Gypsy’s who harboured a lesbian attraction to her.
First episode. Unhinged student who took a perverse attraction to Brodie.
Busted Jade for stealing from a sunglasses store.
Unknown character.
Unknown character.

Extended Summary

Gypsy’s still acting strangely towards Shelley. She’s been bringing her new friend from TAFE, Desiree, to the drop-in centre and acting a little more than chummy with her. At least she’s keeping Gypsy calm whenever someone mentions Harry. Shauna went up to her in the Diner to discuss Harry. She told Gypsy she was never jealous of her relationship with Harry and made it clear she had nothing to do with their break-up.

There’s a new guy in Summer Bay. His name is Woody and he and Brodie are getting along well. Unfortunately he and Mitch aren’t the best of buddies, especially after Mitch told him off for taking advantage of a place set up for street kids. Apparently he was expelled from Yabbie Creek High, so Shelley took it upon herself to enrol him in Summer Bay High. Mitch and Brodie aren’t talking.

Thanks to the diceman game there are love hearts with ‘Mr Egan loves Ms Fletcher’ around the school, as part of Kirsty’s dare. Jade got caught shoplifting at Yabbie Creek.

Erin Flannery